Eric Rainbolt – The Freemasonic Architecture of History

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The Freemasonic Architecture of History

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Eric Rainbolt

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Eric Rainbolt


The Architecture of History (How the World has been Set Up)
Is history being ‘concocted‘? Yes it is. Hidden powerful interests associated with 33rd degree freemasonry are attempting to take credit in ‘architect‘ing history to create a despotic one World totalitarian government. If you thought any president since JFK had good intentions, please look at the long trail of evidence contained in this unique book. For example, two catastrophies occured on the “11th” anniversary of two speeches Bush I delivered announcing the “New World Order‘. One was in front of Congress on 9/11/1990 and the other was in front of the UN on 2/1/1992. 11 years from the first was 9112001. 11 years from the second was the intententional sacrifice of STS 107 Columbia over Dallas the “33rd” parallel, a number coveted by freemasons implanted throughout the US government on 2/1/2003. 9/11 commemorated the initial “9Knights Templar who banded together in “1111AD. Next, On 3/11/2004 (3 x 11 – “33“) they murdered ‘191 people on trains in Madrid on the 19th anniversary of Mikail Gorbechev’s inauguration as the Soviet Secretary General on 3/11/1985. Frightening? Yes. True? Yes.
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This book was recently written because it represents the reality beyond the lies of this World and how The People of the World are being led into World War III for the continued profit of devil worshippers. The Mainstream is caught right in the middle of a river of delusion. Unfortunately the truth, any side of it, although immensely valuable to us all, is all too much an unpopular subject here in Mainstream mind controlled America in 2005 prior to the next World War fully erupting. The consequences of The People choosing ignorance are not blissful, they are disasterous; especially when the government is now never caught in any crimes they continually commit. The conspiracy is clearly behind the coming flu, influenza, ‘spanish flu,‘ depopulation plague. The World’s people are being caught blindsighted because they have been ‘cultured‘ by a scientifically controlled Media to not believe in the New World Order conspiracy. Please message me at

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This information is to educate the world on how the World is manipulated into Wars and bloodshed for the continued profits of freemasonic secret society insiders. It is up to each individual reader to inform others. Truth should be honored in the World. What kind of World would you want your children living in?

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