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Welcome To The 2020 Election Evidence Project



The 2020 Election Evidence Project was started in response to the media refusing to report on factual pieces of evidence regarding the 2020 Election. Our goal isn’t to convince you of some grandiose Conspiracy Theory, but instead, to present you with information the traditional media isn’t reporting and allow you to form your own opinions. Because the media generally isn’t reporting on what we’ll be presenting, inevitably a lot of our sources will come from independent and right leaning news sources, tech experts, politicians, lawyers, whistleblower, witnesses, and judges themselves.

I highly encourage you to question everything you see in each piece of presented material. With that said, it’s important to be careful of dismissing information due to the source rather than the claim.

If you see a YouTube video that claims something which makes you uncomfortable, don’t throw out the claim because it’s from a source you’re not familiar with. Research the claim instead. It’s easy to fall into the trap of dismissing evidence from a source (instead of verifying the claim) because as humans, we have an inherent need to be “right.” This is dangerous as our human minds are conditioned to believe pretty much anything that will make us feel “right” even when the truth is contrary to the feeling. (his is a term known as Cognitive Dissonance.

Throughout your research if you see something that doesn’t sit well with you, match it up with available sources and evidence to fact check it. When doing so, watch out for misleading “Fact Checkers” whose headlines will claim to dismiss a “Fact” when in reality they only dismiss a portion of a Fact or outright masquerade as false evidence being real to prove a point, agenda, or simply get clicks (Reuters, AP, USA Today, Politifact, and others are notorious for this). Remember to question everything and come to your own conclusions.

Finally, please understand, we’re not saying that anything posted on this site is right or wrong, we’re simply pointing out the things that traditional media isn’t reporting. Our goal is to share the information and allow you to decide.

To understand more about how Cognitive Dissonance works click here.


Be sure to research who funds the Bilderberg Meetings, Council On Foreign Relations, and The Trilateral Commission. Click here for a link to the full size image.


Currently, an understaffed tiny Federal Agency (EAC) and two private testing companies (Pro V&V and SLI Compliance) are responsible for certification of our Nation’s Voting Systems and Elections. One of the chief employees at the EAC is a former ten year executive of Dominion Voting Systems. Pro V&V and SLI Compliance like Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic are all members of CISA’s Sector Coordinating Council. Yes, you read that correctly, these companies are in charge of investigating and approving themselves. The EAC is the same Council that issued the “most secure Election in American History” statement shortly after the Election on November 12th2020.

The testing from Pro V&V and SLI Compliance had been characterized as “superficial” and “cursory testing” by Election Security experts.

Forensic Audits are far more thorough and test everything  from the voter rolls to the physical paper ballots to the physical machines themselves. This includes the Election Management System, ballot images, adjudication machine logs, Compact Flash Drives, USB drives, audit logs, Election Database Servers, chain of Custody Documents, and much more. With Forensic Audits, everything is audited under one all encompassing Audit by individuals not associated with the Government or Voting Machine companies.
Instead of a “superficial” testing of the machines or hand recounts that just run the same printed ballot images through scanners, independent Forensic Audits are the only way to determine if an Election was truly fair or not.



Adjudication is the process of manually editing a ballot when a machine can’t read a ballot and it’s the easiest way to fraudulently alter a ballot. To be clear, recounts WILL NOT catch this type of Fraud as simply scanning the already assigned altered ballots will not reveal this type of Fraud. The only way to catch adjudication Fraud is to have a full Forensic Audit of the machines, access to the adjudication records, access to the physical ballots, and matching Forensic imaging of the ballots to the machines used. By Law, all of these these things are required to be preserved for a minimum of 22 months following an Election. Additionally, it’s imperative to match the legality of the voter rolls along with each individual ballot. Essentially during adjudication, one could insert a blank ballot, assign the ballot to an individual within the voter rolls, and commit adjudication fraud that way amongst many others. This how it’s possible to have massive Fraud while the “totals” of a recount appear to be correct. Not only that but full Forensic Audits will also catch Algorithm Fraud, Ballot Fraud (illegally printed ballots), and more.


