Eric Zuesse – ‘NATO’ is the Nazi Alliance Treaty Organization

NATO’ is the Nazi Alliance Treaty Organization

Here’s How that Happened

When Truman met Stalin at the Potsdam Conference (17 July 1945 to 2 August 1945) where the post-WWII future would be decided, Churchill immediately tried to persuade Truman that the U.S. must commence and lead the world in a cold war to end communism, but Truman was on the fence about that proposal. He especially wanted to discuss the matter with his hero, General Dwight Eisenhower, and did. Then, on 25 July 1945, Truman became persuaded finally, by Eisenhower, that the issue here was geostrategic, instead of ideological, and that if the U.S. would not conquer the world, then the Soviet Union would; and, so, on that day, Truman confronted Stalin with demands for the U.S. Government to participate in controlling the countries in Eastern Europe that the Soviet Union had liberated from the Nazis. Stalin was shocked, because his understanding with FDR had been that, after the War, all empires would be terminated, and that the prior, imperialistic, international order, must become replaced by a United Nations global federation of Governments, which would take over on all international matters and become the sole source and enforcer of international law — the laws between nations and not in nations. Truman said no to that (which had been FDR’s plan to prevent there ever being any more World Wars), and, so, on that night, he wrote to his wife: “There are some things we can’t agree to. Russia and Poland have gobbled up a big hunk of Germany and want Britain and us to agree. I have flatly refused. We have unalterably opposed the recognition of police governments in the German Axis countries. I told Stalin until we had free access to those countries and our nationals had their property rights restored, so far as we were concerned ther’d never be recognition. He seems to like it when I hit him with a hammer.” On that basis, Truman immediately set forth to establish both the U.S. ‘Defense’ Department (for permanent war) and the CIA (for permanent subversion) in 1947, and to oppose the Soviet Union, and then to establish the anti-Soviet NATO military alliance in 1949, which Stalin’s successor Khrushchev answered in 1955 (because his request for the Soviet Union to be considered for admission into NATO — which request is, even to this day, suppressed by the U.S. Government and its NATO — was rejected by Eisenhower) by the Soviet Union’s Warsaw Pact anti-NATO military alliance.

But what happened to ideology in all of this? Ideology became the excuse that the U.S. Government used in order to perpetrate coups and invasions all over the world, even in lands thousands of miles away that posed no threat to the United States, or even to any other NATO country. This was in direct violation of everything that FDR had been planning. Meanwhile, other than in Cuba, the Soviet Union was concerned only about countries that were bordering or nearby to the Soviet Union and that therefore were necessary to prevent being infiltrated or taken over by the U.S. In Truman’s Cold War, the U.S. was always the aggressor, and the Soviet Union was forced always to be on the defensive against U.S.-and-allied aggressions, some of which were subterfuges, but others of which were coups and military invasions by the U.S. gang against lands that were thousands of miles away from Washington DC and thus were purely aggressive.

Promptly after 25 July 1945, all U.S. foreign-policy decisions became obsessed with surrounding, conquering, and absorbing, the Soviet Union; and Truman’s Administration brought into the U.S., and into its allied countries, thousands of Nazis who would help to continue Hitler’s Operation Barbarossa aim, to conquer Russia, but now working for the U.S. regime instead of for Hitler’s. In order to do this, everything democratic about America had to be sacrificed; and, so, the newly formed U.S. regime installed in foreign countries — by means of coups and invasions — far-rightwing, essentially Nazi (but without Hitler’s anti-Semitism) Nazi, governments.

