Eric Zuesse – European President strings Lies against Russia at NATO + Uncle Sam kicks Italian Colony Out China’s Silk Road + Canada Standing Ovation Nazi Ukrainian + Ukraine US lead World in Nazism

European Commission President strings Lies together against Russia, at NATO Awards Ceremony

On September 20th, the unelected President of the anti-democratic bureaucracy that runs the EU, the European Commission, who is the German aristocrat Ursula von der Leyen (pronounced like Lyin’, so that her name can be simplified, in English, to Mrs. Lyin’) introduced with high praise the extremely unpopular-in-Japan leader of America’s vassal-nation Japan, Fumio Kishida (current approval-rating of 23%, even lower than Joe Biden’s 40%, and far lower than Putin’s 80%), by stringing together lies against Russia, such as that Russia instead of the U.S. had nuked both Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and that Russia instead of Ukraine had slaughtered the hundreds of people whose corpses were carried into Bucha in Ukraine after Russia’s troops had left that town. Here is her speech, annotated by me with links to the disproofs of that modern aristocratic pro-American German nazi’s anti-Russian calumnies, and other lies, from Mrs. Lyin’:

20 september 2023, New York

Laudation by [European Commission] President [Ursula] von der Leyen for Japanese Prime Minister Kishida at the 2023 Atlantic Council [NATO’s PR agency] Awards

Good evening,

It is a pleasure, and an honour, to be here tonight and speak at this esteemed gathering – about an ally and a friend, and a most deserving recipient of this award: Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. I could tell the audience about our amazing cooperation of these years, dear Prime Minister; about how we coordinated our actions in the wake and in the aftermath of Russia’s full-scale aggression of Ukraine; or how you hosted an incredibly successful G7 in Hiroshima.

But there is another moment that is even more telling of your courage and leadership. I am talking about your visit to the small Ukrainian town of Bucha. A symbol of Russia’s brutality and of Ukraine’s resistance. Bucha was liberated by Ukraine’s brave soldiers in the early weeks of the war. But Russian troops left a trail of death and destruction. They executed dozens of civilians in cold blood – in one of the worst war crimes since the start of Russia’s brutal war.

And you, dear Fumio, decided to make the long and difficult trip to Bucha to see with your own eyes the horror that Russia left behind, but also Ukraine’s determinations to resist and to fight for its freedom. For the first time since World War II, a Japanese Prime Minister visited a country at war. And you brought with you Japan’s solidarity, in words and deeds. From the very beginning of this war, you opened your country to Ukrainian refugees. You joined us in sanctioning Russia for its crimes. And you stood at our side when Putin tried to blackmail Europe with gas. Ukraine and the whole of Europe will be forever grateful to you for this. Arigato, dear Fumio.

You have done this because you know that, although Ukrainians are paying the highest price, this war is not only about Ukraine, and it is not only about European security. This is about the basic principles of the UN Charter, which have protected global peace since the end of World War II. It is about the simple yet vital rule that borders cannot be changed by force and that every country should be free to chart its own path. You, dear Fumio, understood this from day one. You understood that we must all contribute to upholding the UN Charter. Because in a lawless world, any country might face the same fate as Ukraine. In your words: ‘Ukraine today may be East Asia tomorrow.’

European security and Indo-Pacific security are one and the same. Your vision of a ‘free and open Indo-Pacific’ is also our vision. So, we are bound to work together. And in these two years, Prime Minister, you have forged ever-stronger ties between Japan and your like-minded friends, near and far – from East Asia to Europe and North America. You have reconnected Japan to its most trusted partners and built new bridges across the world. Thanks to your leadership, today our three continents are closer than ever before.

Distinguished guests,

There is a Japanese proverb that tells a lot about the country and about its Prime Minister. It says: ‘Onko-chishin’. And it means: ‘Explore the past, to learn new things.’ You, dear Prime Minister, showed me the meaning of this proverb during the G7 Summit in Japan last year. You brought us to your hometown of Hiroshima. The place where you have your roots, and which has deeply shaped your life and leadership. Many of your relatives lost their life when the atomic bomb razed Hiroshima to the ground. You have grown up with the stories of survivors. And you wanted us to listen to the same stories, to face the past and learn something about the future. It was a sobering start to the G7 and one that I will not forget, especially at a time when Russia threatens to use nuclear weapons once again. It is heinous, it is dangerous – and in the shadow of Hiroshima, it is unforgivable. No one is better poised than Japan to warn us of the extreme danger of this recklessness. Right from the beginning of this war, Japan’s position was clear. As the only country that has suffered from atomic bombings, you have made the whole world listen.

Today, Russia’s nuclear sable rattling has been condemned not only by our like-minded partners in the G7, but by the whole world. And your diplomatic efforts have been crucial to reach this outcome. This is true leadership. The kind of leadership that the world needs in these troubled times. Leadership that is not afraid to learn from the past to shape a different future. So it is a pleasure to be with you today to celebrate your work and your vision.

