Eric Zuesse – Biden’s Plan to Avoid Blame While Enabling Israel to Exterminate the Gazans

Biden’s Plan to Avoid Blame While Enabling Israel to Exterminate the Gazans

Israel has Been Bombing Gaza Ever since 27 October 2023, and Caused Most of Its Many High Rise Buildings to Collapse on and Crush to Death their Occupants, and has Even Bombed the Hospitals, and is Laying Siege to Gaza So as To Starve to Death the Residents, and is Using Almost Exclusively Ammunition and Weapons that are Donated by US Tax Payers in Order for Israel to Achieve This, Which Massive Weapons Sales to the US Government for Donation to Israel, Enormously Enrich America’s Billionaires Who are Heavily Invested in Firms Such as Lockheed Martin, et cetera, the Corporations that Produce those Munitions and Planes and Tanks. These Billionaires Include Donors to Both Biden’s and Trump’s Campaign Funds, and so Both of America’s Political Parties Serve Their Interests, In Order to Increase these Mega Donors’ Personal Wealth, and Those Political Campaign Chests, Even Further. So, Both Biden and Trump Support Israel’s Bombing and Laying Siege to Gaza.

However, Now that the International Criminal Court is Considering to Charge Israel’s Leader Benjamin Netanyahu as Being an International War Criminal for This, US President Joe Biden, Who Succeeded Recently in Adding Yet Another $14 Billion to Israel in Order to Do this Extermination and to Greatly Enrich the President’s Mega Donors, Mr Biden has Finally Come Up with A Tactic to Avoid Blame to Himself if Israel Does Succeed at Its War against the Gazan People and Eliminates Them.

On June 10th, Ireland’s RTE Headlined How is Today’s UN Security Council Gaza Vote Different?, and Reported that What is Very Different this Time is that “Over the Weekend, the US Mission Worked with the Other 14 Council Members to Come Up New Wording. The Most Recent TextWelcomes the New Ceasefire Proposal Announced on May 31, Which Israel Accepted’.”

However, Though it’s True that the Resolution does Say This, It Lies On That Particular Matter, and, as this Article is Being Written, Biden’s Team are Trying to Force Israel’s Government to Accept his Proposal.

The Latest Public Statement Relevant to this Matter was Posted on June 1st to the Prime Minister’s Site, and SaidIsrael’s Conditions for Ending the War have Not Changed, The Destruction of Hamas Military and Governing Capabilities, the Freeing of All Hostages and Ensuring that Gaza No Longer Poses A Threat to Israel. () Under the Proposal, Israel will Continue to Insist These Conditions are Met Before A Permanent Ceasefire is Put in Place. The Notion that Israel Will Agree to A Permanent Ceasefire Before these Conditions are Fulfilled is A Non Starter.”

As the Present News Report is Being Written, at 02:53 PM Eastern in US, on June 10th, Netanyahu’s Site States PM Netanyahu Currently Meeting with US Secretary of State Blinken. But, as the US Proposed UN Security Council Resolution Now Stands, it is Lying to Refer to “The New Ceasefire Proposal Announced on May 31, Which Israel Accepted.” In Other Words, Blinken is Trying to Strong Arm Netanyahu into Accepting America’s Proposed Resolution, Which would Accept Israel’s Defeat in Its War against ‘Hamas’, but Really against th Residents of Gaza.

Biden Recognizes That If Prior to the November 5th Presidential Election in the US, Either Netanyahu will Have Been Convicted as an International War Criminal, or Else Israel will Have Won Its War against the Gazans, or Both, Candidate Biden won’t Have Publicly Gone against Netanyahu and the Genocide in Gaza, then Winning Re Election will, Under that Circumstance, Be Substantially Less Likely for Biden to Achieve.

Netanyahu’s Office Still Headlines PM Netanyahu Currently Meeting with US Secretary of State Blinken. But, Now NBC News Headlines UN Security Council Passes Gaza Cease Fire Proposal Drafted by the US.” and Reports that,

Nate Evans, Spokesperson for the US Mission to the UN, said Sunday that It was Important for the Security Council to Put Pressure on Hamas to Agree to A Proposal that Israel has Accepted

“Israel has Accepted this Proposal and the Security Council has an Opportunity to Speak with One Voice and Call on Hamas to Do the Same,” he said.

Being A US Government Propaganda Entity, NBC’s Report Fails to Point Out that Israel had Not Accepted this Proposal, but It does Say That, “There are Signs that Israel May Not Be on Board with this Proposal,” but Then Their Report doesn’t Indicate What Any of ThoseSigns” Might Be, Much Less Indicate that Actually Even after the UN SC had Passed the Resolution, that Clause in It was Still False.

The Question, Then, Becomes Whether or Not Netanyahu will Still Publicly Maintain that “Israel’s Conditions for Ending the War have Not Changed ()” If he will Stand By that Statement, then he will Lose America’s Support, and will Have No Chance to Win his War, but, if he will Abandon That, then he will Already have Lost his War, Even If he will Exterminate the Gazans.

Investigative Historian Eric Zuesse’s Latest Book, AMERICA’S EMPIRE OF EVIL: Hitler’s Posthumous Victory, and Why the Social Sciences Need to Change, is about How America Took Over the World after World War II In Order to Enslave It to US and Allied Billionaires. Their Cartels Extract the World’s Wealth by Control of Not Only Their ‘News’ Media but the SocialSciences’, Duping the Public.
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