Eric Zuesse – America’s Now Evident Plan to Use AUKUS to Spark War with China

America’s Now Evident Plan to Use AUKUS to Spark War with China

The US Regime’s Aggressive Intent against China is Now Undeniable

There was Much Concern, in International Circles, about the the US Government’s Recent Efforts to open A NATO Office in Tokyo So as to Extend its Military Alliance against Russia to Become Also A Military Alliance against China. When that Initiative Scared Some Other NATO Members, It was Stopped, and the Fear Temporarily Subsided. But Then Suddenly, on April 8th, was Announced that, Despite Some Hurdles that would First Need to Be Overcome, America’s New, 2021, Anti China Military Alliance, AUKUS, is “Considering”, Meaning here Intending, to, in Effect, Bring into that Alliance Japan, which has 79 US Military Bases. On April 10th, US President Joe Biden and Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida Met at The White House to Plan How This would Be Done. The Next Day, Defense News Bannered AUKUS Allies Float Path for Japan to Join Tech Sharing Pact. So, the US, Which has 900 Foreign Military Bases and Actually spends Around Half of the Entire Planet’s Military Expenses, and Therefore has No Actual Need for any MilitaryAllies’, but instead Brings them In to Serve as Proxies for Itself and So as to Be Able to Say, for Propaganda Purposes, “We” when Referring to Itself, So as to ‘Justify’ its Numerous Invasions and to Prevent Any of its ‘Allied’, or Colonial, Countries from Criticizing it, is Now Effectively Displaying the Reality to Anyone Who worries about Such Matters. This Reality is, Yes, the US Government is Demanding to, and Will, Control China, Too. The US Already has Military Bases against China in Australia, Guam, Japan, South Korea, Marshall Islands, Mariana Islands, Palau, Philippines, Samoa, Singapore, and Thailand, So, It can Invade China Almost Instantly from Plenty of Bases to China’s South and East.

Even Some Australians, though Hardly Yet Any Brits to my Knowledge, are Raising Alarms at this Accession of Japan into AUKUS. For Example, the Australian Commentator John Menadue, A Former Cabinet Minister, Published at his Blog on April 16th, Lest We Forget, Japan joining AUKUS A Stark Reminder of China’s Century of Humiliation, by  Robert Macklin, which Opened,

With the Addition of Japan, AUKUS Ceases to Be A Device to Supply Nuclear Powered Submarines to Australia Several Decades in the Future but A Stark Reminder of the Oppressive Powers that Abused Chinese Sovereignty in the 19th and 20th Centuries.

It was Deputy Prime Minister Richard Marles Who First Suggested that the Inclusion of Japan in the AUKUS Group was A Natural ‘Evolution’ of the Pact. As Such it was Risible, if Understandable, Marles is Not the Sharpest Knife in the Cabinet Drawer.

But when It was Adopted by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, and then the American President Joe Biden, there is Cause for Concern. With the Addition of Japan, AUKUS Ceases to Be A Device to Supply Nuclear Powered Submarines to Australia Several Decades in the Future but A Stark Reminder of the Oppressive Powers that Abused Chinese Sovereignty in the 19th and 20th Centuries.

Japan’s Membership could Hardly Be More Provocative to A Country that Suffered the Indignity of Japanese Control of its Taiwan Province for 50 years from 1895 and its Invasion of the Mainland throughout the Second World War.

The Notorious Massacre of Nanking, where the Atrocities Included 200.000 Murders and 20.000 Rapes of the Civilian Population, was but One of Hundreds of Outrages Visited upon the Chinese People. ()

When he Referred there to America’s having Created AUKUS as “A Device to Supply Nuclear Powered Submarines to Australia Several Decades in the Future,” he was Referring to the Shady Excuses that It Gave at the Time for Creating AUKUS, and Which Entailed an Open Affront to France, including Coercion Forcing France to Cancel A Lucrative Contract France had with Australia’s Government, Which Affront France Promised to, but Never Did, Retaliate against the US for. But, Now, this Bringing of the First Non Anglo Member into America’s, Initially Pure Anglo, Military Alliance against China, Proves that Its Real Target, and the Real Aim of AUKUS, is to Conquer China,  Nothing Less than that, Just as NATO demands to Win its War against Russia in the Battlefield of Ukraine on Russia’s Border.

