Eric Zuesse – How Private ‘Charities’ Now Replace the CIA for Carrying Out US Coups

How PrivateCharitiesNow Replace the CIA for Carrying Out US Coups

The Crucial Role that the ‘Non Profits’, ‘Charities’ “NGO‘s”, Owned by US Billionaires, Play in FomentingRevolutions’, Coups, Abroad for the US

The Way that the US Empire expands its Control into Targeted Countries by Means of Coups has Changed. Coups that the CIA had been doing , such as, Most Famously, in Iran 1953, Guatemala 1954, and Chile 1973, All of Which replaced A Democratically Elected Progressive Leader by A Fascist Dictator and Longstanding Police State, are Now Being Done instead by “Non Governmental Organizations, NGO‘s, Otherwise called Think Tanks, ‘Charities,’ and ‘Non Profits’ that are Actually Tax Write Off 204s, Scams for Billionaires, whose Regular Corporations reap Profits from the Consequences of These Coups that had Been Years in Preparation by Propaganda from these Mills. The Most Successful Recent Such operation was the US Coup in February 2014 in Ukraine, which Started the War there, which has been A Gold Mine for Firms such as Lockheed Martin since Then.

In A Previous Article, titled The Explosive Growth of US Militarism after the End of the Soviet Union, I documented How, after the 1991 End of Communism in Russia and Break Up of the Soviet Union, the US Regime Secretly Fulfilled on the Secret Instruction that America’s President had Started, on 24 February 1990, Issuing Privately to the Heads of State of the US Regime’s Colonies, ‘Allies’, Such as First West Germany, and Then France, Telling them That, on the US Side, and despite their Repeated US Instructed Verbal Promises to Gorbachev that They would Not do this, the Cold War must Actually Continue, but Now Secretly, until Russia itself becomes Conquered and Absorbed into the Empire. Each of the First Two Linked to Articles in this Paragraph, is Neccessary to Read in Order to be Able to See the Documentation for, and So Understand, the Historical Account that will Be Presented in the Following, about how American and Allied BillionairesNon Profits or Charities or Non Governmental Organizations, “NGO‘s”, have, after the End of the Soviet Union, become Crucial Agencies, Largely Replacing the CIA’s Former Role, for Expanding Yet Further the US Empire, so that US Coups are Now Perpetrated in A Different Way, Which is Less Dependent, Than Before, upon the CIA. Whereas the CIA has Acquired, except within the US Empire, A Very Negative Public Reputation, Which hinders the CIA’s Effectiveness at Helping to Acquire for the Empire, Additional, New, Colonies, these NGO‘s, with Such Deceptively benign PR Monikers as the Open Society Foundation, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and Many Others, Still haven’t Yet Acquired So Sullied A Global Reputation, and, Therefore, They can Openly Be Cited by the Targeted Nation’s ‘NewsMedia as Being Authorities which Favor A Particular Pollicy, Which is Actually the US Government’s Propaganda Line. Thus, the Empire controls the Local Public.

Already as Early as 25 November 2004, Britain’s Guardian published an Article from their European editor Ian Traynor, Who favors the US Empire as being The West’s Protector against the “Election Rigging Tricks Beloved of Disreputable Regimes”, Headlining US Campaign behind the Turmoil in Kiev and Describing the US NGO’s Foreign Regime Change Operations that had Overthrown, or Tried to Overthrow, Governments in Serbia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Georgia. He wrote “The Democratic Party’s National Democratic Institute, the Republican Party’s International Republican Institute, the US State Department and US Aid are the Main Agencies Involved in these Grass Roots Campaigns as Well as the Freedom House NGO and Billionaire George Soros’s Open Society Institute.” Because it’s Being Done by ‘Non Profits’ et cetera, Instead of the CIA, they call it “Grass Roots”; these are “Revolutions,” instead of “Coups,” According to the Perpetrators of this Newer Type of US Imperialism.

