Eric Zuesse – China And US Are On the Brink of War

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China And US Are On the Brink of War

Right now, the neocons that Biden has surrounded himself with are threatening to accuse him of having ‘lost Taiwan’ if Biden backs down from his many threats to China, threats that the US Government will reverse America’s “One China” policy, which has been in place ever since the 28 February 1972 Shanghai Communiqué, when the US Government signed with China to the promise and commitment that “The United States acknowledges that all Chinese on either side of the Taiwan Strait maintain there is but one China and that Taiwan is a part of China. The United States Government does not challenge that position. It reaffirms its interest in a peaceful settlement of the Taiwan question by the Chinese themselves.” If Biden sticks with that, and fails to follow through on his threats that America will invade China if war breaks out between Taiwan and China, then the Neocons will say that the US, under Biden, has failed to ‘stand up for our allies’, and that therefore China will have effectively beaten America to become the N° 1 power, on his watch – merely because he had refused to change US policy in the way that the Neocons (America’s “Military Industrial Complex” or “MIC” or weapons manufacturers – and their many lobbyists and supporters in Congress, the press, and elsewhere) have recently been demanding

The Harry S Truman created CIA edits, and even writes, Wikipedia; and, so, Wikipedia’s article on “Taiwan” opens by saying “Taiwan,[II] officially the Republic of China (ROC),[I][h] is a country in East Asia.[21][22]” But that assertion of Taiwan’s being “a country,” instead of a Province of China, is a lie, not only because Taiwan (despite its propaganda urging the UN to accept it to become a member nation of the UN) has not been accepted by the UN as a member nation, but also because the US Government itself promised, in 1972, that both in fact and in principle, the US opposes any demand that might be made by any Government of Taiwan to become a separate nation – no longer a part of China. Ever since 1972, any such demand by a Government in Taiwan violates official US Government policy since 1972, and is merely another part of the MIC’s wishful thinking, that America will invade China. So: the demand by the neocons, for America’s Government to support a public declaration by Taiwan’s Government that it is no longer a part of China, is part of the pressure upon Biden, to yield to the Pentagon lobby (which largely made him the President). Biden’s threats might be made in order to satisfy his financial backers, but, if he fulfills on any of those threats, there will then be a war between America and China.

China is insisting that the Anti Communist Chinese who in 1945 escaped to China’s island of Formosa or Taiwan – which Japan had conquered and militarily occupied between 1895 and 1945 – illegitimately controlled that land just as the Japanese had illegitimately controlled it between 1895 and 1945, and so China claims that Taiwan remains and has remained a Province of China, as it has been ever since at least 1683, when China’s Qing Dynasty formally declared it to be a part of China. Taiwan was ruled that way until 1895, when Japan conquered China and one provision of the Peace Treaty was that Taiwan would henceforth be part of Japan’s territory, no longer Chinese.

After WWII, when Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s America was allied with China against Japan, Truman’s America (the source of Neo Conservatism, or overt US Imperialism) supported the Anti Communist Chinese, not mainland China, and therefore generally backed Taiwan’s independence from the mainland. However, that intense Trumanesque US Neo Conservatism ended formally with the 1972 Shanghai Communiqué. And Joseph Biden is now considering whether America will go to war in order not only to restore, but now to further intensify, Truman’s Neo Conservative, Imperialistic, US thrust – going beyond even Truman.

Here is how that is currently playing out.

On September 10th, the Financial Times headlined Washington risks Beijing ire over proposal to rename Taiwan’s US Office and reported that the Neocons were pressing for Biden to change the diplomatic status of Taiwan’s “Representative Office in Washington” so as to become, in effect, a National Embassy. “A final decision has not been made and would require President Joe Biden to sign an Executive Order.” This Executive Order would, in its implications, terminate the Shanghai Communiqué, and go back to the hard ‘Anti Communist’ (but actually Pro Imperialistic) policy in which the US Government will be bringing its weapons (and maybe also its soldiers) close enough to China so as to be able to obliterate China within ten minutes by a surprise Nuclear Attack which would eliminate China’s retaliatory capabilities. It would be even worse than the 1963 Cuban Missile Crisis endangered America. So, of course, China’s Government wouldn’t tolerate that. And they don’t.

