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The Anunnaki Cannot Be Fully Understood Until You Know This | EXTRAORDINARY Information

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There is some really extraordinary information contained in the Sumerian texts. One of the most important Sumerian gods mentioned in these texts is the Sky Father, An, although some refer to him as “Anu.” He is mentioned in the Enuma Elish and many other creation stories. As so many people revered Anu, you cannot understand anything about the Anunnaki or the Sumerian pantheon without understanding him, and of course his offspring. One of the the big questions, amongst many, is where did An come from?


Enuma Elish (Enûma Eliš) (Complete audiobook, unabridged)

Published on 11 jun. 2015

The Enuma Elish (Enûma Eliš) is the Babylonian creation myth that describes the great hero Marduk’s battle with the great primordial dragon Tiamat and her armies of gods and monsters. Marduk defeats Tiamat, mutilates her body and uses it to form the covering of the Sky and the Earth. He then creates man to keep the worship of the gods upon the earth.

The Enuma Elish’s earliest texts date back to the 700600 BC, however the text was probably compiled long before, up to around 1800 BC.



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