Eric Zuesse – FBI covers up Alleged Whistleblower’s Testimony of $ 5 Million Bribe to Biden

FBI covers up Alleged Whistleblower’s Testimony of $ 5 Million Bribe to Biden

In a June 13th hearing by the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) questioned Deputy FBI Director Paul Abbate about an unclassified FD-1023 FBI form describing a confidential whistleblower’s conversations with a Burisma (Ukrainian energy company that placed Hunter Biden onto its board in 2014) executive who claimed to have bribed then-Vice President Joe Biden for $5 million.

On June 7th, the U.S. House Oversight Committee headlined “Former AG Barr Refutes Democrats’ Lies That Biden Bribery Investigation Was Closed”, and reported that despite what the FBI now is saying, he had never closed that investigation.

Here are the Questions (Q) by Hawley, and Answers (A) by Abbate, on June 13th:

SHOCK MOMENT: FBI Official admits, to Hawley, Doc alleging Biden took $ 5 Million in Bribes Exists

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At today’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) questioned Deputy FBI Director Paul Abbate about an FD-1023 form from an alleged whistleblower regarding his accusations against the then-V.P. Biden:

0:02 Senator Hawley
0:04 Thank you Mr chairman. (Q) Mr Abbate let me
0:06 just stay with you. You just started to
0:09 answer Senator Blackburn’s question that
0:12 not releasing the 1023 or talking about
0:15 it is a matter of life and death,
0:16 question of life and death, you said.
0:19 Explain.
0:20 (A) It is potentially a question of life and
0:23 death. (Q) For whom? (A) With regard to the source
0:25 of the information.
0:26 (Q) So, okay, now we’ve confirmed that the
0:28 document exists. That’s progress because
0:30 the FBI director [Christopher Wray] initially denied that
0:32 it exists. Why did he do that? (A) We we have
0:35 already and previously acknowledged the
0:37 existence of the documents. (Q) Yeah, after
0:39 you first denied it. Now when a member of
0:41 this committee read it,
0:43 right, the FBI, let’s just get the record
0:45 straight, the FBI director initially said
0:47 it doesn’t exist, then Senator Grassley
0:49 said I’ve read it,
0:51 then he said oh okay, well, gotcha. I
0:55 guess it does exist.
0:57 Now, you’re going back and forth with
0:58 members of this committee. What’s in it?
1:00 why don’t you just release it?
1:01 Is it classified?
1:03 (A) The document is not classified. (Q) Okay, will
1:05 you commit to releasing it?
1:07 (A) Senator we’ll take that back and we will
1:09 work with you in this committee. (Q) How
1:11 about just say yes or no? Will you commit
1:13 to releasing this unclassified document
1:15 that alleges that the president of the
1:17 United States,
1:19 the president of the United States, has|
1:22 taken 5 million dollars or more in
1:24 bribes from a foreign Nation? (A) The
1:26 document has already been released.
1:28 (Q) Pursuant to a subpoena to the house
1:29 oversight committee. Has it been released
1:31 to this committee? (A) We will work with this
1:33 committee within the parameters that are
1:36 established.
1:37 (Q) Will you release the document to the
1:39 public? It’s unclassified. Don’t you think
1:41 the American people have a right to see
1:42 it? (A) Senator, the document, as you know,
1:45 contains sensitive information that has
1:47 bearing on the life
1:50 of the source of the information.
1:51 (Q) Potentially you can redact the source’s
1:54 name. We do this all the time. (A) In some
1:57 instances, Senator, and I know you know
1:59 this, that is not sufficient to protect
2:02 people, and that’s what we strive and
2:04 work to do each and every day, and I hope
2:06 you would take that seriously too. (Q) Oh, I
2:08 take it very seriously, but I also take
2:10 seriously the fact that your institution
2:12 has repeatedly abused its authority, has
2:15 repeatedly targeted political opponents.

[Hawley then went off onto that tangent, away from the question he had asked and which Abbate refused to answer. And Hawley failed to repeat the question “Will you release this unclassified document to the public?” He let his mouse escape his claws.]



Amazing how NO MEDIA reports on that…this is just AMAZING


FBI Admitting that the person who revealed the truth is in danger of being ‘erased’


How in the hell can the DEPUTY FBI DIRECTOR admit under oath, that they can’t guarantee the safety of a whistleblower…

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