On September 12th, the Chinese Government newspaper Global Times issued Teach the US, Taiwan Island a real lesson if they call for it: Global Times Editorial, which stated that

If the US and the Taiwan Island change the Names, they are suspected of touching the Red Line of China’s Anti Secession Law, and the Chinese Mainland will have to take severe Economic and Military Measures to combat the Arrogance of the US and the Island of Taiwan. At that time, the Mainland should impose Severe Economic Sanctions on the Island and even carry out an Economic Blockade on the Island, depending on the circumstances.
Militarily, Chinese Mainland’s Fighter Jets should fly over the Island of Taiwan and place the Island’s Airspace into the Patrol Area of the PLA. This is a step that the Mainland must take sooner or later. The Name Change provides the Chinese Mainland with sufficient reason to strengthen our Sovereign Claim over the Island of Taiwan. It is anticipated that the Taiwan Army will not dare to stop the PLA Fighter Jets from flying over the Island. If the Taiwan side dares open fFre, the Chinese mainland will not hesitate to give “Taiwan Independence” Forces a Decisive and Destructive Blow,
More importantly, if the Chinese Mainland turns a Blind Eye to the US and the Taiwan Island this time, they will definitely go further in the next step. According to Reports, Joseph Wu, Leader of the External affairs of the Taiwan island, participated in the talks between senior security officials from the US and the island in Annapolis on Friday. Next time, they may publicly hold the meeting even in the US State Department in Washington DC. As the US will hold the “Summit for Democracy” by the end of this year, if we do not contain the Insolence of the US and the Taiwan island, Washington might even really invite Tsai Ing Wen to participate in the summit. It will be much worse in nature than former Taiwan Regional Leader Lee Teng Hui’s visit to the US as an “Alumnus” in 1995.
Will Peace come if the Chinese Mainland puts up with all this and swallows its Anger for the sake of Peace? If the Mainland doesn’t strike back decisively, US Warships will dock at the Island of Taiwan, its Fighter Aircraft will land on the Island and its Troops may be stationed in the Island again. At that time, where will be China’s pPestige as a Great Power? How can the country maintain its System of defending its Interests on the International Stage?

So: either the US, or else China, must back down – or else, there will be War between China and the US.

Of course, each side has its allies. Perhaps UK will put its neck on the line to conquer China, and perhaps Russia will put its neck on the line to conquer America, but in any case, the result if Biden yields to the Neocons, will be World War III.

They press him hard. For example, the British Neocon, Niall Ferguson, wrote in the Economist, on August 20th.

There is nothing inexorable about China’s rise, much less Russia’s, while all the lesser countries aligned with them are economic basket cases, from North Korea to Venezuela. China’s Population is ageing even faster than anticipated; its Workforce is shrinking. Sky high Private Sector Debt is weighing on growth. Its Mishandling of the Initial Outbreak of Covid 19 has greatly harmed its International Standing. It also risks becoming the Villain of the Climate Crisis, as it cannot easily kick the Habit of Burning Coal to power its Industry.
And yet it is all too easy to see a Sequence of Events unfolding that could lead to another Unnecessary War, most probably over Taiwan, which Mr Xi covets and which America is (ambiguously) committed to defend against Invasion. (…)
The Ambitions of China’s Leader, Xi Jinping, are also well known – along with his Renewal of the Chinese Communist Party’s Ideological Hostility to Individual fFeedom, the Rule of Law and Democracy. (…) If Beijing invades Taiwan, most Americans will probably echo the British Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, who notoriously described the German Bid to carve up Czechoslovakia in 1938 as “a Quarrel in a far away country, between people of whom we know nothing”. (…)
That brings us to the Crux of the Matter. Churchill’s great Preoccupation in the 1930’s was that the Government was procrastinating – the underlying Rationale of its Policy of Appeasement — rather than energetically rearming in response to the increasingly Aggressive Behaviour of Adiolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini and the Militarist Government of Imperial Japan. A Key Argument of the Appeasers was that Fiscal and Economic Constraints – not least the High Cost of running an Empire that extended from Fiji to Gambia to Guiana to Vancouver – made more Rapid Rearmament impossible.
It may seem fanciful to suggest that America faces comparable threats today – not only from China, but also from Russia, Iran and North Korea. Yet the mere fact that it seems fanciful illustrates the point. The Majority of Americans, like the Majority of Britons between the Wars, simply do not want to contemplate the Possibility of a Major War against one or more Authoritarian Regimes, coming on top of the country’s already Extensive Military Commitments.

Scholars get well paid to write such propaganda for the MIC (companies such as Lockheed Martin). Comparing China’s Government with that of Nazi Germany, and proposing that Biden become, for present day America, what (the equally Imperialistic) Churchill was for Britain’s in the late 1930s, might be stupid enough, in just the right way, to inspire someone like Biden, in precisely the wrong way, as it’s intended to do. If so, there will be WWIII.

On September 14th, the Editor in Chief of Global Times wrote that China has absolutely no way to retreat. The one-China Principle is the Fundamental Principle that we must insist on.” Similarly, in the 1963 Cuban Missile Crisis – when the Soviet Union was about to place its Missiles on an Island near America’s Coast – America was willing to go to WW=III if necessary in order to prevent that from happening. America established it’s “Red Line,” and the Soviet Union did not cross it. We’ll see what Biden does. And, if he makes the wrong decision, we’ll then see what Russia does.

Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic versus Republican Economic Records, 1910 – 2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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