Of All Public Commentators on International Relations, One stands Out for me as Having the Most Encyclopedic and, I have Verified by my Long Having Fact Checked Hundreds of his Commentaries, Higher than 99% Accuracy in his Factual Allegations and in his Predictions, Alexander Mercouris. Almost Every Day, he posts, at The Duran dot com, at Least One New Commentary, and I have Found that in the Vastness, Wide Range, and Detailed Accuracy, of his Commentaries, he has No Peer Anywhere on the Internet. The Sheer Range of his Topics is Astounding, but What is Even More Remarkable is that he is an Expert of Each One of them, though he Constantly denies That, Even wWhile he is Publicly Displaying that Extraordinary Expertise, for example, on Military Matters, he denies Expertise, despite the Fact that his Predictions in that Field have Been Far More Accurate than Just about Any Specialized Military Expert’s have Been. In my Own Researches, Whenever I have Checked the Veracity of his Allegations, I have Found him to Be as Skeptical, Careful, and rigorous, in the Quality of his Sources, as I am, and, on all Aspects of International Relations and of Geo Strategy, I consider him to be the Most Broad Ranging and Deep Expert of All Who Publish in those Fields. His knowledge of the History of Each One of the Individual Nations on Which he Comments, Matches or Exceeds that of Individuals Who Specialize on Each, Even Though he himself Actually has No Specialty. His Comment on April 28th about “The Death of the NGO State” is Typical, and I give it Here, Both Linking to the Video, and Presenting Here, Cleaned Up Slightly from the Automatically Generated YouTube , Transcript, in Written Form, that Commentary by him.