There is enormous documentation of this, but key documents regarding this history are hidden by the U.S. and other Nazi (or “Neo-Nazi”) Governments. For example: their ‘historians’ do not discuss — and it’s suppressed on the Web — the key documents, such as the Soviet Union’s 31 March 1954 request to Eisenhower to “join with the interested governments in examining the matter of having the Soviet Union participate in the North Atlantic Treaty.” The way it was rejected on 22 April 1954, was by saying that: “The addition to the United Nations of such an organization as that proposed by the Soviet Government, embracing the Soviet Union, the United States and all European countries would contribute nothing to what is already a world-wide security organization.” That statement blatantly misrepresented the Soviet proposal as-if it concerned the U.N. instead of NATO. (Furthermore: it misreperesented the U.N. as-if it were the one that FDR had intended instead of as being the one that Truman had actually shaped — which definitely is NOT “a world-wide security organization” or any such at all.) The Soviets wanted a yes from the U.S. regime, not from, nor even concerning, the U.N. Leading up to that formal rejection, Eisenhower’s Secretary of State John Foster Dulles wrote to the UK Embassy reeking with contempt against the Soviet Union, regarding “suggested points to be discussed in NAC [North Atlantic Council] and considered for inclusion in formal reply to Soviet Government”. The decision to exclude the Soviet Union from being considered possible to become a member-nation of NATO was made by the dictators of U.S., UK, and France. Truman had started the NATO organization, and it clearly was, from that moment on, truly the Nazi Alliance Treaty Organization. The Soviet Union’s response to that rejection was to create the Warsaw Pact on 14 May 1955. U.S.-and-allied ‘historians’ lie through their teeth about the key matters. They hide the key facts.

A new, and further, documentation, of NATO’s being the Nazi Alliance Treaty Organization, was posted today at Russia’s RT News, and inspired me to write the above commentary, so as to place it into its historical perspective: on 10 July 2023 10:29:11 UTC

EU state fines citizens for celebrating WW2 victory over Hitler

For a Number of Latvian nationals, the Penalty was Reportedly Up to € 350

9 July 2023 21:26

Multiple Latvians have been fined for marking WW2 Victory Day online, local news outlet Delfi reported on Sunday, citing accounts of citizens affected by the penalties. The offences date back to celebrations on May 9 and apparently involve sharing pictures on social media and leaving comments to commemorate the anniversary.

It was not immediately clear how many Latvians were affected by the fines, reaching up to €350 ($384). According to the head of the Russian Union of Latvia, Miroslav Mitrofanov, “hundreds” of people may be involved.

“Naturally, we’re not aware of all the instances. Probably, hundreds of people will be fined for comments, pictures and likes related to May 9,” Mitrofanov told the outlet.

Latvia’s police have acknowledged imposing the fines, but refused to provide any explanation for their legal basis. “We will refrain from commenting on figures or providing any other information related to that,” police spokeswoman Simona Gravite told Delfi.

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The penalties were imposed based on two articles of Latvia’s administrative code, which prohibit display of symbols used for “glorification of the Soviet totalitarian regime,”  or “military aggression,” the outlet noted, citing documents it has obtained. It was not known how exactly the fines were applied under these articles, given that such display must be made in “public spaces,” and Latvia’s laws do not define social media pages as such.

Alongside the other Baltic states, Latvia has ramped up its decades-long efforts to weed out its Soviet past amid the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Back in April, the country adopted legislation to prohibit “certain public events” on May 9, when Soviet-style WW2 Victory Day celebrations have traditionally been held. According to the law, Latvians are only allowed to celebrate what is known as ‘Europe Day’ on that date. Some people however, defied the ban, with over two dozen detained on May 9 this year, and with nearly 40 administrative cases launched.



Good job. Now who wants to kill nazis are welcome. Happy hunting !!!

Patrick Villiers
My generation remembers our allies and we will be eternally grateful for their help. Just as we will never forget that Latvia was allied to Nazi Germany.

John Galtsky
So much for any claim that Latvia is a democracy. Free speech is an essential part of democracy, and that’s not Latvia.

Beyond comprehension. So the EU is pro Nazi now. Well surprise, surprise. Who used the EU in its early days? You guessed – but it was called the Coal and Streel org or something.

Hereward, So is the US, obviously . Our fore fathers are rolling in their graves.


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