Epic History TV – The Napoleonic Wars, Downfall (1809 – 1814) (7) t/m (15)

The Napoleonic Wars, Downfall (1809 – 1814) (foto YouTube)

The Napoleonic Wars, Downfall (1809 – 1814) (7) t/m (15)

Published  9 jul. 2021

Epic History TV

Epic History TV – The Napoleonic Wars (1) t/m (6)

This Compilation of our Napoleonic Wars Series covers the Period from 1809 to the Emperor’s Abdication in 1814. Along the Way we encounter the Horrors of the French Occupation of Spain and Portugal, Napoleon’s Disastrous Invasion of Russia, and the Great Struggle for Germany in 1813. The Series concludes with arguably Napoleon’s finest Campaign – his Doomed Defence of Paris in 1814.

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Thank you to Nuneaton Museum & Art Gallery for kind permission to use ‘The Battle of Vitoria‘ painting by James Prinsep Beadle.

Special thanks to Alexander Averyanov for kind permission to use his paintings ‘Battle of Smolensk‘ , ‘Bivouac‘, ‘Artilleryman’s Exploits‘, ‘Prince Pyotr Bagration at Borodino: The Last Counterattack‘, ‘Horse Guards at the Battle of Borodino‘, ‘The Fighting for Shevardino Redoubt‘, ‘The Fighting for Bagration Flèches’, ‘Maloyaroslavets‘, ‘At Gorodnya 25 October 1812‘, ‘Council of War at Gorodnya‘.

Special thanks to Egor Zaitsev for kind permission to use his painting ‘Prayer Before the Battle of Borodino‘.

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