A recent Forensic Audit of the Antrim County, MI Dominion Machines showed that that Voting Machines had a 68% error rate which violates Federal Election Commission Law (The maximum allowed is .0008%). High error rates result in illegally high adjudication rates. The MainStream Media and Dominion, ES&S, Hart, and other officials are desperately trying to dismiss this report as it’s the first domino that will lead the rest to fall. Reports are showing that the reason GOP poll watchers were kicked out while ballots were illegally counted was to commit widespread Fraud.

Here’s a video showing how the adjudication process works



We encourage you to do your due diligence on all of the points below. Keep in mind Reuters, AP, Leadstories, and other “Fact Checkers” are paid for by leftist groups and are often not just biased, but proven to be deceptive in their “reporting. One of the best examples is the PA example where there were 202k more votes than voters. What the “Fact Checkers” omit from their “reporting” is that the Senators used the numbers that the State provided them to come to their conclusion. When the State responded by telling the Senators that their numbers were wrong, the senators informed the state they indeed, used the numbers from the State to come to their conclusion and requested the “actual” from the State. The State refused to share the “actual” numbers, and there’s currently a legal battle with the State to get the actual numbers. More than anything, ALWAYS follow the money as a way to determine the validity of “Fact Checking” orgnizations.

  1. Ballot counting was delayed in six states, all around the same time, on election night for the first time in United States history without any explanation.
  2. Five states wanted to decertify and requested more time for audits whose governors wouldn’t call the special sessions to allow them to do so.
  3. Hundreds of thousands of votes adjudicated without proper observance which is against FEC Law (see county by county in the sheet below).
  4. Maricopa County defied court ordered and state legislature ordered subpoenas to run a forensic audit and are continuing to fight the audit. If you were accused of a crime, wouldn’t you want to clear your name?
  5. Fulton County (Atlanta) defied a unanimous legislative mandate demanding a full forensic audit.
  6. The state of Michigan’s AG blocked the release of the Antrim county audit. Never allowed for a full audit of the state to be done.
  7. Multiple battle ground states and counties deleted voter records and adjudication records which is against the 22 month minimum set by FEC Law. This law specifically exists so you can audit the records in a contested election such as the one in 2020 (see links below and Antrim county Audit under resources page)
  8. Tens of thousands of votes in PA that were sent by mail were illegally and mysteriously backdated.
  9. There were illegal levels of adjudication rates across multiple states and counties; some were as high as 93%. This is significant because it’s the easiest way to commit election fraud. FEC law allows for less than 1%.
  10. Fulton County (Atlanta) workers kicked out poll watchers and media while scanning and rescanning ballots multiple times over on video. An estimated 18,000 – 32,000 ballots were scanned and assigned to fake names on voter rolls.
  11. There was a coordinated effort across multiple swing states to kick out libertarian and republican poll watchers and lawyers during the election on November 3rd. (See county by county in the sheet below).
  12. All of this is verified and fact-checked and doesn’t even scratch the surface of what’s on this site. Feel free to dig through the links below and come to your own conclusions.


A few of the links below may be broken. This is the result of Media Censorship and the fact that the Big Tech companies don’t want you to know the truth of what happened in the 2020 Election. Sadly, there has been a MASSIVE undertaking to bury and sweep away truth of what happened in the 2020 US General Election. In spite of this we will continue to leave up broken links as a way to document what the media is trying to hide.



Date Added A 6 Part Series On More Statistical Questions Of The 2020 General Election
11-18-2020 Part 1 Overview Of Statistical Questions In The Election
11-18-2020 Part 2 Statistical Questions In Michigan
11-18-2020 Part 3 Statistical Questions In Wisconsin
11-18-2020 Part 4 Statistical Questions In Georgia
11-18-2020 Part 5 Statistical Questions In Pennsylvania
11-18-2020 Part 6 Conclusion


Date Added A Four Part Series Of Statistical Anomalies
11-18-2020 Voter Turnout
11-18-2020 Biden Outperformance Of Obama
11-18-2020 Unprecedented Level Of “Biden Only” Ballots
11-18-2020 Absence Of Mail In Ballot Vetting


