Earth News Paper | Dr Peter Hammond – The Real Story Of The St James Church Massacre 30 Years Ago

The Real Story of The St James Massacre 30 Years Ago

First published on July 25th, 2023 at 09:11 UTC

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Andrew Carrington Hitchcock
Dr Peter Hammond:
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In Today’s Show Originally Broadcast on July 21, 2023, Andy is joined by Dr Peter Hammond for A Show Entitled, “The Real Story Of the St James Massacre 30 Years Ago.”
We discussed: How on Sunday 25th July 1993, the St James Church in Cape Town, South Africa, was Attacked by Terrorists, Leaving 11 People Dead and over 50 Injured; how Peter’s Church was Just Down the Road from the St James Church, and he Arrived There to Help whilst Many of the Emergency Services were Still on their Way, the Victims of the Massacre and the Families they Left Behind. How Those who Hate God love Death. Why Communists Prefer to Persecute and Torture Christians, than to Kill Them. The Response of Christian Church to the Massacre; How Bishop Desmond Tutu Chose Not to Criticize the Terrorists, but Instead Criticized the man in the St James Church Congregation, Who Defended the Church Congregation by Shooting Back at the Terrorists, causing Them to Flee the Church. the Greater Goals of the Terrorists Who Carried Out the Massacre, the Persecution of Hundreds of Millions of Christians by their Own Governments throughout the World Today, including in the Ukraine. How the “Truth And Reconciliation Commission” Set Up by Nelson Mandela and Led by Desmond Tutu, Pardoned these Terrorists Five Years after their Attack and Many Other Topics.

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