Eric Zuesse – Israel has Already Killed around A Million Gazans since 7 October 2023

Israel has Already Killed around A Million Gazans since 7 October 2023

All ‘News’ media say that around 33 Thousand Gazans have been Killed by Israel since, and in retaliation for, the 7 October 2023 attack against Israelis by Hamas and other Militants in Gaza who had Broken Out of the World’s Largest Open Air Prison, Gaza, and killed around 1.200 Israelis.

Originally, prior to that Break Out, there were said to be 2.3 Million Gazans; and, Now, there are said to be around 1.3 Million Survivors in the town of Raffah in the far South Western corner of Gaza bordering Egypt. All other Gazans except for the Alleged 33 thousand who are publicly acknowledged to have been Killed are being presumed to have somehow survived the approximately Thirty Thousand Tons of American Bombs that Israel has, thus far, dropped onto all of Gaza except for the town of Raffah. Click onto THIS to see photos and discussion of the results from that Bombing throughout Gaza except for Raffah, up till now. None of the ‘News’ media has explained how this alleged miracle, of surviving that intense Bombing and Israel’s equally intense Siege that blocks almost All Food and Medicine from being allowed into Gaza, has happened. It didn’t happen. Everyone knows that there is now intense Starvation throughout Gaza, resulting from that Siege-Blockade, on top of all this Bombing. Nonetheless, the ‘News’ media say that only 33 Thousand Gazans have been Killed by Israel since the October 7th Event. This would mean that underneath all of those buildings, many of them very tall and made of concrete, which those photos show having been Bombed to Hell and largely collapsed entirely from this extraordinarily intense Israeli US Bombing, that underneath these piles of rubble, are somehow none of the probably around a Million corpses of the People who were Living and Working, and trying to find Shelter inside, those buildings. It’s just not rationally credible. Israel has already kKlled around a Million of the 2.3 Million Gazans; and, now, is preparing to Finish the Job, in Raffah.

On April 9th, RT News, which I have found to be the least Unreliable, the most Honest, of the MainsSream Media, even though, like all the others, it cites that ludicrously Fake 33.000 Estimate of Gazans having been Killed by the Israeli American Bombing and Blockade against Gaza, headlined Date set for Rafah offensive, Netanyahu, and reported that Netanyahu has now committed to Finishing the Job against ‘Hamas, Actually against the 2.3 Million Gazans, because, otherwise, his Coalition will immediately break up and he’ll no longer be running the Government, maybe even Prosecuted in his suspended Corruption Trials. RT also says that “US President Joe Biden threatened last Thursday to reconsider Washington’s Support for Israel unless it changes its approach.” However, Biden has many times condemned even Considering to place conditions on the $ 3.8 Billion in annual US taxpayer donations to Israel to spend, $ 3.3 Billion of it, on buying US made weapons, and on, $ 0.5 Billion, of other aid. For example, while Biden was campaigning for President, he made this non conditionality of US Funding of Israel’s Government unequivocal, and Ben Jacobs headlined at Jewish Insider, Biden ‘Absolutely Outrageous’ to condition US Aid to Israel, the former Vice President says the move would be ‘A Gigantic Mistake’”, and reported his remarks condemning his opponents in the Democratic Presidential Primaries, Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, for their advocating that this annual $ 3.8 Billion should be made conditional on Israel’s not doing anything with it that America’s Official Policy condemns and opposes. Then, on 2 November 2019, the Jerusalem Post headlined Joe Biden opposes Cutting Military Aid to Israel: ‘Gigantic Mistake’, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders Said on Monday that the Aid could be Used as Leverage on the Israeli Government. Then, right after the US Presidential Election, Shmuel Leeb headlined on 11 November 2020, What would A Biden Presidency Mean for Israel, and provided a 4.000 word long detailed History of Biden’s Statements on this, including his Statements that had been made confidentially to Billionaire Donors to his Campaign, and which as President now we have consistently seen to be guiding US Policies now, as the President, and among these Statements there is one passage in Leeb’s Article that has Biden explaining WHY he believes the way he does about the Moral Necessity to support Israelis against Palestinians:

Biden has Attributed his Lifelong Support and Respect for Israel to the Moral and Religious Values he was Taught by his Catholic Parents as A Young Boy while Growing up in Scranton, Pennsylvania. In A 2013 Speech Biden made to an Aipac Conference, he Recalled, “We Gathered at my Dinner Table to have Conversation. It was at that Table I First Heard the Phrase ‘Never Again.’” Biden said he Also “Learned that the Only Way to Ensure that It could Never Happen Again was the Establishment and the Existence of A Secure, Jewish State of Israel.” Biden’s Father Also Once Told him that One Need Not Be Jewish to Be A Zionist.