Date Added Evidence Of Data Glitches, Vote Dumps, And Algorithmic Computer Fraud Within The Election
11-18-2020 MIT Scientist Offered Proof That Computer Algorithms Were At Play During The Election
11-21-2020 Drop And Roll Used In GA, MI, VA, PA
11-18-2020 Algorithms Found In GA, Following Same Pattern Post Vote Dumps
11-18-2020 Raw Data Analysis Points To Millions Of Votes Disappearing Or Being Switched
11-24-2020 Technical Audit Of Philadelphia Vote Tabulations Points To Lots Of Questions
11-24-2020 Biden Takes Minimum 98% of a 23,487 vote batch at 12:18 AM In Georgia
11-18-2020 Glitch Caught Working Live In KY Race. 590 Votes Swapped From Dem To Repub
11-18-2020 System Glitches Across Multiple State Only Benefit Biden. Trump Hasn’t Benefited Once
11-18-2020 NSA Intelligence Official Bill Binney Says These Aren’t Glitches, They’re Programmed
11-21-2020 Glitch Caught Working Live In PA Race. 19,958 Votes Swapped From Dem To Repub
11-21-2020 Glitch Caught Working Live In GA Race. 2k Votes Removed From Trump
11-21-2020 Evidence Of Up To 100K Votes Removed From Trump In PA
11-21-2020 Evidence Shows Exact Vote Totals And Specific Fractionlogic Algorithm In Action
11-21-2020 Russell Ramsland Shows Indisputable Evidence How Scytl (And More) Are Involved In Wide-Scale Election Fraud.
11-23-2020 JSON Coding Expert Creates Script To See How Votes Switched From Trump To Biden Using Raw Edison Data
11-24-2020 Computer Expert And Former CEO Of Overstock Patrick Byrne Finds More Samples Of Algorithm Fraud
12-7-2020 Voter GA Confirms Dominion Machines Flip Votes From Trump To Biden, Also Confirms ARLO Reporting. Counties Don’t Have Audit Records.
12-8-2020 Algorithm Used In GA Has Been Identified
3-18-2021 Agorithm Used In New Hampshire County Flips Exactly 6% Of Republican Votes To Democrats Across Four Seperate Races



Date Added Dominion, Smartmatic, And Voting Machine Software
12-3-2020 Computer Programer Clinton Curtis Testifies Before US, House About Script He Designed To “Flip” Votes During 2000 Election December 13th 2004
11-26-2020 PBS Brings New Dominion Voting Machines Into Question And Confirms Last Minute Patch In Georgia
11-18-2020 Dominion Software Update Day Before Election Delays Voters
11-23-2020 Spalding County Election Official Insists Software Update Day Before Election, Dominion Denies And Has No Record
11-18-2020 Nancy Pelosi Chief Of Staff Is Chief Exec, Diane Feinstein’s Husband Invested In Dominion
11-18-2020 Eric Coomer, Pro Antifa, Was VP Of Engineering For Dominion. Openly Admits He Made Sure Trump Wouldn’t Win On Antifa Call.
11-18-2020 Eric Coomer, Holds 12 Patents For Dominion
11-24-2020 Eric Coomer Demonstrates How Simple It Is To Change Votes Using Dominion
11-24-2020 Chicago Election Board Approves Remote Access During 2020 Election. Eric Coomer On The Call. Many Others Likely Followed Suit.
11-18-2020 Dominion Linked To Smartmatic
11-20-2020 Dominion Voting Software Can Permit Staff To Manually Adjust Ballot Returns During Counting Process
11-20-2020 Dominion Has A “Weighted Race” Fractional Vote Feature Designed To Manipulate Tabulation Of Votes
11-20-2020 Dr. Shiva Documents Weighted Race Features Across Multiple Major Voting Softwares
11-20-2020 Dominion And Major Voting Software Allows Users To Delete Votes
11-20-2020 Smartmatic Alleges They Never Sold Tech To Dominion And Purge Website Of Proof, Evidence Says Otherwise
11-20-2020 Dominion Backs Out And Refuses To Attend PA Hearing With State House Members
11-23-2020 Dominion And Smartmatic Work Together, Have Non Compete Despite “Fact Checkers” Saying Otherwise
11-24-2020 IT Expert Breaks Down Dominion Manual And Finds Numerous Vulnerabilities
11-24-2020 Computer Expert And Former CEO Of Overstock Says There Is A 100% Chance The Election Was Rigged By Dominion
11-29-2020 DHS Cybersecurity Department says This Was This Most Secure Election In US History On Nov 12 2020
11-29-2020 Dominion, Scytl, ES&S, Scytl, Smartmatic, Hart Intercivic, And Microsoft Among The Council Who Determine Election Security
12-2-2020 Dominion Sub Contractor Explains The Significance Of USBs And How “It’s Totally Possible To Print 100k Ballots”
12-9-2020 Dominion Adjudication Process Is Shown To Be Easily Manipulated According To Coffee County GA Part 1
12-9-2020 Dominion Adjudication Process Is Shown To Be Easily Manipulated According To Coffee County GA Part 2
12-10-2020 Fulton County Adjudicated Over 106,000 Ballots Alone…
12-21-2020 Smartmatic’s Chairman (Lord Malloch-Brown) Confirms Software Is Licensed From Dominion
1-5-2021 Dominon VP Eric Coomer Explains That Dominion Machines Can Be Hooked Up To The Internet Many Ways (Against All 50 States Laws)



