Epoch Times | American Thought Leaders – Hunter Biden ChiCom Honey Trap + Srivats Lakshman – Who is JiaQi Bao?

Joe and Hunter Biden with an insert of the BHR logo (foto LinkedIn)

Xi Jinping’s rival’s daughter JiaQi Bao contacted Hunter Biden, according to a member of the anti CCP movemen (foto NYPost | Twitter)

Biden’s Money Tral (foto Reddit)

Hunter Biden ChiCom Honey Trap

Because the Government, the MainStream Media, and Big Tech are all controlled by the same team, it can take time for the truth to come out – but come out it will. Joe Biden’s ties to our ChiCom enemies through his degenerate son Hunter are more extensive than we knew even from the suppressed Laptop revelations. Given Hunter’s inclination to indulge in base urges, it is unsurprising that the technique used to compromise Eric Swalwell was applied on him too.

“In 2017 Hunter went into business with Patrick Ho, Secretary General of Chinese Oil Giant CEFC.

Hunter described Ho in a call recording on his abandoned Laptop as the ‘Spy Chief of China’, and the Chinese Businessman was later surveilled by US Law Enforcement as a Foreign Intelligence Threat before he was convicted of Bribery in 2018.

After launching his multi million dollar Joint Venture with CEFC, Hunter was assigned a 29 year old Chinese American Assistant, JiaQi Bao, who quickly struck up a close and intriguing relationship with her Biden Boss.”

Those who followed the Eric Swalwell story can guess at the apparent nature of the relationship. By the way, Swalwell was recently re appointed to his position on the House Intelligence Committee. But then, the ChiCom compromised Joseph Biden still sits in The White House.

“[Bao sent Hunter Biden] Opposition Research to help Joe Biden’s 2020 Election bid, urged him to take cash from the Joint Venture’s Accounts as the Business collapsed and wrote flirty and Personal Messages and even ended up with Hunter’s Military dog tags [Hunter was discharged from the Navy for Cocaine Use] in her New York apartment – the same tags he can be seen wearing in home made Porn Videos he recorded on his Laptop.”

It is not news that the ChiComs wanted Biden to win the election.

A Senate Probe highlighted links between Hunter’s Chinese Backers and the country’s Spy Machine, and reported that his dealings with the Chinese ‘raise Criminal Financial, Counter Intelligence and Extortion concerns.”

Bao buttered up Hunter, calling him “the most amazing and understanding Boss, and the most charismatic friend and Co Conspirator in Mischief.” She urged him to stop drinking so much, telling him, “I will do anything and everything to make you happy so that Alcoholic Beverages’ widely believed Mythical Function as a Stress Reliever won’t be an excuse for Indulgence!

Jonathan Turley, a Liberal who appears to be wising up, gasps that the Media’s lack of interest in Hunter’s corrupt dealings with people tied to Chinese Intelligenceis astonishing and part of a continued Blackout of virtually any scandals and possible Crimes connected to Hunter.”

Hunter and the Old Block he was chipped from are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ChiCom Infiltration and Corruption. China expert Gordon Chang raises the alarm.

Gordon Chang: Communist China’s ‘Trying to Overthrow the US Government

Published 9 mei 2021

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Last year, Congress man Eric Swalwells ties to the suspected Chinese Spy Fang Fang brought Chinese Espionage to the forefront of National Discussion. But that was just the tip of the iceberg.

In this episode, we sit down with China Analyst Gordon Chang to understand the full scope of Chinese Communist Subversion.


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 American Thought Leaders – Gordon Chang: Communist China’sTrying to Overthrow the US Government


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Who is JiaQi Bao? Hunter Biden’s Secretary sent him texts on ‘Doggy Chain Necklace‘, called him ‘most amazing Boss

Don’t be a stranger, I still owe you a home cooked Chinese meal,’ she allegedly texted Hunter.

Hunter Biden & JiaQi Bao (foto MEAWW)

Hunter Secretary JiaQi Bao (foto Future Tech Trends)

The Sandy Beach walk

Another day, another Leak from Hunter Biden’s Laptop. The latest Leaks, made public on May 8, show a close personal relationship between Biden and JiaQi Bao, a Chinese American who was assigned to be his Assistant. But that relationship slowly evolved, with the two sharing flirty Text Messages, even as the Joint Venture Biden set up collapsed.

