Eric Zuesse – How Bolivia S 2019 Coup Exemplified Millennia of Global History

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How Bolivia S 2019 Coup Exemplified Millennia of Global History

Throughout Thousands of Years of Human History, Dictatorships have been the Norm, Not the Exception, and All of Them have been by the Aristocracy, Against the Public.

Sometimes, the Aristocrats are Led by One Person, AMonarch” or “Führer” or et cetera, but he or she then REPRESENTS the Aristocracy, NOT the Public.

Aristocrats are the Nation S Few Super Rich, the Public are Everyone Else.

Usually, the AristocracyJustifies’ it SSuperiority’ as Being God Ordained, and they Hire (Donate to) Some Clergy to Allege This in Order to Keep the Public Fighting for Them and Maybe Dying for Them, in Their Wars of Conquest, Against the Aristocracies who Control Foreign Lands. Another Way to Fool their Publics is to Declare that These Conquests will ‘FreeThose Foreign Publics by Replacing their Local Aristocracy with the Invading Country S Aristocracy (ABetterOne, Those Others are instead being CalledOligarchs”), and so Creating an Empire, which RepresentsUsAgainst the ForeignersThem’, while also Making Those ForeignersFree’ from Their “Oligarchs.” This is CalledSpreading Democracy’.

Throughout Thousands of Years, Aristocracies have Operated this Way, Deceiving Masses of People so as to create Empires, which expand the Local Aristocracy S Thefts, from being Merely Thefts Against Their Local Public, to Becoming Thefts Against an Entire Empire S Public Using those LocalOligarchs” as Their Vassals.

Here is How This Worked Out Recently in Bolivia.

On 11 November 2011, The US White House issued this “Statement from President Donald J Trump Regarding the Resignation of Bolivian President Evo Morales”:

The Resignation Yesterday of Bolivian President Evo Morales is ASignificant Moment for Democracy in the Western Hemisphere.  After Nearly14Years and his Recent Attempt to Override the Bolivian Constitution and the Will of the People, Morales SDeparture preserves Democracy and paves the Way for the Bolivian People to have their Voices heard.  The United States applauds the Bolivian People for demanding Freedom and the Bolivian Military for abiding by It S Oath to Protect Not Just A Single Person, but Bolivia S Constitution.  These Events send A Strong Signal to the Illegitimate Regimes in Venezuela and Nicaragua that Democracy and the Will of the People will Always Prevail.  We are Now One Step Closer to A Completely  Democratic, Prosperous, and Free Western Hemisphere.

On 13 November 2019, the Billionaire Rupert Murdoch S FoxNewsHeadlinedBolivia Interim President declares ‘Bible has Returned to the Palace‘ amid growing Uncertainty”, and Reported

A Day after Brandishing A Giant Leather Bound Bible and declaring Her Self Bolivia S Interim President, Jeanine Añez set to the Task of Trying to Steady A Nation Divided by Bloody Political Disputes and create the Stability Necessary to organize National Elections.

The 52 Year Old Second Vice President of the Senate claimed the Presidency on Tuesday Following the Ousting of Socialist Leader Evo Morales due to Alleged Election Fraud and Resignations from Several High Ranking Successors that left A Power Void in the Country.

“The Bible has returned to the Government Palace,” Añez declared as Part of an Effort to Separate Her Self from Morales, who had Banned the Bible from the Site after he Reformed the Constitution and Recognized an Andean Earth Deity instead of the Roman Catholic Church.

Then, Two Days Later, on November 15th, Anti War dot com Bannered Finally Got Him | The Bolivian Coup, and Reported.

The US says it wasn T A Coup.

Trump S Official StatementApplauds” the Bolivian Regime change for Preserving Democracy. Trump identifies the event as “A Significant Moment in Democracy” because it Stymied Bolivian President Evo Morales Attempt “to Override the Bolivian Constitution and the Will of the People. (…)

But All Three White House Claims are False, Morales didn T Go Against the Constitution, he didn T Override the Will of the People and it was A Coup.