Date Added Wide Scale Election Fraud In Targeted Areas
11-18-2020 Chair Of The Federal Election Commission Trey Trainor Believes Voter Fraud Is Taking Place Where Observers Were Removed
12-4-2020 Video Evidence Of Poll Watchers And Challengers Being Kicked Out Of Multiple Vote Sites Across The US
12-1-2020 Whistleblowers Exploit 300k Ballots Travelled Across State Lines Then Disappear In PA | USPS In WI Tampered With 100k Late Ballots
11-18-2020 Michigan
11-18-2020 Detroit Observers Locked Outside Of The Wayne County County Center. Claiming Wide Scale Fraud Inside.
11-18-2020 Detroit Observer Claims She’s Not Allowed To Observe
11-18-2020 TCF Center Blocks Windows
11-18-2020 Republicans Argue Unfair Numbers At The TCF Center
11-18-2020 4 AM 130k+ Ballots Showed Up All In Favor Of Biden. Eyewitness Account
11-18-2020 Detroit Election Workers Being Instructed On How To Cheat Votes
11-18-2020 Hundreds Of Signed And Sworn Affidavits Come From Wayne County | Media Downplays Them As “Testimonials
11-18-2020 Dominion Staffer Claims Massive Voting Fraud Inside Of Detroit Counting Center
11-18-2020 Voting Machines Hooked Up To Internet In Direct Violation Of State Law | Picture and Eyewitness Evidence
11-24-2020 TCF Poll Challenger Witnesses The 4 AM Ballot Drop, Tampering Of Machines, Massive And Egregious Election Fraud
11-29-2020 Another TCF Center Poll Challenger Witnesses The 4am Ballot Drop And Mass Vote Fraud
11-29-2020 Another Poll Worker Corroborates That Detroit Poll Workers Were Taught How To Steal The Votes
12-1-2020 Witnesses Meet With MI Senators And Testify To First Hand Accounts Of Election Fraud
12-1-2020 Dominion Contractor Melissa Carone Claims There Were Tabulation Machines At Department Of Elections, Ballots Being Re Ran, And Massive Fraud
12-21-2020 Antrim County Recount Shows Secretary Of State Officials Telling Volunteers To Count “Multiple FRAUD Ballots With The Same Signature
3-18-2021 Video Shows Tens Of Thousands Of Ballots Being Delivered 8 Hours After The Deadline
4-14-2021 Detroit Workers Were Told To Ignore Signatures And Break Rules Regarding Absentee Ballots
4-14-2021 Modem Chips Were Installed Into Michigan Voting Machines
11-18-2020 Michigan Legal Battles
12-13-2020 The Antrim County Audit Is Expected On Dec 9th, 2020
12-13-2020 Michigan AG Dana Nessel Requests And Is Granted A Protective Order On Results Of The Audit
12-13-2020 Dana Nessel Is Pressured By Political Activists About Her Protective Order. Releases A Statement That Omits She’s The One Who Requested The PO
12-10-2020 Michigan Attorney General Blocks The Release Of An Independant Forensic Audit Of 22 Dominion Machines Lead By ASOG
12-15-2020 Judge Allows Release Of The ASOG Report. Shows That Fraud Happened And Audit Trails Erased Against State Law | Link To Report
