Dutch News.nl – Dutch Media Mogul wins Case against Fake Bitcoin Ad and Facebook + Dutch Celebs take on Google over Fake Bitcoin Ads

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Dutch Media Mogul wins Case against Fake Bitcoin Ad And Facebook

Facebook has been Ordered by A Dutch Court to Tackle Fraudulent Advertising for Bitcoin which uses Dutch Celebrities without their Permission to promote Crypto Currencies.

The Case was brought by Media Tycoon John de Mol, with the Backing of Other TelevisionPersonalities such as Eva Jinek and Jort Kelder, whose Faces were also Used to Promote Fake Bitcoin Sales.

More than 150 Dutch Nationals were Persuaded by the Adverts to buy Bitcoins and other Crypto Currency, losing A Total€ 1.7 Million in the Process.

Judges in Amsterdam have Now Ruled Facebook Can Not Hide behind it S Role as ANeutralPlatform, and say they will Fine it up to 1.1 Million unless the Company takes Action.

The Company, which has Adverts as its Primary Source of Earnings, takes Too Active ARole [‘To Be Neutral[] the Court said inA Press Statement. ‘Facebook Not Only sets the Prices, but has an Active Policy about which Adverts appear on Facebook and Instagram.


The Cost of Filtering Out Fake Ads is Not A Reason Not to Take Action, the Court said, and the Fact that Ads Featuring De Mol have Now Largely Gone shows that It Can Be Done. ‘Facebook’s Responsibility for its Own Advertising Platform is Too Big and Fake Adverts have Too Much Impact,’ the Court said.

Facebook has also been Ordered to make the Names of People behind the Fake Adverts Known to De Mol’s Lawyers.

I hope this Ruling will lead Facebook to take Steps as Quickly as Possible so that Innocent People can No Longer be Conned by Fake Bitcoin Adverts,’ De Mol said in A Statement. ‘My Legal Advisors and I will be Following Facebook Closely to See if It Does Take the NecessarySteps.’

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DutchNews.nl, November 12, 2019


Dutch Celebs take on Google over Fake Bitcoin Ads

Dutch Celebs take on Google over Fake Bitcoin Ads (foto Depositphotos.com)

Several Dutch Celebrities are Taking Google to Court on Tuesday for Allowing their Faces to be Used in Fraudulent Ads for Crypto Currencies.

TV Presenter Jort Kelder, Comedian Arjen Lubach and Internet Entrepreneur Alexander Klöpping want Google to Take Action against Advertisers who use their Faces and Make Sure the Ads Do Not Appear Online.

We want to Prevent Google from Allowing these Type of Ads. They need to FilterThem but They don’t Want To,’  Kelder told the AD. ‘Google has Flown In an Entire Legal Team. If They Lose, Their Earnings Model will have been Torpedoed.

A Number of People who fell for the Fake Ads will also be in Court. ‘The Victims should also be Compensated,’ Kelder told the Paper. ‘Their Damages run into Millions of Euros. I think that an Advertising Company should take Responsibility.’

Kelder and Köpping S Legal Battle against the American Tech Giant started in 2019 when Köpping S Face showed up in A Fake Bitcoin ad. ‘I Teased Him about It, but then It was my Turn,’ Kelder told the Paper. ‘Somehow My Picture was Used Endlessly and People Started to Call Me Names or saidHey Kelder, Got Yourself some Bitcoin?’.

Victims of the Scam end Up in A Boiler Room and are Manipulated into Parting with More and More Money Until They have Nothing Left, he said.

Kelder and his Fellow Claimants are asking the Judge to back their Demand that Google No Longer allow Anonymous Fake Accounts. ‘Google says it Filters Out 80% of Bad Ads. But that Still Leaves 20% and that Represents Millions in Turnover,’  Kelder said.

In 2020 Media Mogul John de Mol Settled with Facebook over Fraudulent Bitcoin Ads in which he figured. Kelder is Taking Twitter to Court over Similar Charges. That Case will be Heard on March 18.

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Dutch News,Tuesday 08 March 2022


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