Biden Recalled his Father Being Baffled by the Debate Following World War II over Whether or Not to Establish Israel as an Independent State. “My Father would Say, were he A Jew, he would Never, Never Entrust the Security of his People to Any Individual Nation, No Matter How Good and How Noble it was, like the United States.”

The Bible has Passages such as Deuteronomy 7:1 – 2, 7:16 and 20:15  – 18, which have ‘God’ say that when the Israelites enter the Promised Land They are to Wipe out the Canaanites, Hittites, Girgishites, Amorites, Perizzites, Hivites, and Jebusites, Living there. Biden, as a Catholic, believes in that ‘God’, and so do Jews as Jews, because it is the same ‘God’, so, what Israelis and American Weaponry and Ammunition are now doing to the Palestinians who were living in Gaza is the Fulfillment of God’s Commands, and must therefore be done, as an Obligation to that ‘God’, in that view of things.

Biden can change his view that Americans get their Moneysworth out of our $ 3.8 Billion Annual, and he has even requested from Congress an Additional $ 14 billion now, donation to Israel’s Government, but unless he changes or simply nullifies his Religion, he cannot change or nullify his view that Israel is On God’s Side as it exterminates, or at least expels from Gaza, all of its Inhabitants. Netanyahu and Biden Both believe in that ‘God’, because this is in both of their Scriptures, the complete Bible, and the First Five Books in it that constitute the Torah that is in every Synagogue.

If Biden nonetheless decides that he was wrong before to condemn even a Possibility of making continuation of US Government donations to Israel depend upon Israel’s adhering to announced US Policies, and so he accepts the Less Religious Views of Senators Warren and Sanders on that matter, then this would be A Political Poll driven, instead of Morally Based, Change, in Order to accommodate that Changed Majority Opinion by the Electorate, upon such matters. But he won’t be able to admit this. And, of course, Donald Trump is likewise Heavily Committed to Netanyahu’s Policies.

Here is RFK Jr’s Argument on this Matter,

“Israel is Critical, and the Reason it’s Critical is That It’s the Bulwark for Us in the Mid East, It’s Almost like an Aircraft Carrier in the Mid East, Israel is Our Ambassador, it’s Our Presence, it’s Our Beachhead in the Mid East, It gives Us Ears, Eyes in the Mid East, It gives Us Intelligence, It gives Us the Capacity to Take Influence in Affairs in the Mid East. If Israel Disappeared, Russia and China would Be Controlling and They’d Control 90% of the World’s Oil Supply, and That would Be Cataclysmic to National Security.”

That undated statement from him has not, as of yet, been reversed by him.

Here was the View by Israel’s Indispensable creator, US President Harry Truman, when he went against his Predecessor FDR’s Policy and Endorsed the creation of a Jewish Nation of Israel in what was Prior to its 1948 Creation the Overwhelmingly Muslim majority Nation of Palestine:


Page 57

David Niles, A Jewish Assistant in the Department of Minority Affairs [and ardent Zionist Jew], worked with Both Presidents [FDR & Truman]. Commenting on Roosevelt’s Middle East Policy he wrote, ‘There are Many Serious Doubts in my Mind that Israel would Have Come into Being if Roosevelt had lived’. (8)

Harry Truman was Much Clearer in his Own Mind as to Where he stood Regarding Judaism and Zionism [Note Author’s equating “Judaism” with “Zionism] () He was Not Entirely Pro Semitic, and as Time went by he Began to Like Jews Less and Less, as A Result of the Incessant Pressure that the Jewish Lobby Put him Under. As with Roosevelt he had Little Time for the State Department Officials and their Unyielding Pro Arab Position. ()

[Regarding Truman, his] Assistant, Clark Clifford, wrote about him,

“His Own Reading of Ancient History and the Bible, Made him A Supporter of the Idea of A Jewish Homeland in Palestine, Even when Others Who were Sympathetic to the Plight of the Jews were Talking of Sending Them to Places such as Brazil. He did Not Need to Be Convinced by Zionists. () I Remember him Talking about the Problems of Displaced Persons. ‘Everyone Who’s Been Dragged from his Country has some Place to Go Back to, but the Jews have No Place to Go’. (10)

Daniel J. Roth – FDR WANTED JEWS ‘SPREAD THIN’ AND KEPT OUT OF US, DOCUMENTS REVEAL, New Documents Revealed by the FDR Library shows the President’s Secret Plans to Resettle Jews Out of Europe

Isaiah Bowman, President of Johns Hopkins University, Geographer and Outspoken Anti Semite [was chosen by FDR in 1942 to Prepare a Plan to Relocate Jews from Europe Who wanted to Emigrate]. Upon Becoming Head of the University during the Second World War, Bowman Fired A Number of Prominent Professors, Believing that “There are Already Too Many Jews at Hopkins.” ()

Experts say Roosevelt was Well Aware of Bowman’s Prejudices, Having Started A Correspondence with him Years Earlier. In 1938, Roosevelt Asked Bowman to Undertake A Study Examining How Jewish Europeans Resettling in South America would Acclimate to the Environment.