4-14-2021 Antim County Clerk Attempted To Illegally Cover Their Tracks And Got Caught
4-14-2021 Attorney Matt Deperno Releases Damning Report Against The Michigan Election
Antrim County And The 22 Dominion Machines
12-13-2020 Medical Marijuana Election Dispute Leads To An Audit Of 22 Dominion Machines
12-13-2020 Russ Ramsland Of ASOG To Lead The 22 Dominion Machine Audit
11-18-2020 Philadelphia Observers Locked Outside In Illegal Proportions
11-18-2020 Republican Observers Barred From Entry Even Following Judge’s Order And Presenting Paperwork
11-18-2020 Another Poll Watcher Barred From Entry After Presenting Paperwork
11-18-2020 Registered Democrat Poll Observer Claims Voter Fraud In Philadelphia
11-18-2020 Full Tucker Carlson Interview With Democrat Poll Observer Who Was Kicked Out
11-18-2020 Over 10k Ballots Requested By People Over 95 Years Old In PA
11-24-2020 USB Drives And Laptop Stolen Previous To Election
12-2-2020 Dominion Sub Contractor Explains The Significance Of USBs And How They Can Be Manipulated
11-24-2020 IT Expert Breaks Down Dominion Manual Vulnerabilities And The Significance Of The Lost USB Drives
11-24-2020 State Of PA Deletes Links To Open Data.
11-25-2020 Pennsylvania State Legislators Meet With First Hand Witnesses Of Election Fraud
12-1-2020 Hundreds Of Thousands Of Pre-Filled Ballots Go Missing In Coordination With USPS
12-4-2020 Absentee Ballots Counted In Basement Of Lunch Room Instead Of On The Floor
12-12-2020 Some PA Counties Continued Counting Ballots Through Nov 16th 2020
12-12-2020 A PA Journalist Walked Into The Same Election Warehouse Where The Latpop And USBs Were Stolen
12-30-2020 There Were 200k More Votes Than Voters In PA
11-18-2020 Georgia Senators Claim Constituents Claiming Mass Vote Fraud. Request Full Audit, Not Just Recount.
11-18-2020 Dropbox Full Of Affidavits. Claiming Pre-printed Ballots, Votes Being Switched, Republican Poll Watchers Ejected, “Guessing” Vote Counts
11-20-2020 Shredding Truck Destroying Destroying Evidence/Ballots Outside Of Cobb County Election Office In During Recount
11-24-2020 Biden Takes Minimum 98% of a 23,487 vote batch at 12:18 AM In Georgia
11-24-2020 Georgia Is Shredding Ballots Outside Of Voting Center On November 24th 2020
12-1-2020 Gwinnett County Dominion Employee Caught Rigging Votes
12-2-2020 Georgia Witness Claims Unsigned Absentee Ballot Box Arrived, Ballots Printed | Replicated, 98% Of Ballots Go For Biden
12-7-2020 Voter GA Confirms Dominion Machines Flip Votes From Trump To Biden, Also Confirms ARLO Reporting. Counties Don’t Have Audit Records.
12-8-2020 Algorithm Used In GA Has Been Identified
12-21-2020 2 Computers That Contained Statewide Voter Data Were Stolen Previous To Election
12-30-2020 Dozens Of Witnesses Come Forward In Georgia
