Eric Zuesse – Germany Now Sides with Jewish Nazis

Germany Now Sides with Jewish Nazis

Israel proceeds with its ethnic cleansing to get rid of the inmates, Palestinians who were born, living, and now dying, en masse, in the world’s largest open air prison, Gaza, where millions have been held, locked-in by Israel for decades unable to leave,  but who now are being bombed to death by Israel, and even their hospitals are being bombed by Israel so as to prevent their surviving. Israel wants the land, but not the people they’ve been penning up in it for decades.

A recent interview with Chris Hedges, one of the greatest war reporters, is titled Chris Hedges: Israel’s endgame in Palestine is genocide, at The Real News Network, and it has these passages:

02:26 I want  to put that bombing campaign in perspective. I
02:32 was in Sarajevo during the war. We were being hit with three to 400 shells a day, four to five dead
02:41 a day, two dozen wounded a day, and I don’t want  to minimize that. I, almost 30 years later, still
02:46 have nightmares because of it. But that’s nothing  compared to what’s happening in Gaza. I mean,
02:51 the first two weeks, they damaged or destroyed 45%  of the housing stock. They’ve dropped, I think,
02:57 it was just in the first two weeks, 20.000 tons of  bombs. I mean, this is a Stalingrad level. It’s
03:04 as bad as Sarajevo was. [But] That doesn’t come close. Thousands of Palestinians are trapped under
03:10 the rubble and they have surrounded the northern part. I mean, they will do it
03:16 piecemeal. They learn that from the Americans, in Fallujah. You don’t essentially attack on a
03:23 wide front. You break up your urban areas into sectors that you then dominate. So,
03:30 they’ve cut off Gaza City from the South, which  is Gaza’s largest city, about 700.000 people.
03:36 And they’re about to go in. Well, they’ll go in. I mean, the problem with
03:40 urban warfare, which I’ve been in, is that all of your heavy machinery doesn’t really give you much
03:49 of an advantage. So, I think that it’s saturation bombing. I mean, they will keep the northern part
03:59 of Gaza corded off, surrounded, but I expect them to kind of bomb their way to victory,
04:07 or what they’re going to continue or call victory. Call victory, right.
04:11 They don’t really want to start crawling through the rubble fighting Hamas fighters. The tunnels
04:15 are an issue. We don’t know how big, but they’re big. But they need generators in order to pump
04:23 down air into the tunnels. Right.
04:26 I think most of the hostages are probably in the tunnels. This is also a very cynical decision on
04:33 the part of the Netanyahu government. I don’t think many of those hostages are going to come
04:37 back. I think they know that and they don’t  care. So, they’ve cut off food. In essence,
004:47 they’ve cut off water. I mean, the trucks that have come over through Rafan are,
04:51 it’s negligible. It’s a very cynical kind of public relations ploy, but it doesn’t do
04:58 anything to alleviate the tremendous suffering. So, I expect that they will push what remains
05:06 of the Gaza population over the border into the Sinai, into Egypt, and they will never come back.
05:11 And there have been reports in the Egyptian press that the Americans have approached the
05:16 Sisi government. The Egyptian economy is in a mess at over $ 160 billion in debt.
05:24 And they will offer financial incentives, and probably if that doesn’t work though,
05:29 use threats and to do Israel’s bidding. And in essence, Gaza as we know it, and I spent
05:39 seven years covering Gaza, my office was right in the center of Gaza City, just won’t exist.
05:45 INTERVIEWER So, two questions here that popped in my head as you were speaking. I mean, I’m talking to some
05:50 people yesterday about Uganda and Entebbe in the airport, and rescuing the
05:55 hostages that took place. Talk a bit about, since from your experience covering wars and
06:00 what’s happening right now in Gaza, why couldn’t Israel have done that? Why couldn’t Israel simply
06:05 have gone in, found out where the hostages are and rescued as many as possible? What do you think?
06:11 Was that possible or was that impossible? HEDGES No, because first of all, the hostages are
06:15 dispersed over a wide area. And second of all, they’re underground. You knew
06:20 they were on the plane in Entebbe, they were in an enclosed,
