Eric Zuesse – Dutch Government Outright Lies about MH17, to Blame RUssia

Military Intelligence Agencies reported there was no evidence (foto John Helmer)

S op de Cockpit, die het lichaam van de MH17 de piloot doorzeefde (foto De Bataafsche Courant)
Track & Trace (foto Twitter)
Stop believing BS from DSB & JIT (foto Twitter)
Stop believing
BS from DSB & JIT (foto Twitter)

Dutch Government Outright Lies about MH17, to Blame RUssia


The Dutch Government S 279 page investigative findings on the Crash of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 ( were published in October 2015, and reported, on
page 84, (under 2.13.2 Crew autopsy”) thatFirst Officer Team A (…) During the body scan of the First Officer S body, over 120 objects (mostly metal fragments) were detected. The majority of the fragments were found in left side of the upper torso.” Then, it reported, on
page 85, (under 2.13.3) “the First Officer, from Team A, who was operating the aeroplane at the time of the crash.”

Note that they buried this crucial information, instead of saying clearly that The pilot S upper left torso, immediately to the left of the area of the fuselage that had been shot out (, had 120 objects that were mostly metal fragments.” Here ( is A closer picture of that side panel on the left side of the fuselage, to the pilot S immediate left, and here is that side panel shown back on the airliner (, so that one can see that this firing had to have been done from below, shooting upward into the pilot.

This crucial physical finding, that the pilot S corpse had been loaded with “over 120 objects (mostly metal fragments),” is entirely consistent with the side panel S having been shot through by bullets, which would have been coming from A Ukrainian Military jet and aimed upward, directly at the pilot. That marksman had to have been highly proficient in Order to hit the pilot so accurately with so many bullets.

Nothing else was found to be shot through with anything like such an intensity of “mostly metal fragments,” but only the pilot S upper left torso. This, alone, is virtually conclusive proof that A Ukrainian Military jet plane had fired directly at the pilot in Order to bring down this civilian plane (more will be cited here, in (2) below.)

All of this evidence was entirely buried and ignored by the Dutch Government, revealed Deep in the report, and only in sub clauses, instead of in any direct sentences.

Furthermore ( “There have been two or threepieces of fuselage that have been really pockmarked with what almost looks like machine gun fire, very very strong machine gun fire.” This remarkable statement comes not from Haisenko, but from one of the first OSCE investigators who arrived at the scene of the disaster. Go to
and you will see it [but, now, it has been removed; here is the information on that video, that video was titled OSCE monitor mentions bullet holes in MH17”].

That evidence is consistent with the Dutch Government S having found (but buried) that the pilot S corpse had been riddled with metal fragments.”

Instead, the Dutch Government is charging RUssia as having fired A BUK missile at the airliner and thus brought it down.


As I reported on 8 March 2020, under the heading Why do the US and its allies hide these facts from the public? (

The latest are document dumps and accompanying detailed explanations and translations of the revealed documents, and are from Bonanza Media ( That S A Finland based website ( Their Bonanza Leaks on 24 February 2020 shows photos of the official transcriptions of the witnesses’ testimony to the official Joint Investigative Team (JIT) which the US allied Dutch Government operates in Order to convict RUssia for the shoot down of the MH17 Malaysian airliner on 17 July 2014 above the Civil Warzone in Ukraine. It includes an accompanying video presentation of these documents, from A day earlier, on February 23rd, titled Bonanza Media LeaksTalk( That video includes this: “Australian police confirm that these are authentic documents (in response to Bonanza Media S having supplied Australian police with the photos), and these are original documents,” which their video shows. Then, they showed their documents to the JIT S own office in Netherlands, which refused to comment. One document, from the Director of the Military Intelligence and Security Service of the Netherlands, to the public prosecutor of the National Prosecutor S Office on Counter Terrorism, PO Box 395, 3000 AJ Rotterdam, dated 21 September 2016, opens (this being the official Dutch translation, but the original Dutch being also shown), “Herewith, I am informing, pursuant to Section 38 of the Intelligence and Security Services Act 2002, of data that are possibly of importance for the criminal investigation into the crashing of flight MH17.” After stating the evidence they had accumulated from witnesses and from allied Government Intelligence Agencies, this document closes: On this basis MIVD [Dutch Military Intelligence Agency] draws the conclusion that from these two RUssian ground based air systems near Rostov na Dona [the only two RUssian bases that possibly would have been associated with the shoot-down of the MH17] no missile launch took place on 17 July 2014. More information about the Bonanza Leaks disclosures can be found from the investigative journalist John Helmer in Moscow, headlining on February 25th, “NATO Military Intelligence Agencies Repeatedly Reported in Secret There Was No Evidence of A RUssian BUK Missile in Eastern Ukraine or Firing on MH17” (

As I have documented on many occasions (, even the JIT S [‘Joint Investigative Team S’] own ‘case’ against RUssia, regarding the MH17 shoot down, is founded upon and cites ‘evidence which actually disproves RUssia S involvement, and proves that this downing was instead A Ukrainian Government operation. As I said at that link, “US President Barack Obama had become desperate for something to happen that would persuade German Chancellor Angela Merkel to endorse added sanctions against RUssia regarding Ukraine, but I had had no idea, until now, as to what direct involvement, if any, he had had in the actual setting up of the MH17 shoot down.” But he has hardly been alone in this effort. Not only Barack Obama but also now Donald Trump are implicated in it Trump for his continuing Obama S guilt in it and cover ups about it.