1-5-2021 Central Outreach And Advocacy Center Registers Thousands Of Homeless At Same Address To Vote (Against State Law)
1-5-2021 Jovan Pullitzer Confirms Ballots Were Filled Out By Machines Printers And Not Humans
3-29-2021 Dekalb County Is Actively Destroying Evidence Ordered By Court To Be Held For A Minimum Of 22 Months Ahead Of Independent Audit
12-8-2020 Video Evidence Shows Fulton County Workers Illegally Counting Ballots
12-8-2020 Secretary Of State’s Office Denies Anything Abnormal Or Wrong
12-8-2020 Secretary Of State’s Office Is Debunked. This Is Not Normal Election Procedure.
12-8-2020 Ruby Freeman Posts Videos In Ballot Office. End Of Video Shows Mail In Ballots With No Return Addresses
12-8-2020 Video Shows Ruby Freeman Running Multiple Ballots Multiple Times
12-8-2020 Ruby Freeman Accomplice Appears To “Cheer” When Inspecting The Secret Ballots Under The Table
12-8-2020 Ruby Freeman Daughter Appears To “Pocket” USB With Accomplice
1-5-2021 Video Proves Ballots Were Scanned Multiple Times Over And Over.
1-18-2021 Audio Released Of Ruby Freeman
The Georgia Runoff
1-5-2021 Reports That Dominion Not Working In Three Heavily Republican Counties
GA Legal Battles
4-14-2021 SoS Raffensburger Attempts To Block The Audit
11-24-2020 Wisconsin Clerks Illegally Altered Absentee Ballots With Red Pens Against Election Law
11-26-2020 368 Uncounted Ballots Discovered In Milwaukee
11-26-2020 Statistical Anomalies In Wisconsin
11-28-2020 143,379 Vote Dump At 3:42 AM Had A 93% Leaning Towards Single Candidate
11-28-2020 Upwards Of 45% of Indefinitely Confined Voters Shown To Not Qualify | Also Shows PO Boxes Using Addresses – Matt Braynard
11-28-2020 1093% More Voters Requested Indefinitely Confined | Covid not a qualification
12-2-2020 USPS Subcontractor Whistleblower Says USPS Was Backdating Over 100k Ballots In Wisconsin
3-29-2021 Democrats’ Operative Got Secret Internet Connection at Wisconsin Election Center, Emails Show
11-28-2020 Lots Of Statistical Questions In Arizona
12-1-2020 Witnesses Meet With AZ Legislators Sharing Their Accounts For Over Ten Hours
12-8-2020 More In Depth Statistical Questions With Bobby Piton
12-18-2020 State Data Shows That Hundreds Of Thousands Of Votes “Flipped” From One Candidate To Another
The Maricopa County Legal Battle
12-21-2020 AZ Legislatures Subpeona ALL Machines In Maricopa County. Board Of Maricopa County REFUSE To Comply.
4-14-2021 Board Of Supervisor’s Barn Mysteriously Goes Up In Flames After Finding Shredded Ballots
4-14-2021 Democrats Hire Top Attorney To Threaten Maricopa Auditing Group
New Hampshire
3-18-2021 Agorithm Used In New Hampshire County Flips Exactly 6% Of Republican Votes To Democrats Across Four Seperate Races
4-14-20201 Windham County Witnesses Come Forward And Talk About Battle With State
4-14-2021 Windham County To Be Audited


