ENDEVR – The Internet of Everything: How Smart Homes Can Be a Threat to Our Lives (Business Documentary)

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The Internet of Everything: How Smart Homes Can Be a Threat to Our Lives (Documentary)

Published 16 dec. 2020


The Internet of Everything: How Smart Homes Can Be a Threat to Our Lives

The Internet is invading all aspects of your life. No longer confined to your computer or your phone, the Internet is now in garbage cans, refrigerators, and the infrastructure of our cities. The future will either be a surveillance nightmare or an eco-utopia, the outcome determined by startups in Silicon Valley and Shenzhen.

The Internet of Everything captures our present moment, when both futures still seem possible.

Brett Gaylor, a reformed techno utopian who works in the tech industry, will be your guide.

His award winning documentaries Rip! A Remix Manifesto and Do Not Track have mapped the public’s relationship with the Internet, first fascination and obsession, then growing discomfort around the abuse of our private information, and now a sense of confusion and dread. If the pace of change and lack of agency is confusing for a techie like Brett, everyone else is probably feeling bewildered, too. But now, with the connecting of the physical world into the “Internet of Things”, the stakes have been raised – it’s no longer just the abstractions of cyberspace that are spinning out of control, but instead our homes, our bodies and our cities that are being transformed.
It’s a fast, funny and enlightening take on the bewildering change the Internet has wrought. The Internet of Everything embraces the “tech lash” while reflecting on the big picture of a world where we are all connected.

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