06:24 Right. () space. This is completely different.
06:27 INTERVIEWER So, I’m thinking about the American end in this, and I know it’s not going to happen,
06:33 but it seems like the only way conceivably to stop Israel from doing what it’s doing at this
06:37 moment would be the threat of a cutoff of aid. And  when you see inside the Jewish world in America,
06:44 in the United States, I see it all the time, is a growing body of Jews saying, ‘No, not in our
06:49 name. We don’t agree,” And whether it’s marches or articles and organizations being developed. So,
06:56 I mean, that seems to me the only way to stop the madness from [inaudible 07:02].
07:01 HEDGES Well, that would be the only way, even that might not work because Israel needs that aid
07:07 to essentially replenish stockpiles. But they have a pretty robust arsenal. Well, those are
07:14 the Jews that don’t count. I mean, J Street and Jewish voices for peace don’t count. I mean,
07:21 for me, they count quite a bit. But I’m talking  about in terms of the power structure, and it’s
07:27 money. I mean, it’s AIPAC and these Sheldon Adelson type retrograde Jewish billionaires. By the way,
07:38 they funded Netanyahu. I covered that campaign. Netanyahu was their baby. They created him and
07:44 they bankrolled him against Rabin. So, yes, I mean, I think ultimately
07:51 that’s why I support the Boycott, Divestment, Sanction movement, that it is about severing
07:57 aid and imposing sanctions on Israel. That’s  the only weapon we have. We’re very far from
08:03 achieving that. Even most of the liberal groups don’t support BDS. And the Israel lobby is just
08:13 so well-funded and so powerful, and they represent a political strain of a very right wing political
08:21 strain within the American population that it does not, I would guess, represent the political
08:28 leanings of probably most American Jews. INTERVIEWER When I see what’s going on in Gaza,
08:32 in Israel right now, in Palestine, I mean, I know that Israel is not attempting, they’re going to
08:37 seize a huge portion of Gaza. They’re going to call it a buffer, they’re going to do whatever,
08:41 they may put settlers in, they may not, but  they’re going to seize a huge portion of Gaza,
08:45 pushing Palestinians out. But this seems to me,  having been through, covered this my entire life
08:53 almost, when I want to say young Zionist to  a place where I became a non against that,
08:59 but this seems really different. This moment  seems really different in terms of what could
09:03 happen post-war and how it could affect () HEDGES Well, it’s not different. It’s just different
09:10 in scale. The Nakba, or the catastrophe, were, right, 750.000 Palestinians ethnically
09:18 cleansed from their homes, pushed into places like Gaza and refugee camps,
09:24 the 50 massacres that the Haganah or the Jewish militias carried out. So, that’s been part of the
09:32 Zionist project since the founding of the state of Israel. And in the 1967 war, they pushed out
09:40 another 350.000 people. So, it’s a difference in scale, it’s not a difference in intent.
09:49 I think the difference is that we have: This  government is the most extremist that Israel
09:58 has ever had. Many of these people are heirs to Meir Kahane, who I knew and covered, this rabidly
10:05 racist right wing Brooklyn Rabbi who founded [inaudible 10:11] party, which was outlawed
10:14 in 1994 by Israel and declared a terrorist group  by Israel and the United States, which it was,
10:21 kind of. There’s always been a strain of fascism within, going back to Jabotinsky, that kind of
10:26 pioneer of Zionism. Benito Mussolini called him- The Herut party.
10:30 Yeah, Herut. They called him, I think Mussolini,  and Netanyahu’s father worked for Jabotinsky,
10:37 called him a good fascist or something like  that. So, it’s always been there, but now
10:43 it’s predominant. And for them, it’s the final solution, or their version of the final solution,
10:52 which is, and they won’t stop. And once they  finish with Gaza, they will turn on the West
10:58 Bank. And they want to create, these are their  own words, a kind of religiously pure state,
11:06 which means the forced exile, ethnic cleansing, whatever you want to call it,
11:12 of millions of Palestinians, including Christians. I mean, there’s a significant Christian population
11:16 among the Palestinians. They think they’re going to finish with this problem once and for all. 

