Eric Zuesse – Absolute Proof that EU Leaders are Responsible for Europe S Soaring Fuel Prices

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Absolute Proof that EU Leaders are Responsible for Europe S Soaring Fuel Prices

A Businiss Insider News Report on the Morning of September 7th Headlined “Putin says Russia will Restart Nord Stream 1 gas flows ‘Tomorrow’ if it gets Turbines, and blames Sanctions for the Shutdown” and opened with

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday that Gazprom could Restart Gas Flows to Europe via the Key Nord Stream 1 Pipeline Tomorrow, if it gets the Turbines needed. He blamed Germany and Western Sanctions for the Indefinite Halt in Operations for the Pipeline, According to Media Reports from his Speech at the Eastern Economic Forum. At the Same Time, he said Pressure from the US was Behind the Hold Up in Launching Another Pipeline, Nord Stream 2.

Putin was Telling the EU S Leaders that What has been Forcing Gas Prices in Europe up 300% since Russia S February 24th Invasion of Ukraine isn T Russia S Invasion of Ukraine such as they Allege but instead the US EU UK Economic Sanctions against Russia which have Caused All US and Allied, Oncluding All EU, Nations to Terminate Imports of Fuels from Russia. He was Saying that Russia will Turn On the Pipelines into the EU as soon as EU Leaders Turn Off their Sanctions that Prohibit their Businesses and Consumers from Buying It.

The Ball is Now in their Court. Let S see What they do with It. Have they been Lying to Allege that Russia S Invasion of Ukraine Caused this 300% Gas Price Rise? If So, then Putin has Said that the Moment they Stop Lying and Start to Allow the Gas to Flow Again from Russia, that Gas will Flow Again from Russia and Those Prices will Consequently Plunge Back Down Again.

If, However, they have been Possibly have Forced Up the Prices in the EU of All Fuels from Russia, then the Ball will Immediately be in Putin S Court, for him Promptly to Get the Flows of Russian Fuels into Europe Restored to What they had been Prior to the EU S Sanctions that were Imposed in the Wake of that Invasion.

Because it S Hard to See How Russia S Invasion of Ukraine on February 24th could Even Possibly have Forced Up the Prices in the EU of All Fuels from Russia, the Headline Here is Based Upon the Very Reasonable Expectation that the Result of Putin S September 7th Challenge to the EU S Leaders will be that they are Proven to have been Lying when they have Blamed These Price Rises on Him, Instead of on Them Selves.

In Other Words. On September 7th, Putin Laid Down the Gauntlet to EU Leaders, Regarding Whom is to Blame for Europe S Now Soaring Energy Prices, and for the Consequences there of. That Challenge to them Tests whom has been Telling the Truth about this Matter, and Whom has been Lying about It. It is that Test, Regardless of Whether News Reports about his Statement (other than This One), Report it as Testing whom the Liars, and Whom the Truth Tellers, about this Matter, have been. This is A Big Tree that is Falling in the News Forest, and that Tree is Falling, Regardless of Whether or Not or the Extent to Which it is being Reported to the Public. The Test is A Fact, an Important Fact, even if It won T be Reported (Other than Here). However, Something Else will be Even More Important. What the Result of this Test will Turn Out to be. Then the Test for the News Media will be Will They Report That Result? Will they Report the Finding? Because There Certainly will be A Finding, from this Test. It Certainly will be an Important One.

Investigative Historian Eric Zuesse S New Book, AMERICA S EMPIRE OF EVIL Hitler S Posthumous Victory, and Why the Social Sciences Need to Change, is about How America took over the World after World War II in Order to Enslave it to US and Allied Billionaires. Their Cartels extract the World S Wealth by Control of Not Only their ‘News’ Media but the Social ‘Sciences’, duping the Public.

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