Eric Zuesse – Peak of US Corona Virus Crisis Could Be Now: US Leads the World in Corona Virus Cases + Projection: US Corona Virus Deaths = China’s Total Corona Virus Cases

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Peak of US Corona Virus Crisis Could Be Now: US Leads the World in Corona Virus Cases

At 20:50 UTC and 04:50 PM EST on Thursday March 26th, America overtook China as having the largest number of confirmed cases of Corona Virus 19, at 81,896 total cases, as a result of having added 13,685 new cases thus far that day (

Soon after, Reuters headlined “US has most Corona Virus cases in World” ( and reported that, “The number of US Corona Virus infections climbed above 82,000 on Thursday.” However, that wasn’t the end of the day.

By the day’s end, America had soared past China, to 85,377 cases, and 17,166 new cases on that day (

The US has the World’s steepest rate of increase in the number of cases, as I documented on March 22nd, under the headline “Corona Virus Cases Soaring Much Faster in US Than in Other Countries”. It still remains so.

17,166 new cases is the largest ever daily increase of confirmed Corona Virus 19 cases in any country. The previous largest ever national increase was China’s on 12 February 2020, when their total cases rose from 44,653 on February 11th, to 58,761 on February 12th, which was a daily increase of 14,108 new cases ( The next day, the 13th, was 63,851, an increase of only 5,090 ( From there on, the daily increases went lower and lower, and so the total has not yet gone above 82,000.

If America duplicates Chinas experience on February 12th, then America has started to get control of its Corona Virus 19 crisis, as China did on February 11th.

Until America is reducing the daily increase in new cases, America hasn’t yet started to get its Corona Virus 19 problem under control.

By the end of the day on March 27th, China won’t even be #2 in the number of proven Corona Virus 19 infections it’ll be #3, behind US (which by then could be considerably over 10,000 cases higher than China), and the new #2, Italy (which ended March 26 with 80,589 cases,

Italy is already the biggest center of Corona Virus 19 deaths: a total of 8,215 on March 26th, as opposed to #2 Spain at 4,365, #3 China at 3,292, #4 Iran at 2,234, #5 France at 1,696, and #6 US at 1,295.

Here, the World’s worst performing countries are listed, in order, from the largest to the smallest number of Corona Virus 19 cases, at the end of the records breaking day on March 26th but China’s period as having been the worst because it was the first, is now over, and now America is the worst simply because it is performing the worst, at the present time, and is currently soaring past all the others, in what might turn out to be a national race for self destruction (unless it reverses within a few days, and heads down again in new cases):

Projection: US Corona Virus Deaths = China’s Total Corona Virus Cases

Whereas China’s Corona Virus cases plateaued at around 81,000, America’s Corona Virus deaths are now projected to plateau at around 81,000. The projected number of American Corona Virus cases is around 460,000 during the peak, April 12 16, and declining thereafter. Consequently, this projection calls for a US Corona Virus death rate of 18%, which is far higher than China’s actual death rate from Corona Virus 19 infections, 4%.

These projections are from the website (
from The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation
and their methodology is here

Basically, they see the US response as having fallen far short of what China did.

Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 19102010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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