If it wasn T ACoup, why was Morales Forced from Office by the Military? Why was he driven Out of Office in Bolivia and into Asylum in Mexico for the Sake of his Safety, while A Coup Leader announced that the Police and Military were Hunting Morales Down and putting Bolivia into Lock Down? Why as he Fled and Sought Asylum was his House Ransacked, his Sister S House set on Fire, and the Families of his Cabinet Ministers Kidnapped and Held Hostage until the Ministers Resigned? Though reported in the MainStream Media as Abandoning Morales, Victor Borda Resigned as President of the Bolivian Congress and Resigned his Position as MP because his Brother was Kidnapped to Force him to Do So.

If it wasn T A Coup, Why did the Opposition assume Power before the Legislature Voted on Approving Morales Resignation as the Constitution demands? Why did Jeanine Añez declare herself Interim President in the Absence of the Quorum that is Legally Required to make that Decision after Meeting with the Military High Command for over an Hour? And Why did the Opposition force Morales out and assume Power before Morales Term in Office would End in January?

If it wasn T A Coup, why did Morales Opponent, Carlos Mesa, begin his Claims of Fraud before the Voting began, before he could know there had been Any Fraud? Why did Mesa insist, according to Mark Weisbrot, that he would Not Accept the Election Results if Morales wins Long before the Votes were Even Counted?

And Why, perhaps Most Damningly, did A Cabal of Coup Plotters discuss between October 8th and 10th, Days ahead of the October 20th Election, A Plan for Social Disturbance that would prevent Morales from Staying in Power, as Revealed by Leaked Audio of their Conversations

Then, on 24 July 2020, the Twitter Site of an American Centi Billionaire, Elon Musk, Received A Tweet from an “Armani” saying, “You know what wasn T in the Best Interest of People? the US Government organizing A Coup against Evo Morales in Bolivia so you could obtain the Lithium there.” Later that Day, Musk replied

We will Coup Whoever We Want! Deal with It.

Why, then, was the Bible being presented, on 13 November 2019, as the Coup S Justification?

Not Enough Suckers would have been Fooled to Support this Fascist Coup as having been A Fascist Coup, A Coup by an Aristocracy. It was actually even A Racist Fascist Coup, ANaziCoup (A Coup by A Racist Aristocracy), which aimed to Steal from the Native Indian Masses in Bolivia, for the Benefit of the Supremacist White Aristocracy there, who were Subordinates, or Vassals, of America S Own Overwhelmingly White Aristocracy, it S Billionaires, such as the Racist Fascist Elon Musk. FoxNews’ had Broadcast that Biblical Display to it S own Overwhelmingly White Christian Audience so as to portray that Theft against Bolivians as having been in Service to their God and ConsequentlyJustifiable’. It S Simply the Way that Aristocracies have Functioned, for Thousands of Years.

Then, on 14 July 2022, the “Declassified UKInvestigative News Site Headlined EVO MORALES ‘WE LAMENT THE ENGLISH WERE CELEBRATING THE SIGHT OF DEAD PEOPLE, and Delivered from Matt Kennard A Terrific, Linked to Sources, Extensive Interview with the US UK Bolivian Aristocracy Overthrown Former Bolivian President, who explained, as Kennard S Summary at it S Front stated.

THE COUP ‘The UK Participated in It, All for Lithium

THE BRITISHSuperiority is So Important to them, the Ability to Dominate

THE USAny Relationship with Them is Always Subject to Conditions

NEW MODEL ‘We No Longer Submit to Trans National Corporations

JULIAN ASSANGE ‘The Detention of Our Friend is an Intimidation

NATO ‘We need A Global Campaign to Eliminate It

BOLIVIA ‘We are putting Anti Imperialism into Practice

Declassified UKEvo Morales on Bolivia S New Model and Why the UK and US want to Destroy It

In première gegaan op 14 jul. 2022

The President of Bolivia from 2006 – 2019 invites Declassified to his House Deep in the Amazon Rain Forest for an ExclusiveInterview, on the UK Role in the Coup that overthrew him, how he Reversed 500 Years of History and Industrialised Bolivia, and the Efforts of the US and it S British Ally to bring him Down.

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