Georgia, Armenia and the Death of the NGO State

00:00 Alex Christoforou All Right, Alexander [Mercouris] Let’s talk about
00:03 Georgia and the the Caucasus. We
00:07 haven’t Talked about this Region in A
00:10 While. There was
00:12 A Law that is Being Passed in
00:17 Georgia Which Basically Mirrors the US
00:22 FARA [Foreign Agents Registration Act] Act. It’s Pretty Much the
00:25 Same Thing as as What the US has
00:29 with the Foreign Agents Registration Act
00:30 but in this Instance There’s
00:35 Been A Lot of Protests and A Lot of
00:38 EU Flags are Being Waved in the, in
00:41 the Main Squares of Georgia, because They
00:44 don’t like this Foreign Agents Act. I
00:46 Imagine It’s because When People
00:49 Look at the Books of All the NGO and the
00:51 Financial Statements, they’re Going to
00:54 Find A Very Uncomfortable Truth, Which is
00:57 that these NGO’s are Not Really Funded by
01:00 Russia but they’re Funded by The
01:03 Collective West and Funded A Lot by The
01:06 Collective West. Anyway, What are Your
01:07 Thoughts on What’s Happening in
01:09 Georgia? MERCOURIS The First Thing to Say is
01:12 that Georgia, like All of These
01:15 countries, like Ukraine, like Armenia Now,
01:17 have Been Caught up in this Tug of War
01:20 between Ultimately the Russians, Not
01:23 that the Russians have Really Wanted to
01:25 be Involved in A Tug of War with The West
01:28 in these Countries, but A Tug of War
01:29 between between the Russians and The
01:30 West, in Other Words These were All
01:34 Countries that Once Formed Part of the
01:36 Soviet Union, they Gained their
01:38 Independence in
01:41 1991, their Trade links the Geography All
01:45 of that, Point that their History Points
01:48 to them Needing to Have Good Relations
01:52 with Russia. Georgia by the Way has A
01:55 Very Long History of Close Relations
01:58 with Russia Going Way Back into
02:03 the 18th
02:04 Century, and Mostly in Fact for Far
02:10 and Away the Greatest Part of that
02:12 Period, Relations between Russians and
02:15 Georgians have Been Very Good. You go to
02:17 Moscow Today and you’ll Find Lots of
02:19 Georgian Restaurants, for example. There’s
02:21 A Large Georgian Diaspora in Russia.
02:24 There’s an Awful Lot of Interconnections
02:26 between Russians and Georgians Going All
02:28 the Way Back as I said to the 18th
02:30 Century, and Georgia by the Way Just to
02:32 Add, it’s an Orthodox Christian
02:35 Country like Russia is an Orthodox
02:38 Christian Country, so There are All These
02:40 Deep
02:41 Connections. There are Some People in
02:44 Georgia Who don’t Like That, they Want
02:47 Georgia Instead to Align with The West
02:51 and Ultimately to Join the EU and
02:54 Ultimately to Join NATO. Now, if Things
02:58 had Been Allowed to Take their Course, if
03:01 The West had Not Involved Itself in this
03:03 Region, it is Very Likely that Those [Pro NATO]
03:06 People would have Remained A
03:08 Minority. What
03:10 Happened is that Starting from Around
03:15 2000 perhaps A Bit Earlier, The West
03:18 Started to Involve Itself Very Deeply in
03:21 the affairs of Georgia and
03:23 Armenia, and It did so in the Classic Way,
03:27 by Funding Local NGO‘s
03:30 Which are Very Well Funded, which pay
03:33 Very Big Salaries, Which are Able over
03:36 Time to Get A Significant Traction
03:40 over the Media, and Which Gradually
03:43 Influenced the Opinion in these Countries
03:46 in A Pro Western Direction, and Firstly
03:49 You have the So Call Rose Revolution [in 2003 Georgia]
03:51 Which was Largely Propelled by these
03:55 NGO‘s, Which brought Mikhail Saakashvilli to Power.
03:59 He took A Fiercely Anti Russian
04:03 Pro Western Pro NATO Line. He Always
04:06 Appeared Everywhere with an EU Flag as I
04:09 Remember. He Led Georgia into A
04:11 Catastrophic War against the Russians in
04:14 2008, which Georgia Disastrously Lost. He
04:19 Lost Power A Short Time Later, because of
04:22 the Effect of that Defeat. The Swing came
04:25 Back and A New Party Gained Control,
04:29 Georgia Dream, Which is the Ruling Party
04:32 Now, Which has Been Trying Slowly and
04:36 Gradually to Rebuild Relations with
04:38 Russia despite the Problems
04:41 Left Over from the Saakashvilli
04:44 Era, and What They found as They’ve Been
04:48 Working to Do That, is That They Still
04:50 have the Same Problem with these Western
04:52 NGOs, Who have Been Western Funded NGO‘s,
04:56 Who Continue to Agitate All the Time for
04:59 A Reversal, of Course, and A Return to
05:02 Basically Saakashvilli’s Line, and Eventually They
05:08 have Done That which the Russians for
05:11 Example have Done, they’ve Started to
05:13 Move
05:15 Towards having A FARA Type Law in
05:19 Georgia, and the
05:22 Experience of Countries in this Region
05:27 Which Succeed in Passing FARA Type Laws
05:32 is that the Western Funded NGO’s are
05:36 Unable to Survive Them. The Revelation
05:39 that they’re Funded by The West Destroys
05:42 their
05:43 Credibility, and the NGO’s Eventually Start
