Elusive Truths – Adrenochrome and Corona Virus Evidence and Facts

Marina Abramovic 73 jaar (foto ellaster.nl)

Adrenochrome and Corona Virus Evidence and Facts

Gepubliceerd op 12 apr. 2020

I don’t like Patreon after looking into it I set up a PayPal for anyone that is able to donate

Spent a lot of time compiling and debugging I sure hope it worked. Still working on the Big drop though.

The more you dig, the more unbelievable it becomes and yet there can only be one conclusion.

I am doing these short videos so the puzzle makes more since when I finish the full puzzle video.

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You can call it a psychological operation, Biological Attack, or whatever you like but the true Source is appearing to be related to Adrenochrome, wait till you see the big picture!


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