Eric Zuesse – How Reddit Censors Out Criticism of MainStream ‘News’ Media

Can Reddit grow up? (foto The New York Times)

How Reddit Censors Out Criticism of MainStreamNews Media

On February 15th, this article appeared at the “Scoop Independent News” site.

America’s mainstream ‘news’ sites, such as the New York Times, routinely lie against countries – such as Iraq, Syria, Libya, pre coup Ukraine, etcetera – that America’s billionaires want to conquer (via sanctions, coups and or invasions) but haven’t yet conquered, and China is one of those countries, and the New York Times is a mainstream US ‘news’ site. So, the fact that the NYT lied against China isn’t unusual, though virtually nobody reports the fact that they’d lied, when they do it, since they all do it, and since they all cover for each other whenever it is being done by one of their competing mainstream US ‘news’ sites. Reddit is, after all, one of those mainstream sites; and, so, when a Reddit reader happened to post this headline there, which said that the New York Times lied, the first thing that Reddit’s editors did was to warn readers that that headline is itself a “Misleading Title” or, in other words, a lie.

and the second thing they did about it is to add to this Reddit post.

X Sorry, this post has been removed by the moderators of r|worldnews.

Moderators remove posts from feeds for a variety of reasons, including keeping communities safe, civil, and true to their purpose.

Here you can see that message from them added to their warning that my headline is a “Misleading Title”.

Now it’s for each individual reader to determine whether the statement that NY Times Lies To Say WHO Investigators Dissatisfied With Chinese Cooperation is a lie, or whether it is instead true, and Reddit’s statement that it’s a Misleading Title is a lie.

However, one of the Reddit reader comments there said

[–] Source_Comfortable 1 point 7 hours ago

These are false tweets.

and, so, here is a very clear view of those tweets, in order to assist you to determine, for yourself, whether or not those tweets “are false tweets”.

The only way that anyone in the public can intelligently evaluate who is telling the truth and who is lying is to examine the evidence for oneself and trust absolutely nothing that anyone merely says about the evidence. Examination of the evidence, on one’s own, is the only way to determine the truth.

What I particularly oppose about Reddit here is that they wanted to prejudice their readers in a certain way – to continue trusting MainStreamnewsMedia (which they are themselves) and to distrust honest non mainstream news sites (such as Scoop Independent News).

It’s just a way of mass mind control by the agents of billionaires. Each person should instead decide on one’s own, by clicking through to the evidence and examining it for oneself.

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