“Frankly, what I am Rather Looking For is the Possibility of Uninhabited or Sparsely Inhabited Good Agricultural Lands to Which Jewish Colonies might Be Sent,” the President wrote to Bowman. He Added that “Such Colonies need Not Be Large but, in All Probability, should Be Large Enough for Mutual Cooperation and Assistance, Say Fifty to One Hundred Thousand People in A Given Area.”

Describing the M Project to UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill in 1943, Roosevelt said the Study is Focused on “The Problem of Working Out the Best Way to Settle the Jewish Question,” Adding that the Solution “Essentially is to Spread the Jews Thin All over the World,” Rather than Allow them Amass in Large Numbers in One Specific Place. The Conversation was Recorded in the Diary of Vice President Henry Wallace, Who was Present at the Meeting. 

The M Project would Eventually Produce Thousands of Pages of Reports, Maps and Analysis Examining the Characteristics of Multiple Racial and Ethnic Groups, and Theorizing about Optimal Proportions in Which to Combine Them in their New Homelands.

The M Project would Finally Be Scrapped by President Harry Truman, Who Took Over as Commander in Chief after Roosevelt Died on April 12, 1945. Truman Saw the Study as A Colossal Waste of Money, which was Granted $ 10.000 A Month, and Ordered the State Department to Pull the Funding Soon after Becoming President

Jerusalem Post, 2 May 2018

The 2022 6 Hour US PBS TV Series THE US AND THE HOLOCAUST displays enormous evidence that during FDR’s Presidency there was in the US, like in all other Countries, highly organized Political Opposition to their Government’s doing anything to assist Europe’s Jews to escape the Holocaust, and that if FDR had done anything which could be publicly accused against him of violating that predominant and highly organized ‘Isolationist’ sentiment, he would lose votes and almost certainly lose Re Election, so, he didn’t do that. However, amongst Jews, there was a severe split, between the Zionist ones and the anti Zionist ones, and the Zionist Jews were far more organized and influential than the anti Zionist ones were. The Zionist ones had an easy time to smear any anti Zionist as being anti Semitic, this being the core trope of Zionism, though that was a Lie, and many Jews much preferred to have their own free choice of Where and How to live and not to be forced to accept Palestine as being their Location. By contrast, the Zionist Jews made things as difficult as possible for anti Zionist Jews to live Outside of Palestine, and were obsessed to induce or even force as many Jews as possible to move there so as to come to Outnumber non Jews there and then ultimately take over All the Land and force the remaining Arabs out. However, World Events caused the Decision to occur in 1948, while Jews were still much the Minority, and the result was their forcibly eliminating non Jews and establishing their own “Jewish State.” But it couldn’t have happened without Truman; and, now, Biden is trapped not only by his own lengthy record of commitment to back Israel against the Palestinians unconditionally, but also by his having made that commitment on the same basis that Truman did. Perhaps Biden will complete what Truman started.

As for the American Public, we have No Choice, ultimately No Control over ‘OurGovernment, and decisions that were made long ago by Billionaires and by their Agents, will certainly affect the Outcome far more than the American People today will. This is the Tragic Reality.

Israel was made Not Only by Truman, and Not Only by the Zionists, but also by the various Authors of the Bible, and it reflects today what they wrote then. Obviously, the Bible does not change. Whatever it is, is the Framework that profoundly affects Governments, even today.

Hitler’s speeches and Private Statements paraphrased over a hundred Passages from the Bible, both Old and New Testament. If anything, he was probably even more influenced by it than Biden and Truman were.

Investigative historian Eric Zuesse’s latest book, AMERICA’S EMPIRE OF EVIL, Hitler’s Posthumous Victory, and Why the Social Sciences Need to Change, is about how America took over the World after World War II in order to enslave it to US and allied Billionaires. Their cartels extract the World’s Wealth by Control of not only their ‘News’ media but the social ‘Sciences’, duping the public.
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