The latest Leak is likely to cause more headaches for the President, as relationships with China have become an increasingly thorny issue. It is also likely that this relationship sparked off the FBI Investigation into Hunter, after the Senate Homeland Security and Finance Committees issued a Joint Report in 2020. The Report highlighted the telationship between Hunter and Patrick Ho, Secretary General of Chinese Oil Giant CEFC. Of particular interest are Ho’s links to China’s Intelligence Apparatus.

However, that story has completely overshadowed the existence of Bao, who was based in New York. Now we know she had an even greater role to play in Hunter’s life, as the two clearly went beyond the Professional Standards to engage on a highly personal note.

JiaQi Bao during her graduation (Twitter)

Who is JiaQi Bao?

According to Bao’s LinkedIn profile, she studied at Arizona State University and graduated with a Dual Degree in Accounting and Finance. She then went to Tsinghua University in Beijing, where she did a Bilingual MA Degree. Bao has worked at several reputed firms including Credit Suisse, Price Waterhouse Coopers, and One Gate Capital. She even had a stint at China’s National Development and Reform Commission in 2011. Between 2016 and 2019, she is simply listed as a ‘Hedge Fund Manager‘, her profile does not mention Biden’s Joint Venture or the CEFC. She also has a Twitter account, in the name of Sophia Keely, but hasn’t tweeted anything since 2011.

In October 2020, news of Bao’s relationship with Hunter first came to light through a Twitter User named Judy Anderson. According to Anderson, Bao is allegedly the illegitimate daughter of Xilai Bo, a former political opponent to current President Xi Jinping. The story goes on to allege Hunter exposed Bao to the Chinese Government. We could not verify these claims. However, since Anderson’s tweets, Bao’s name doesn’t appear in the press again.

The existence of Bao has now been highlighted by the Daily Mail, which was responsible for publishing the latest Leak. The Mail did not find any explicit photos or videos of Bao, but was able to find flirty Texts between the two and other images of Bao. Bao was assigned to Hunter after he launched his Joint Venture with the CEFC in 2017. It is unclear who assigned Bao. “At first, emails show the New York based Bao diligently scheduled flights, hotels, and even doctor’s appointments for the President’s son,” the Mail reported.

JiaQi Bao (foto LinkedIn)

JiaQi Bao LinkedIn Profile (foto SG Talk)

JiaQi Bao (foto Todayuknews)

Relationship turns personal, Bao helps Biden’s Campaign

However, things changed pretty quickly. As the Venture collapsed in 2018, Bao urged Hunter to take cash from the Joint Venture’s Accounts. Even at that time, she called Hunter an “amazing and understanding Boss, and the most charismatic friend and Co Conspirator in Mischief.” Those flirty messages continued to come in. “I just got a message from Mervyn about your inquiry of your Necklace. I still have it locked in my drawer at my NY Apartment,” she texted Hunter in June 2018. She ends the message by saying, “Take care and catch up soon. Miss you“. In another email, she refers to the chain as “your Doggy Chain Necklace.

We believe this is in reference to Hunter’s dog tags, which he can be seen wearing in multiple Homemade Porn Videos. Bao ends that email by saying, “I will always think of you as a great friend and happy to help when you need me, regardless of whether I work for you or not. Don’t be a stranger, I still owe you a home cooked Chinese meal“.

A screenshot of a photo of JiaQi Bao posted by a user on a Chinese blog (foto Creaders Blog)

Hunter Bidens close relationship with Chinese American Secretary revealed (foto salten.cz)

In March 2019, she also began sending Hunter Opposition Research as it became likely Joe Biden would be the Democrat’s Nominee for President. “He will be one of the best Presidents in our country’s History,” she told Hunter in one email. In another, she highlights several of Trump’s Chinese deals and calls his Trade Wara failure thus far“. He also tells Hunter to tell his father to “Lead by Example“, “bring back Sensibility“, and emphasize his Experience and Age as a Strength.

Several Right Wing Conspiracy sites have since posted that the relationship between Boa and Hunter is proof that the Bidens were colluding with China. While it is true, that China saw Joe Biden as a better fit as compared to Trump, it is unclear if they directly influenced the Elections through Bao.

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