The US is A bipartisan dictatorship ( Is that opinion? It is all documented, in the links. This (like the US Government S having been behind Ukraine S downing of the MH17) is therefore still news instead of history; but it remains news only because it still remains hidden in the US and its allied regimes; it is NOTopinion.” It will remain news as long as the US and allied blackout of the evidence remains in effect. And the US dictatorship has long been not only domestic but International as well, A dictatorship over what it calls its allies and even over some countries which claim to to be neutral (

Another example of this International dictatorship is that the supposedly UN authorized and not US controlled OPCW (Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons), which is really controlled by the US Government, routinely lies when it needs to in Order to protect the US Government from being publicly revealed to have perpetrated an International War crime (

Everything is consistent with the news report that I initially published on the last day of 2018 and then updated on 9 January 2018, and which was titled “MH17 TURNABOUT: Ukraine S Guilt Now PROVEN ( Among the proofs which were supplied there was that the evidence that the Dutch Government had supplied alleging to prove that A certain BUK missile and launcher, which they showed pictures of, was the specific system that had shot down the MH17, happened to display (though Ukraine seems not even to have noticed this) parts numbers on them that happened to remain in RUssia S records ever since this equipment had been acquired by the Ukrainian state government in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) back in 1986 immediately after having been manufactured in the RUssian state, and had remained consistently in Ukraine S Air Force and maintained by the RUssian manufacturer ever since, so that if this equipment had shot down the MH17, then Ukraine S Air Force (now under the national Ukrainian Government) would have shot down the MH17; RUssia S Air Force wouldn T. The Dutch Government simply ignored this evidence that RUssia supplied to them after Holland had blamed that specific equipment set for having done this shoot down, but promptly then abandoned its allegation that this equipment had been the specific system that shot down the MH17. That article also included Amissing BBC report” in which the BBC S reporter Olga Ivshina appeared to have been shocked when locals in the area of the shoot down all told her of having seen no missile at the time, but instead two Ukrainian jets rising toward the airliner right before that airliner descended from the sky. I concluded my report by saying, Now, which major news Media in The West will report these solidly documented facts? Isn T it time, finally, that they should start doing that? Or, do they have no honor, at all?” It S A damning case against not only the US allied governments but theirnews Media, which still hide all of this crucial evidence from their respective publics. All of them War against their own publics. My report linked to all of this evidence, so that readers can see it for themselves.


And, finally, there is now A new report, on June 22nd, from the great independent Australian and American (dual citizen) investigative journalist John Helmer, who lives in Moscow, headlining HOW THE DUTCH PROSECUTION AND THE JUDGE HAVE RIGGED THE OUTCOME OF THE MH17 TRIAL ON A CHARGE THAT REQUIRES NO PROOF ( It is the coup de gras, against the Dutch Government, and against the entire US allied team, which in the MH17 case consisted of not only Holland but also Australia and also Belgium and also (and most especially) Ukraine (, which latter country S Government had intentionally shot down the MH17 so as to blame against RUssia (as they are doing) in Order to supply to Barack Obama an argument that Angela Merkel could use in Order to rally her own country in support of greatly hiked anti RUssian sanctions so that the IMF would follow through with the the next multi billion dollar loan to Ukraine, in Order for Ukraine to continue paying its soldiers in Ukraine S ongoing War against its rebelling and now independent former region of Ukraine, Donbas, which area directly borders on RUssia in Ukraine S far East.

In February 2014, Obama had overthrown in A violent coup ( Ukraine S Democratically ( elected neutralist ( Government, which had been elected in 2010 and received around 90% ( of the vote in Donbas; so, Donbas declared its independence from Ukraine, and Obama, the IMF and the entire US team were demanding Ukraine to conquer Donbas (, which conquest needed money that Ukraine didn T have but had to borrow. Obama S plan had originally included to turn RUssia S largest naval base, which was located in Crimea, into A US naval base ( That part of his plan failed.

After Ukraine shot down the MH17, it demanded, and got (on 7 August 2014), from its then three partners in the JIT, including Holland, absolute veto power over any ‘findings’ that the team would publish ( Initially, the team S allegation was that Donbas separatists had shot down the plane, mistaking it for A Ukrainian Military plane that was about to bomb them. Then it switched to blaming RUssian soldiers. Then the ‘investigation just dragged on for years, trying to find evidence which might persuade enough of the public so as not to become an embarrassment. And, finally, as Helmer reports, the Dutch Government has prepared A criminal charge against RUssia that reverts back again to blaming RUssia for its having been supporting the separatists whose villages were being bombed by Ukraine (, but which, in Order to be able to impose penalties against RUssia, is based upon no case law that would be relevant to the issue” ( This is A last ditch effort, but it will be able to work if the Dutch judge is corrupt enough to accept it.

If you don T already know these facts, then you VE been getting your news from lying Media (such as the Washington Post), which aim to eliminate the Media (such as this one that have been reporting (instead of ignoring, or outright denying) these facts. This report is thus American samizdat. You are here reading forbidden news. It S actually forbidden history, but if it was never before reported to you, then it still is news, to you.

Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They RE Not Even Close: The Democratic VS Republican Economic Records, 1910 2010, and of  CHRIST S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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