Eric Zuesse – Now is the Time for Russia to Offer Peace Terms to European Nations

Now is the Time for Russia to Offer Peace Terms to European Nations

As the reality is now beginning to sink in, to the nations of Europe, that their military alliance with America, in America’s anti-Russian NATO, is heading for their collective defeat by Russia, in the battlefields of Ukraine, this is the ideal moment for a magnanimous and peace-oriented Russia diplomatically and privately to be communicating individually to Europe’s leaders, in order to discuss with them the ways that their nations, including Russia, can proceed forward constructively together, to achieve what the U.S. and UK hate, which is win-win progress, instead of win-lose supremacism and vassalship. The supremacist mentality of imperialists (the master-slave relationship on an international level) dies hard, but can be turned into mutual benefit if the alternative of cooperative advancement is properly presented, as a far superior alternative, and as being unquestionably attainable — which it is. Russia’s task now is to present it as being so.

On July 18th, EuractiveTV headlined “Czech EU minister: making Europe a Federation will make it an equal global player”, and had Czechia’s EU Minister Martin Dvořák telling in an exclusive interview, that though he favors ultimately a United States of Europe, the idea is “not at all popular” in his country. However, if Czechs’ goal is to achieve increased, instead of decreasing, national sovereignty, in their great country, then that objective will be advanced far more by all European countries cooperating together in order to free the Continent from their master-nation across the Atlantic, the U.S. Government, which has around 500 military bases there, occupying European countries. (In Germany alone, there are 231 of them, because America conquered it, though actually the Soviet Union, Europe’s largest country, mainly did — but the U.S. Government and its propaganda-operations expelled Russia and took over all of Germany.)

The only surviving empire is the U.S. empire, and all of Europe except for Russia and Belarus are under its thumb (or, as the U.S. Government likes to say, “under our protection” — insisting upon continued vassalage of, and military occupation of, European nations — which means that those cannot even possibly be sovereign independent nations).

So, Russia’s basic message to Europeans ought to be that Russia wants to have a peace treaty with each and every other European nation, in order to free all of Europe that is willing, from continuing its vassalage to the United States Government, so that ALL of Europe can build together a future that WON’T depend upon military conquest and other forms of purely win-lose relationships, but instead become built ONLY on win-win relationships and free flow of goods in a fully democratic future, and truly, United States of Europe.

The main argument against a United States of Europe is that the individual countries might lose some of their national sovereignty by being a member of it, but that would not happen if the Union’s Constitution will specifically assert that its Constitution pertains ONLY to matters that are external to that federation’s individual countries, and not AT ALL to matters that are internal to its countries. Each member-country would retain its individuality, and the federal Government would be prohibited from touching that.

Would a United States of Europe like this be better than each nation’s continuing to be a vassal of the U.S. Government? That would be the question. This is the question that Russia’s Government should, in private, put to the head-of-state in each European country, and offered as the basis for negotiation with each.

On July 19th, Czechia became the 25th European nation to allow the U.S. Government to place permanent military bases on its soil and thereby to become targeted by Russian missiles. On that same day, the U.S. Senate overwhelmingly (by a vote of 83 to 16) voted down a proposal that America’s Constitutionally required declaration of war by Congress must apply if America invades Russia — that, instead, only the NATO Treaty would apply; and this (if it becomes law in the U.S.) would also mean that for any other NATO country than the United

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