Date Added For The History Books
11-18-2020 September 23rd 2020 Report About Last Minute Voter Law Changes
11-18-2020 WI Election Officials Attempt To Make Recount Challenges More Difficult In Emergency November 18th 2020 Meeting
11-18-2020 Vote Dumps In MI “Fixed” Days Later After Trump Tweets About It. Blamed On “Mistake.”
11-19-2020 Sale of Sequoia (Smartmatic) To Sequoia Management
11-19-2020 MI Decertifies Results Following Threats
11-20-2020 Link To Dominion Voter Manual Allows “Weighted Inclusive Gregory Method” AKA Fractional Voting
11-20-2020 GEMS Voting System Allows Fractional Votes
11-20-2020 Dominion Worked Against Bernie Sanders
11-20-2020 Edward Snowden Tweets It’s Almost Impossible To Hide Vote Tampering After Statistical Analysis
11-20-2020 Circuit Courts Reassigned On November 20th 2020
11-21-2020 Voting Machines Are Vulnerable To Being Online
11-23-2020 Trump Campaign Clarifies Sidney Powell Is Not On Trump Defense Team. Operates Independently.
11-24-2020 WikiLeaks Report By Robert Downes Points To Smartic Being Of Questionable Venezuelan Origin
11-24-2020 Patrick Byrne Gets Involved With The Trump Legal Team
11-24-2020 Patrick Byrne CEO Of Overstock.com Covers The Tree Buckets Of Fraud And Legal Strategies
11-24-2020 17% Of People Who Voted For Biden Would Not Have Done So If Not For Media Suppression
11-18-2020 An Intro To Evidence And The Media’s Dismissal Of It
11-29-2020 Minnesota Election Judge Don Mashak Has Been Warning About Electronic Voter Fraud For Years Only To Be Ignored
12-3-2020 Link To Clinton Curtis 2004 Affidavit About The Software Program He Wrote That Can “Flip” Votes
12-8-2020 The Georgia Video Has Not Been “Debunked.”
12-8-2020 Lots Of Info Coming Out About Brian Kemp’s (Government Of GA) Ties To China. Here’s A Place To Start.
12-8-2020 Texas Sues GA, WI, MI, and PA On Grounds Of Unconstitutional Election. Media Reports SCOTUS Will Never Hear The Case.
12-8-2020 Daniel Ratcliffe (Director Of National Intelligence) Is Concerned About The Reported Election Results. Says We Need To Investigate Before Declaring Winner.
12-8-2020 Trump Team To Receive Audit Of 22 Dominion Machines In MI Tomorrow. Would Change Entire Process.
12-8-2020 Trump Legal Team Will Fight Well Into January
12-8-2020 Chinese Delivery Company Sending Mail To Poll Workers In Georgia
12-9-2020 Texas Files Lawsuit Against MI, WI, PA, GA And More States Join In
12-10-2020 Georgia Has Been Fighting With Dominion In Court For Years
12-10-2020 Chinese Companies Are Printing U.S. Ballots
12-21-2020 Friday Night Whitehouse Meeting With Flynn, Powell, Byrne, And Whitehouse Counsel Reveal The President Is Being Mislead
12-21-2020 GA Speaker Speaker Of The House (R) Lied To Trump, Threatened Other Legislators. Does Not Want A Special Session.
12-21-2020 $400 Million SEC Filing Links Dominion, UBS, and China
12-21-2020 Data Expert Bobby Piton Reveals Cell Phone Numbers May Have Been Used In Fraud
1-5-2021 A Printer In Michigan Had Ballots Illegally Sent To Multiple Swing States (Part of the Missing 100k In PA)
1-5-2021 China Spoke With Biden About How To Defeat Trump
1-9-2021 Solarwinds Hacked
1-9-2021 AT&T Attack On Christmas Day
1-9-2021 Chris Crebbs Hired To Solar Winds
1-9-2021 The Connection Between The Nashville Bombing And Dominion
1-27-2021 DNI Ratcliffe Confirms Foreign Interference. Intel Agencies Attempted To Play Down The Interference.
1-27-2021 Italian Defense Contractor Claims They Were Directly Interferring And Switching Votes In U.S. Election (Italygate)
1-27-2021 More About Italygate
3-29-2021 Proof Emerges GA SoS Raffensperger Wooed Chinese Community In Atlanta, With Ties To Chinese Communist Party
4-14-2021 How The 2020 Election Could Have Been Stolen
4-26-2021 Ballots Reportedly Sent To Arizona Via Korean Air Part 1
4-26-2021 Ballots Reportedly Sent To Arizona Via Korean Air Part 2

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