05:46 to Fold and Collapse, and so the
05:50 Prospects of A Color Revolution and A
05:53 Change of Political Direction begins to
05:56 Fade. So the Result is That at this
05:59 Particular Moment in Time There is
06:02 Intense Resistance in Georgia Organized
06:07 by this These NGO’s to Stop this Law Being
06:10 Passed, and that’s Why you have
06:12 Protesters in Tiblisi, People Trying to Stop
06:15 this Law Going through. The
06:17 Georgian Parliament So Far
06:20 has Held to its Course. This
06:24 is A Complicated Process passing A Law
06:26 like This. It takes Several Weeks to Do.
06:30 The Georgian President Who is Pro
06:32 Western is Likely to Veto the Law Once
06:36 It is Passed by the Parliament. The
06:38 Parliament has Enough, there’s
06:40 Enough Votes in the Parliament
06:42 Apparently, to Override the President‘s
06:45 Veto. If the Law is passed, there will
06:48 Probably be A Continued Period of
06:51 Instability before the Law Starts to
06:53 Have its Effect. If it does Have Its
06:56 Effect, we will Probably See the
06:58 Political Situation in Georgia
07:02 Stabilize. If the Law is Not Passed or if
07:05 There is A Color Revolution in the
07:08 Meantime, then We will See Georgia Follow
07:11 the Course that Armenia has Taken. The
07:14 Pro Western Course Proved Disastrous for
07:16 Georgia in 2008. It’s Proving Disastrous
07:20 for Armenia Now. I can’t Imagine that It
07:23 will Deliver for Georgia Anything Good.
07:26 So, that’s A Summary of What the
07:27 Situation is like at the Moment
07:31 AC Yeah, the The Collective West is Going
07:34 to Fight Tooth and Nail to Make Sure
07:36 that this Law does Not Get
07:39 Passed, Yeah, because, I mean, It All Starts
07:42 the Color Revolution, it All Starts with the
07:45 NGO‘s, that’s Where All Your
07:48 Instability Begins and Then, I
07:51 Mean, it’s the NGO’s that that Cause all
07:53 the Instability and Cause All the
07:55 Revolutions. I Mean, We saw It Play Out in
07:58 in the Maidan, and So the So So Many
08:02 So Many of the Revolutions, the Color
08:04 Revolutions, All the Revolutions with,
08:06 with All their Interesting Names, Um, It’s
08:09 Always the NGO‘s, and, and, I Find it Really
08:13 Really Interesting that that, Here We are
08:15 in 2024
08:17 and, and, Uh, Countries Still have Not
08:19 Found A Way to Deal with these NGO‘s,
08:23 and that These NGOs still have So Much
08:27 Support, Knowing that that They Cause So
08:29 Much Instability in A Country. They have
08:32 Support from the, from the People or,
08:33 or A Large Percentage of People,
08:35 Especially the Young. MERCOURIS Yes, Well This is
08:39 the, This is the Key Thing to Understand,
08:41 Because of Course the
08:42 NGO‘s, if there was No, Um, Reservoir of
08:47 Potential Support of Them, would Not Be
08:50 Able to Function. But They are Able to
08:53 Function because There is this Reservoir
08:57 of Support. I Mean, Throughout the Former
08:59 Soviet Union, there is, Um, A Middle Class
09:03 Which, Perhaps as A Result of the Soviet
09:06 History, Perhaps Also Even More A
09:09 Result of What Happened in the Post
09:11 Soviet Period, Always Remains to Some
09:15 Extent at Least Potentially Attracted to
09:19 The West. I think in Russia that has
09:21 Changed, by the Way. I think that the
09:23 Russian, in the Russian Period, they
09:26 Eventually Got Over That. But in Other
09:29 Places as in Ukraine, in Georgia, in
09:32 Armenia, that Middle Class exists. But
09:35 Where the NGO’s are Very Powerful, and
09:38 Where they’re Very Effective, is They
09:41 have this Enormous Funding that means
09:44 that they can Pay People Salaries to
09:47 Work for Them Which are Far Higher than
09:50 the Salaries that they would Be Able to
09:53 Get in Any Other, Um, Position in the
09:57 Local Economies, and That, of Course,
10:00 Always makes the NGO’s Already Attractive
10:03 because Young People, I mean their
10:06 Ambition, is to Be Part of this Extremely
10:09 Well Funded Process. The Other Thing that
10:12 the NGO’s are Very Skilled at Doing is
10:14 that They Gain Control, They
10:16 Particularly Focus on Gaining Control, of
10:19 the Local Media in These Various
10:22 Countries, and Again that helps Them to
10:26 Shape, to Shape the Debate, in
10:30 these Countries. Now, What Happened is
10:34 that the, in this Post Soviet
10:39 Period, the Governments of These
10:41 Countries, Which
10:44 Themselves Emerged Out of the Soviet
10:47 Union, were Led by People Who Just didn’t
10:52 Understand this Kind of Politics, because
10:55 They, They have No Real Knowledge of It. I
10:57 Mean, They, They Assume that Provided You
10:59 Control the Ministries, and Provided You
11:02 Have the Police on Side, and All of That,
11:05 You’re Able to Maintain Control in that
11:08 Way. It has Taken A Very Long Time for
11:11 Governments in these Countries to
11:14 Gradually come to
11:16 Understand that Public Opinion, Currents
11:20 of Public Opinion Matter, and Also the
11:24 Other Factor is that All of These