17:13 INTERVIEWER So, having covered it so intensely, having been in other war zones,
17:19 I’ve been wrestling with what could come out of this. What could be, not Israel’s end game.
17:24 Israel’s end game is to push the Palestinians out, take over the land. What could actually ()
17:29 HEDGES Well, Israel will become a fascistic state ruled by the ultra orthodox,
17:38 kind of Jewish version of Iran. INTERVIEWER Which we use as a digression,
17:42 which we, growing up as Zionists between Israel and Baltimore, would mock as frummies,
17:47 as people who were on the fringe, who were somewhere else. They were these () And not
17:53 close to power, not completely shifting. HEDGES That used to be true, but not anymore.
17:57 Yes. Right, right. So, yeah, I mean,
18:01 that’s what () HEDGES Israel’s already moved pretty far in that direction. Netanyahu’s dismantling of the
18:07 judiciary is, of course, a huge step in that. But people who speak out against the Netanyahu assault
18:17 against democracy or the slaughter in Gaza are attacked as traitors and silenced. And I mean,
18:24 there’s been a huge campaign preceding October 7th against Israeli human rights workers at B Tselem.
18:33 Right. And that will just now
18:35 accelerate. There’ll be no room for dissent. INTERVIEWER I feel that, and watch it coming. I mean,
18:41 I spent part of the last 50 years being called many times by certain folks inside my community
18:48 as a [inaudible 18:49], just saying no to the occupation and what’s going on. I mean,
18:53 that tendency is now in control. And then, with the Palestinians, every time I talk to
19:00 Palestinian friends now about the family, what’s going on, I have family who lived on Kissufim and
19:06 [inaudible 19:06], and some of them may be hostages. We don’t know. I don’t know.
19:10 I have friends in Palestine whose kids have been killed. People have been killed in this. And so,
19:16 it’s sometimes, though I’m covering  it, it gets really hard because it
19:20 gets really deeply personal to watch this go on. And what’s happening in the Palestinian world,
19:25 I think people don’t really grasp the intensity, the madness, the murder that’s taking place among
19:35 Palestinians now. Except when I heard the piece that Max Alvarez, Editor in Chief here did with
19:43 Issa in Gaza, it was heart rendering. People just, I don’t think people really get how deep this is.
19:51 HEDGES Well, Israel’s cut off all the internet and cell phone service because when you carry out genocide,
19:57 you block the ability of the victims to reach the outside world. That’s standard.
20:03 INTERVIEWER Talk about that for a minute. Just explore what people listening to us, why you call
20:08 it genocide? That’s a huge term to use. HEDGES Well, sure, because it’s about the wholesale
20:12 destruction of people, and all of the mechanisms by which you can destroy a people. The denial of
20:19 food, the denial of water, the denial of safety, the ability to flee, fleeing to the south. They’re
20:24 bombing the south. They’re bombing the supposedly corridors that they set up to go to the south.
20:30 It’s indiscriminate, dropping 2.000 pound bombs on Jabalia, on refugee camps. Jabalia, I’ve been in,
20:38 spent a lot of time in Jabalia. So, Gaza is one of the most densely packed spots on the planet,
20:46 but Jabalia is the most densely packed spot in Gaza, and I think they bombed it three times.
20:53 Nobody knows the number of dead because- They’re under the rubble.
20:56 () thousands are under the rubble. So, that indiscriminate,
20:59 they’re bombing hospitals. I mean, they say, “Well, they’re terrorist command centers,
21:03 or Hamas command centers.” They’re bombing hospitals, they’ve cut off the fuel. The babies
21:08 in incubators are dying. I mean, that’s genocide. INTERVIEWER We talked about what the end game would be. And
21:13 you’ve covered this so long and so intensely. I may have lived it intensely on some levels,
21:17 but you’ve covered it intensely. You’ve been in  the middle of it. How do you see it playing out
21:23 over the next few years? What do you see happening between the US and Israel? It’s
21:27 also affecting the West. It’s affecting here. It could affect this election coming up between ()
21:33 HEDGES Well, the wild card is whether it ignites a regional conflagration. So, that would begin
21:40 in Lebanon with Hezbollah, but it wouldn’t begin unless Iran green lighted it. I don’t think that
21:48 Iran or Hezbollah wants to ignite a regional conflagration, but that’s the wild card. I mean,
21:59 things can just go wrong. I’ve covered enough war that once you open that Pandora’s box and
22:06 let all those evil spirits out, they control you. It doesn’t control () You don’t control it.
22:12 So yeah, things could go wrong that way. The arms manufacturers are thrilled. They’re
22:22 making money in Ukraine, they’re making money with Israel, because remember, most of this
22:26 money is going straight to Raytheon and Northrop Grumman, and that’s who’s making the money. So,
22:36 I don’t () The Palestinians have always been friendless, powerless. And the Arab states are
22:44 very duplicitous about their commitment, which is largely rhetorical, and they’re quite happy
22:52 to sell the Palestinian’s out, And, there’s a lot of animus towards [Hamas], I mean, for instance, Egypt hates
22:57 Hamas because Hamas was born out of the Muslim Brotherhood, and they, Sisi with US and Israeli
23:03 backing, seized power to essentially prevent a Muslim Brotherhood government from running Egypt.
23:13 So, the Palestinians really don’t have many friends. Iran, Qatar, Hezbollah,
23:24 Syria to a certain extent, but not () Am I, if I had to make an educated guess, I think Israel’s
23:32 going to get away with it. INTERVIEWER Get away with it?
23:34 HEDGES Get away with this massive campaign of () INTERVIEWER Before we close because we’re about to close,
23:39 what do you mean by get away with it? HEDGES What  are they going to get away with, do you think?
23:43 Pushing most of the Palestinians out of Gaza and turning most of Gaza into a moonscape,
23:50 which is they’ve already done with the North. They’ve already done.
23:52 Yeah. So, and I know that’s what they want to do. I mean, that is without question. The question
23:58 is whether they can be stopped, but I don’t see the forces that are going to stop them.
24:04 INTERVIEWER I think it’s a danger for the entire planet that we’re watching unfold at this moment
24:10 inside of Israel, Palestine, and the Middle East. HEDGES Well, it’s just so () I don’t sleep. I mean, it’s
24:19 just so, the horror of it. And I mean, how many children are dead? Three, 4,000 kids? I mean (…)
24:29 At least. It’s just,
24:33 everybody hooked up to a dialysis machine or in an ICU or in an incubator, they’re all dying. I mean,
24:42 everybody’s going to die. They’re running out of food, they don’t have clean water. And the
24:50 intensity of the bombing campaign is unlike anything we’ve seen in the 21st century.

