Eric Zuesse – Biden and Congress Seek to ‘Trump Proof’ Permanent War in Ukraine

Biden and Congress Seek to ‘Trump ProofPermanent War in Ukraine

President Biden and the Apparently Bi Partisan Neo Conservative Congress are Working on A Legislative Package that would Lock In for At Least Ten Years However Much Federal Spending for Ukraine to win NATO’s War against Russia that the Congress will be Demanding Regardless of Whom will Be in The White House starting in 2025.

Douglas MacKinnon Wrote for, and Advised, Both the Reagan and GHW Bush Presidencies and Pentagon, and Now is Joining RFK Jr’s Effort to warn the American People about What Now is Happening at the Top Levels of our MIC (Military Industrial Complex) Controlled Government. On May 11th, he Headlined an Opinion Article at The Hill, “NATO risks World War III in Ukraine, while lining the Defense Industry’s Pockets”, and Reported,

Earlier this Week, Independent Presidential Candidate Robert F Kennedy Jr Once Again waved the Warning Flag on this Pending Cataclysm, posting, “The Situation in Ukraine is on the Brink of Calamitous Escalation. Do the Military Imperialists in Washington and their Lackeys in Europe have Any Idea the Danger They are Courting? They are Conducting Foreign Policy as if it were A Game of ‘Chicken.’”

Kennedy is Nightmarishly Correct. It is A Point I have Stressed Several Times on this Site. Be it the Actions of the Biden Administration, the United Kingdom, France or Others, Some in The West seem Intent in Daring Vladimir Putin and the Russians to Do the Unthinkable. Why?

Leaving Aside the Ever Malleable Arguments that, “We Have to Stand as One against Putin,” “We Have to Save the People of Ukraine” or “We Have to Protect NATO,” There are Also Other Forces at Work Here. First Among Them, Money.

Before We get There, for Those Trying to “Save the People and Infra Structure of Ukraine,” I am Truly Sad to Report that You have Failed. While Most in the Media Seem Averse to Reporting Certain Facts in the Country, this Much is True, Hundreds of Thousands of Men, Women and Children have Been Killed or Wounded, Much of the Infra Structure of the Country has Been Reduced to Rubble. and Over 6 Million Ukrainians have Fled their Nation. Those Encouraging Ukraine to Fight to Its Last Citizen from the Comfort and Safety of their Offices Thousands of Miles from the Battlefield Need to Come Up with A More Convincing Rationale.

Now, Back to the Money. Toward the End of April, President Biden Signed Yet Another Aid Package for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, this One to the Tune of $ 95 Billion. But, as They used to Say in the Late Night Commercials, “Wait, There’s More.” As Reported Last Month, “Ukraine and US Working on Long Term Security Agreement.” 

How long is “Long Term”? According to Venture Capitalist and Podcast Host David Sacks, as Well as Others, “Long Term” would Equal Approximately 10 Years and Cost Upwards of $ 1 Trillion.

Clearly, for A Number of Defense Contractors in Our Nation and in Europe, Ukraine has bBecome the Gift that Keeps On Giving. ()

We Now Seem to Be, without Anyone Asking for Our Approval. Engaging in A Game of Nuclear “Chicken” with Putin and Russia over Ukraine. Insane Hubris at the Least.  

As RFK Jr posted: “British Foreign Secretary David Cameron Recently Stated that Ukraine has the Right to Use British Weapons to Strike Russia. In Return, Moscow Warned the British Ambassador that that would Provoke Russian Retaliation against London.” The New York Times Reported Last Week that the US Secretly Shipped ATACM Missiles to Ukraine that can Strike Deep into Russian Territory [and that April 24th News Report said “In A Major Policy Shift, President Biden Secretly Approved the Decision to Send More than 100 of the Longer Range Missiles in Mid-February, the Senior US Official said, as Well as More of the Cluster Munition Variant. They were Part of A $ 300 Million Shipment of Weapons to Ukraine in March, the First New Aid Package for the Country since Funding Ran Out in late December.], Not by Coincidence, Russia Announced Training Maneuvers Using Tactical Nuclear Weapons.

Does Any of that Make Your Blood run Cold? It should. ()

It Must. Or else, Americans will Legislatively become Serfs to ‘OurPerpetual War Government, even if an Occupant of The White House will Be Trying to End this MIC Dictatorship. And, Then, the Only Real Questions will Be: When, No Longer if, America’s War against Russia will Go Nuclear, and Which Side will Strike First?

Investigative Historian Eric Zuesse’s Latest bBook, AMERICA’S EMPIRE OF EVIL, Hitler’s Posthumous Victory, and Why the Social Sciences Need to Change, is about How America Took Over the World after World War II in Order to Enslave it to US and Allied Billionaires. Their Cartels Extract the World’s Wealth by Control of Not Only their ‘NewsMedia but the Social ‘Sciences’,  Duping the Public.
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