11:27 Countries, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia,
11:33 Even Governments that Ultimately were
11:36 Targeted for Removal by The West, Moldova as
11:40 Well, by the Way, they wanted Good
11:42 Relations with The West, which Made them
11:44 Very Reluctant to Go against
11:46 Institutions within Their Own Countries
11:49 and Societies that were Funded by The
11:51 West, what is Gradually Starting to Happen
11:54 and the Russians Led the Way with the, Uh,
11:58 So Called, you know, White Ribbon
12:01 Attempted Color Revolution 2011 2012, is
12:05 that the Russians Gradually Said, you
12:06 know, We’ve Got to Get on Top of this NGO
12:09 Thing. So, They Passed their Version of
12:11 the FARA Law, and Gradually Other
12:13 Governments across the Former Soviet
12:16 Space Who Come to Understand that It is
12:19 for them an Existential Matter [to avoid A Coup], have
12:21 Started to Follow, Uh, the Course which
12:25  the Russians Led. And You’re Starting to
12:27 See Action Being Taken to Close Down
12:30 these NGO‘s, um, and to Pass Similar FARA
12:33 Type Laws, Um, and Gradually, Slowly, One
12:38 gets the Sense that Color Revolutions
12:40 are Becoming More Difficult, and More
12:44 Difficult to Organize, and that NGO’s of
12:46 this Kind are Finding it More Difficult
12:48 to Operate. I mean, You saw That in
12:50 Kazakhstan about Two Years Ago, and
12:53 You’re seeing it Perhaps in Georgia
12:56 Now. AC Yeah, yeah, Kazakhstan seems like A,
12:59 like A Turning Point, Um, You
13:02 Mentioned Armenia Just to to Close Out
13:04 the Video, Um, Pashinyan is is Still
13:08 Pushing Forward, with, Uh, Armenia’s Um
13:11 Realignment Into the European Union, and
13:13 NATO, or With the European Union and
13:16 NATO. Uh, Russia, for its Part, seems to Be,
13:21 Uh, Building Stronger Ties with
13:24 Azerbaijan. Armenia’s Heading towards A
13:28 Disastrous, Uh, it’s A Disastrous
13:30 Course, Isn’t it? MERCOURIS Absolutely, Uh, that is
13:33 Exactly True. And, um,
13:37 Eventually, I think What the Russians
13:39 Calculate is that Eventually the Time
13:41 will Come when They will Come to their
13:43 Senses and will Realign, but in the
13:45 Meantime as Azerbaijan is Becoming Emboldened,
13:48 and Exactly as We Predicted, They are Now
13:50 Starting to Make Further Claims on
13:54 Armenian Territory. They’re Starting to
13:56 Say that, You Know, this Village and that
13:58 Village on the Border Really Belongs to
14:00 Azerbaijan and Should Be Transferred, and You
14:03 can See How Eventually They’re Going to
14:06 Take Step by Step, They’re Going
14:08 Demand that the Corridor that Armenia
14:12 has Which Cuts Off Nakhchivan, that Entire
14:15 Area should Be Transferred to Azerbaijan as
14:19 Well. It is A Disastrous Vourse, but You
14:22 Know A Member of my Family Who Knows
14:24 this Region Well, and Who’s Traveled to
14:26 Both Armenia and Georgia, he has Told me
14:30 Precisely This that These are NGO States
14:33 or At Least Georgia was. He Visited
14:35 Georgia in Saakashvilli Time, and he Said that
14:38 It, at that Time, It was Obvious that It
14:40 was an NGO State. All the People Who ran
14:42 Things in Ministries and Governments
14:46 Ultimately were People Who Came Out of
14:47 the NGOs, and he’s Telling, Tells me, that
14:52 Armenia is Today Exactly the Same. Um,
14:58 it’s People Who Come Out of this System
15:02 this Eco System, Who are Now in the
15:05 Government, and Who are Leading Armenia
15:09 Down this Course, Which, of Course, as
15:13 Things Get
15:14 Worse, They have the
15:16 Ready Made Excuse for Why They’re
15:18 Getting Worse, Which is Russia. You See
15:21 the Same, by the Way, in Moldova, with Maria
15:23 Sandu, it’s Exactly the Same
15:27 There. AC It’s All the Same
15:29 Script.

28 April 2024


If You haven’t Yet read my  The Explosive Growth of U.S. Militarism after the End of the Soviet Union, You might Want to Do that Now, in Order to Flesh Out Mercouris’s Account Here. Also, There’s Much More Documentation of This, Such as the WikiLeaked Email from Sidney Blumenthal to Hillary Clinton, on 14 February 2011, US MENTOR TO EGYPTIAN REVOLUTIONARIES, and, Months Later, on 26 July 2011, from Jake Sullivan to Hillary Clinton, GENE SHARP. Furthermore, on April 18th, there was this Current Description by a Georgian, Sopo Japaridze, Regarding the Almost Stranglehold that Western NGO’s have Established over the ‘News’ Media in Georgia. Where she Refers to “The Former President’s Health and Treatment in Prison,” she means Saakashvilli.

Investigative Historian Eric Zuesse’s Latest Book, AMERICA’S EMPIRE OF EVIL, Hitler’s Posthumous Victory, and Why the Social Sciences Need to Change, is about How America Took Over the World after World War II in Order to Enslave It to US and Allied Billionaires. Their Cartels Extract the World’s Wealth by Control of Not Only their ‘NewsMedia but the Social ‘Sciences’, Duping the Public.
Eric Zuesse Blogs at

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