That’s Hedges. However, in the land of the original, Christian, Nazis, Germany, there is the opposite of sympathy for the Gazans: strong support for the Jewish nazis (much as they had strongly supported their own, original, nazism and its Nazi Party, but which was aiming to exterminate Jews, instead of any Palestinians):

12 November 2023, 22:51

German opposition leader demands new citizens embrace Israel

Germany cannot accept any more anti-Semitic refugees, the leader of [the] Christian Democratic Union [Party] said earlier

Germany should introduce “clear” measures to combat anti-Semitism, Friedrich Merz, the leader of the center right Christian Democratic Union (CDU), the biggest opposition party, said on Sunday. The politician, who also acts as the leader of the opposition and heads his party’s faction in the Bundestag, called on all anti-Israeli activities in Germany to be “put to an end.”

“Talking no longer helps,” Merz said in a series of posts on X (formerly known as Twitter) as he called for “unequivocal decisions” to be taken to tackle the issue. The list of measures suggested by the parliamentary opposition head includes linking the ability to get German citizenship to a commitment to respect Israel’s sovereignty. 

“Naturalization in Germany must be tied to a clear commitment to the freedom of religion and beliefs as well as to the state of Israel’s right to exist,” he said. The CDU head also said that every school child should be obliged to visit a concentration camp museum before graduation and no one should be able to skip such events.

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