Eric Zuesse – OPCW’s Own Scientists Say OPCW Is Now Just US Propaganda Agency

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The formerly respected global authority on whether or not A chemical weapons attack has occurred, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, or OPCW, has now so continuously ignored its own hired expert investigators, so that in an April 28th news report, at The Gray Zone investigative news site, anonymous “OPCW Insiders have issued A public statement ( saying that:

A number of impartial and principled professionals no longer wish to be associated with the politically motivated reports being issued by the OPCW FFM [Fact Finding Mission] and now the IIT [Investigation and Identification Team]. Many consider this work and these reports to be procedurally and scientifically flawed. Some of us believe they should not be seen as representing the work of OPCW inspectors at all.
The recent publication of the IIT report into alleged chemical attacks at Ltamenah [in Syria – A country whose non sectarian Government the US regime has been trying since 2009,, to overthrow and replace by A fundamentalist Sunni government that would be controlled by the Sauds,] on March 24, 25 and 30 2017, has highlighted again the misuse of the OPCW by influential state parties to further their political and foreign affairs objectives.

The news reports that are listed below provide the essential background to this, indicating that the “influential state parties which are being referred to are the US and its allied regimes (such as UK).

If the quoted statement is, in fact, A leak by “OPCW Insiders,” as The Gray Zone alleges, then it’s yet another nail in the coffin of the OPCW’s international credibility. Coming after A lengthy string of such OPCW scandals as are documented in the below listed articles, all international funding organizations will then cancel their commitments to OPCW, except for organizations that represent the US regime; and, then, the only international organizations that will continue to publicize thefindings’ from the OPCW will be organizations that themselves are agencies of the US regime.

In that case, of course, no national delegations to the United Nations, except ones that represent regimes which themselves likewise front for (are vassals of) the US regime, will continue to cite OPCWfindings’, in any other way than to deny the credibility of OPCW reports.

The background on all of this, including an explanation of what the main objectives of the US regime are in Syria what the purposes of this OPCW propaganda against Syria’s Government are is provided here:

And, now, following, are the news reports that describe the events building up to the “OPCW Insiders statement, that “Some of us believe they should not be seen as representing the work of OPCW inspectors at all (these events will be listed starting with the latest, and working backwards in time, to the earliest):

As an employee of the OPCW I was horrified,” 12 March 2020

Deluge Of New Leaks Further Shreds The Establishment Syria Narrative,” 15 December 2019

Fresh Evidence that UN Watchdog Suppressed Evidence Casting Doubt on Assad Gas Attack,” 15 December 2019

New WikiLeaks Bombshell: 20 Inspectors Dissent From Syria Chemical Attack Narrative, 14 December 2019

Newsweek reporter resigns after accusing outlet of SUPPRESSING story about OPCW leak that undermines Syriagas attack’ narrative,” 8 December 2019

Second whistleblower exposes cover up at OPCW & Syria chemical weapons report (Video),16 November 2019

SUPPRESSED OPCW FINDING: War Crime Likely Perpetrated by US Against Syria on 14 April 2018 (Update), 19 May 2019

A memo from A member of the OPCW’s Fact Finding Mission (FFM) in Douma to the OPCW Director General Fernando Arais,” 14 March 2019

Douma Videos and Photos,” 24 April 2018

Did Al Qaeda Dupe Trump on Syrian Attack? 9 November 2017

The Trumped Up Syria Sarin Case,” 4 November 2017

UN On Khan Sheikhoun – Victims Hospitalized BEFORE Claimed Incident Happened,” 29 October 2017

“The Red Line and the Rat Line: Seymour M Hersh on Obama, Erdoğan and the Syrian rebels,” 17 April 2014

Possible Implications of Faulty US Technical Intelligence in the Damascus Nerve Agent Attack of August 21, 2013,” 14 January 2014

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Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910 2010 (, and of CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity (

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