Eric Zuesse – Democratic Party News Media’s Thirst for Russian Blood

Democratic Party News Media’s Thirst for Russian Blood

On August 14th, one of the Democratic Party mainstream ‘news’-media, NBC, deigned to do an on-air interview of RFK Jr., who is running in the Democratic Party’s primaries to be the 2024 Presidential nominee instead of Biden, and this occasion offered the best presentation I’ve yet seen of how radically against Biden RFK Jr. really is on the Ukraine issue (the issue that’s the likeliest to bring WW III, so it’s probably the most important of all the world’s issues). His historical account had the time-line — the sequence of events in this matter — mixed-up, but was otherwise, so far as I’m aware, entirely truthful about what the key events were, and about the U.S. Government’s deeply shameful actions regarding Ukraine, which have led to this war. The interviewer didn’t even challenge nor question anything in his historical account, but simply closed by saying, in effect: regardless of what this history is, or what the impact will be on Ukraine, America must conquer Russia. That’s the only thing she seemed to care about.

Here’s that discussion, roughly edited by me to point out where I noticed that RFK Jr.’s timeline was in error:

“‘We’re living in a weird period of history’: Full RFK Jr. Interview

127,144 views [Aug.16]   Aug 14, 2023  #RFK #GOP #Politics

Longshot Democratic presidential candidate and conspiracy theorist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. talked to NBC News Correspondent Ali Vitali about his views on abortion, foreign policy and the indictments against former President Trump.

[My edited transcript of the Ukraine-war portion of it:]

12:09 (Question) You’ve
12:11   criticized the way that Joe Biden has
12:13   handled the Ukraine situation. What would
12:15   you have done differently if you were in
12:17   the oval when Russia invaded Ukraine?
12:19  (Answer) I don’t believe Russia would have invaded
12:21   if I had been in the Oval Office, because
12:25   Russians tried to settle it before they
12:28   went in. They wanted them [Ukraine] to [fulfill on having] sign[ed] the Minsk
12:30  Accords.
12:31   The Minsk Accords were going to settle the
12:33   whole thing. They [the Accords] would have left Donbass
12:35   as part of Ukraine as a semi-autonomous
12:38   region but given the ethnic
12:40  Russians
12:41   the right to speak their own language,
12:43  and protection from government violence.
12:47  The Russians wanted [Ukraine to fulfill] to [their having] sign[ed] it. The
12:49  Germans approved it. The French approved
12:52  it.
12:53  And Zelenski ran in 2019 and got 70
12:57  percent of the vote promising to [fulfill on Ukraine’s having] sign[ed] it [Minsk, on 5 September 2014].
13:00 It’s our fault because we [Biden’s agent, the UK’s Boris Johnson] went over
13:03  there and told Zelenski he couldn’t sign [Russia’s peace-offer in March 2022 (warned him that The West would withdraw its support if he did)]
13:05  Then [no, prior] the Russians put 40 000 troops in [on 24 February 2022]
13:08 not to take over the country because he [Putin]
can’t do it with forty thousand troops
13:11  but to bring us [no, to bring Ukraine] back to the negotiating
13:13  table.
13:14   Zelensky went back to the
13:16   negotiating table, signed an agreement
13:19   in March of 2022, and the Russians signed
13:22  it and were withdrawing their troops, and
13:25  in April
13:26  Joe Biden sent Boris Johnson to the
13:29  Ukraine to blow up that agreement.
13:31  As a direct result of that
13:34  intervention by our White House [via Johnson],
13:37  350,000 Ukrainian kids have died.
13:40  This is not a war that the Ukrainians
13:43  wanted. They gave Zelenski 70% of the
13:46  vote when he was running as a peace
13:48  candidate [in 2019] promising to sign the [no: an]
13:49  agreement [which he promised he would negotiate with Russia].
13:50  We’re the ones that wanted the war, and
13:53  you know even
13:55  Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin that
13:57  same month that we blew up the agreement,
14:00  when he was asked why are we in Ukraine,
14:03  he didn’t say it’s to protect Ukrainian
14:05  freedom. He said it’s to exhaust the
14:08  Russian army and degrade its capacity to
14:10  fight elsewhere in the world. And Biden,
14:12  when he was asked that one, said
14:14  we’re there to do regime change with
14:17  Vladimir Putin. But that’s not about
14:20  Ukraine. This indicates that
14:23  Ukraine is a pawn in a proxy war,
14:28  a geopolitical proxy war between Russia
14:30  and the United States.
             (Q) So much has
14:33  always been clear right? I mean do you
14:36  think that we should not fight them?
[She insisted that we must conquer Russia.]

RFK Jr.’s account of the history documented Biden’s evilness (and this evilness is bipartisan, because the Republican Party has backed Biden on this, and Trump never was honest like RFK Jr. is here; RFK Jr. is the only prominent American politician who is honest in what he says about this war). But he never attached any such label (“evil”) to Biden. This isn’t surprising, because RFK Jr. needs to convert Democrats, who, by huge margins, support Biden, and so they’re enormously resistant to receiving evidence that Biden is deeply evil. (Ali Vitali herself certainly wasn’t listening to what Kennedy was saying.) This also is why RFK Jr. makes no mention that Obama (a Democratic Party hero) had started the war in 2014 by couping Ukraine and turning it into a U.S. vassal-nation and most-preferred ultimate missile-base for America’s decades-long war to conquer Russia.

NBC’s Ali Vitali ignores that Biden has thus far killed 350,000 Ukrainians in his (the Democratic Party’s billionaire donors’) war against Russia in the battlefields of Ukraine, and she insists that this U.S. aggression against both Ukraine and Russia must continue until Russia becomes conquered. She’s a true-believer (in this proxy-war by the U.S.), regardless of whether it’s leading to WW3 — as-if she doesn’t care about such possible consequences, but only conquest.

That’s the way U.S. mainstream ‘news’-media are. They hire closed-minded ‘reporters’ to feed the existing prejudices of their closed-minded audience. RFK Jr. is trying to break through that. He’s the only candidate who is trying to do this.

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