Distinguished guests,

Please join me in congratulating Prime Minister Kishida on earning the 2023 Atlantic Council Award.

Uncle Sam’s Boot kicks his Italian Colony Out of China’s New Silk Road Project

The U.S. regime has always opposed Italy’s participation in China’s international trade-and-infrastructure “New Silk Road” construction project, which was supposed to be boosting EurAsian trade like had happened until “the Silk Road abruptly lost its importance with the rise of the Ottoman Empire in 1453, which almost immediately severed trade between East and West.” The New Silk Road, or China’s “Belt and Road Initiative (BRI),” was intended for this same purpose: to enable EurAsians to enjoy the great benefits of living on, and trading in, by-far this planet’s largest land-mass: the EurAsian Continent. America isn’t on that Continent, and thus can’t even possibly enjoy that same benefit; and, therefore, after WW II, the Rhodesists (commonly called “neoconservatives”) who have controlled America ever since 25 July 1945, won’t allow this Chinese initiative to succeed, but instead insist upon the U.S. military alliance against Russia, NATO, taking over the entire world — first, with their “Iron Curtain” against the Soviet Union; but, now, with their more overt war against all the rest of the world, and especially against both Russia and China. Thus:

On 9 May 2023, Bloomberg News headlined “Italy Intends to Exit China Belt and Road Pact as Relations Sour”, and obtusely reported that, “The US has actively pressured Rome to take a public stance on the issue, and ditch the pact, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the discussions are private.” (No mention of what those “pressures” consist of.) And, then, on September 21st, Russia’s RT News bannered “Italy to quit China’s Belt and Road – foreign minister”, and reported the announcement that Italy’s recently elected leader Georgia Meloni, definitely had committed her nation to withdrawing from the project before the end of this year.

Regardless of the fact that what America is doing is targeted actually against the European countries that are in EU and NATO, and so both Russia and China are mere boogeymen to scare stupid European masses (who still think that Russia is communist and controls the Warsaw Pact) into acceptance of Uncle Sam’s ‘kindly’ concerns for their protection and welfare, the U.S. agents who peddle and impose the U.S. plan to wall-off Europe from their own much larger adjoining Asian sub-continent (and from its natural and human resources and products), aren’t being overthrown and replaced by patriots who serve their countrymen instead of America’s billionaires.

If this evil on the part of America’s billionaires, and stupidity on the part of the western-European masses, is carried to its limit, the result will inevitably be WW III, because that’s what the U.S. regime is building toward. The alternative to that would be no re-election of any sitting federal official in the subject European countries of the U.S. empire. Those officials don’t need to be eliminated, but only entirely disempowered, so that America’s stooges will no longer be ruling over Europeans. That fictitious American ‘democracy’ will then discontinue being a curse to Europeans. And, then, what now is costly trade with America across the Atlantic, will instead become far less-costly trade with their own, natural, EurAsian — and African — compatriots.

Canada’s Parliament gives Standing Ovation to 98 Year Old Nazi SS Ukrainian

Canada, which along with the U.S., imported and gave sanctuary to more Nazis than any other country did, honored on 22 September 2023 in its Parliament, the Canadian Ukrainian, the 98-year-old Yaroslav Hunka, who had served in a Ukrainian division of Hitler’s SS, the 14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS, also known as the 1st Galician Division, during WW II: the parliamentarians gave him a standing ovation, for his having waged war for Hitler against the Soviet Union, which was the nation that did more than any other to defeat Hitler. Though Canada and the U.S. were allied with the Soviet Union then against the Nazis and against their ideology of nazism, they imported and protected untold thousands of Nazis after WW II in order to start a new war, the Cold War, which now increasingly has become a hot war, to conquer ultimately, Russia itself. Mr. Hunka always hated Russia, and he immediately found a welcoming home in Canada when the Hitlerian stage of Nazism, the German phase of it, ended and the U.S.-led stage of it began on 25 July 1945.

One of the tweets about this Canadian honoring of that nazi Ukrainian was this:

We came maybe to a point of no return – standing ovation for a Nazi veteran in a Western parliament means all the masks are taken down! Who will join the Nazis in the next big fight for freedom in the world?

Here is a group photo of Mr. Hunka, not only in, but front-and-center in, a group of his fellow Ukrainain SS soldiers, during the Second World War, when they were fighting for Hitler against Stalin and were accepted by Hitler as being worthy to include in Ukraine’s SS Division. The article that has this photo states:

A blog by an association of its veterans, called “Combatant News” in Ukrainian, includes an autobiographical entry by a Yaroslav Hunka that says he volunteered to join the division in 1943 and several photographs of him during the war. The captions say the pictures show Hunka during SS artillery training in Munich in December 1943 and in Neuhammer (now Świętoszów), Poland, the site of Himmler’s visit.