On April 15th, Lin Congyi, of China’s Defense Ministry, Headlined AUKUS Makes More Mistakes by Roping in Japan, and he Commented,

Recently, the US, the UK, and Australia announced that Japan would Join AUKUS, Causing Great Concern among the International Community. This is the First Time that the Three Countries have Announced A Partner since the Organization was Established in September 2021. Japanese Officials Responded by Saying that Japan “Recognizes” the Importance of AUKUS. Many Japanese Citizens Criticized AUKUS for Promoting Membership Expansion Regardless of Concerns from All Walks of Life, which will Intensify Camp Confrontation and the Risks of Nuclear Proliferation, and Undermine Peace and Stability in the Asia Pacific Region.

AUKUS is Short for the Trilateral Security Partnership between Australia, the UK and the US, which has Two Main Pillars. Pillar I Focuses on the Deployment of Nuclear Submarines in Australia and the Joint Research, Development and Construction of the Next Generation Nuclear Submarines by the Three Countries. Cooperation in this Area is “Limited to the US, UK and Australia”. Pillar II Focuses on the Joint Development and Deployment of New Technologies to Enhance Advanced Combat Capabilities.

Why did they Choose Japan in the First Place? Analysts believe that there are Two Reasons. From A Technical Perspective, the US, the UK and Australia have their Respective Shortcomings in the Field of High Technology, while Japan, with Advantages in the Fields of Hypersonic Weapons, Quantum Technology, Electronic Warfare and Artificial iintelligence, can Play A Greater Role in Defense Technology. On the Part of Japan, It Hopes to Improve its Defense Capabilities and Increase its Military Influence in the Asia Pacific Region by Sharing Sensitive Military Technologies with the US, the UK, Australia, and Other Countries.

Strategically, these Countries Also have Their Own Calculations. The US sees AUKUS as A Key Part of the Implementation of the So Called “Indo Pacific Strategy” and Wants to Attract More Allies to Join in Order to Achieve the Goal of Containing China. The UK is Pushing Ahead with the “Global BritainStrategy, and its Security Cooperation with Japan is Becoming Deeper. It Hopes, in A Bid to Become More Involved in Asia Pacific Affairs with the Aid of Japan and Expand its Influence in the Asia Pacific Region.

Australia, on the Other Hand, Put High Expectations on Pillar II Due to the Sluggish Progress of Pillar I and Thus Supported the Inclusion of Japan. As for Japan, It Wants to Use AUKUS as A New Tool to Carry Out Its Military Agenda in the Asia Pacific Region and Contain China. ()

The US Government, and Its UK Partner, are Going for Broke, in Order to Win an All Inclusive US UK Empire, A US UK Global Dictatorship that Includes All of the World’s Nations as its Colonies, INCLUDING Russia and China. The Idea Here is Nothing Less than to Terminate National Sovereignty and Replace It with an International Global Dictatorship by the US UK Partnership, All Sovereignty being Based in Washington and London, No Longer under the Internal Control of any Other Individual Nation. This is the Contemporary US UK Vision for their Brave New World. Never has that Vision Been More Clear than it Now is, Indisputable. The Links here Document it. If this Effort to Bring Japan into AUKUS Succeeds, it will Be A Virtual Declaration of War against China.

As regards China’s Alleged Imperial Ambitions, an April 16th Article in Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post headlined China was Never an Imperialist State and Pointed Out that “It could Be Highly Problematic to Map Directly the Western Experience of Empire, such as When we Talk about the Spanish, Portuguese, British, or Even the American Empires” because “The Chinese Empire, through Different Dynasties, Often Functioned More like the Opposite of an Empire, and the Oft Cited Tribute System Frequently Worked in Reverse,” Meaning that What Some Westerners have Alleged to Be or to have Been ‘Imperialism’ by China was Actually Dynastic Feuds within China. China’s Invasions were Internal, as Contrasted to the Western Experience, which Explored, Exploited, and Invaded, Far Away from the Homeland, in Order to Conquer, Control, and Extract from, A Distant Culture. What America is Now Trying to Do to China, Make It become Yet Another US Colony, has No Parallel to Anything that China has Ever Done. It is Pure Foreign Aggression, which since 1945 has Been the US Specialty.

Investigative Historian Eric Zuesse’s latest Book, AMERICA’S EMPIRE OF EVIL, Hitler’s Posthumous Victory, and Why the Social Sciences Need to Change, is about how America took over the World after World War II in Order to Enslave it to US and Allied Billionaires. Their Cartels extract the World’s Wealth by Control of Not Only their ‘News’ Media but the Social ‘Sciences’, duping the Public.
Eric Zuesse blogs at

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