NATO, the CIA, the U.S. Defense Department, Canada, UK, etc., represent the Anglo-American take-over of the movement (not merely imperialism, but hyper-imperialism, to take over ultimately the whole world, which both Hitler’s nazism and its Anglo-American variety, “neoconservatism,” advocate for) that Hitler had led but without including his anti-Semitism. For many Ukrainian nazis, hatred against Russians is more important than hatred against Jews; and, so, they can get along just fine in UK, U.S., and Canada, and are honored in those countries.

That article is from Lev Golinkin, of Kharkov in eastern Ukraine, which was and is a strongly anti-Hitler part of Ukraine. It says that Hunka’s unit “was composed of recruits from the Galicia region in western Ukraine,” and that’s the Ukrainian region which strongly supported Hitler. After the Soviet Union ended, western Ukraine strongly supported America and its NATO military alliance against Russia; so, western Ukraine has had the highest voter-support for U.S.-supported political candidates, such as the U.S. Government has installed to rule its ‘democratic’ Ukraine ever since Obama’s coup grabbed Ukraine in 2014.

They talk of their being an ‘independent’ Ukraine, but it’s no more independent of the U.S. Government than the WW-II-era Ukrainian SS were independent of Hitler’s Government.

In fact: on 26 February 2015, I headlined “Top Ukrainian Nazi Visits U.S. Congress, Pentagon, Seeks Weapons for Ukraine” and reported that the founder of the Social Nationalist Party of Ukraine (named after Hitler’s Nationalist Socialist Party of Germany), Andriy Parubiy (who had been “the Commandant of the Maidan” in Obama’s coup there) had just visited both Canada’s and America’s legislatures seeking weapons against Russia, and he got them. Obama started and both Trump and Biden continue Ukraine as being a new colony in the American empire. Of course, this empire includes also NATO, Japan, and South Korea, among others.

Ukraine and US lead the World in Nazism

Nazism, as an ideology, is global-supremacist racist nationalism, not merely imperialism but global-supremacist imperialism, which was founded by Hitler’s German political Party, but it exists even today in Ukraine, where its exterminationist passion is directed even more against Russians than against Jews. Unlike Hitler’s German nazism, Ukraine’s hates Russians even more than it hates Jews, and this hatred of Russia is a passion that America’s Government shares in virtual unanimity by both of America’s political Parties: the Democrats and the Republicans. There are many things that those two Parties passionately disagree about, but they both are nearly unanimous in hating Russia and despising Russians — so, in February 2014, they grabbed Ukraine in their coup and appointed a rabidly anti-Russian government there.

America used Ukraine’s nazis, hiding behind the popular anti-corruption demonstrations at the Maidan Square in Ukraine in February 2014, in order violently to remove Ukraine’s neutralist and democratically elected President Viktor Yanukovych, and replace him with an interim leader, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, whose appointment culminated President Obama’s coup, and then “Yats” immediately fired all the top generals and appointed in their place ones who determined to seek out and exterminate all who resisted the new regime, and this was most of the voters who had voted for Yanukovych, almost all of whom were the half of Ukrainians whose main language was Russian in south and east Ukraine, instead of Ukrainian in north and west Ukraine. They also seized the Russian Orthodox churches and made them Ukrainian Orthodox churches — a new branch of the religion whose head is the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople in Istanbul Turkey — not the Russian Orthodox Church, which is headed by the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia. Russian-speaking Ukrainians, under American rule, became less than second-class citizens: they became a free-fire zone for the new, U.S.-imposed, regime. So: the Obama-imposed regime took away from them not only their country but their Church.

The only country that regularly and always votes in the U.N. General Assembly against Resolutions that condemn racism and bigotry in all of its forms including nazism and Holocaust-denial, is the United States (because ever since 1945 the U.S. has brought into the country so many elite Nazis and gave them sanctuary and hid their atrocities from the public), but in recent years one of the main excuses it gives is that Ukraine is voting against it and so America must do likewise in order to reaffirm its support for Ukraine. The only other country that has often been joining with America’s and Ukraine’s pro-nazi votes at the U.N. has been Canada, which (like America) brought in and provided sanctuary for many Ukrainian nazis after WW II. In fact, as I headlined on 24 September 2023, “Canada’s Parliament Gives Standing Ovation to 98-Year-Old Nazi SS Ukrainian”. But actually, America’s anti-Russian military alliance NATO is riddled with nazis. And America’s lie-based invasions of Iraq in 2003 and of Libya in 2011 and of Syria ever since 2013, are all nazistic, too; so, the evidence that the post-WW-II and especially since 2000 U.S. Government is nazi is clear and undeniable. Anyone who would call this a democracy would have to be either blind or crazy.

Investigative historian Eric Zuesse’s new book, AMERICA’S EMPIRE OF EVIL: Hitler’s Posthumous Victory, and Why the Social Sciences Need to Change, is about how America took over the world after World War II in order to enslave it to U.S.-and-allied billionaires. Their cartels extract the world’s wealth by control of not only their ‘news’ media but the social ‘sciences’ — duping the public.
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