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Chile, 50 Years after Augusto Pinochet

Published 8 sep 2023

DW Documentary

On 11 September 1973, A Military Coup brought Augusto Pinochet to Power in Chile. Now, Almost 30 Years after his Dictatorship Ended, Its Neo Liberal Constitution, and the Privatization that Resulted from It, is Coming under Fire. Today, the Legacy of Chile’s Dictatorship continues to Shape Peoples‘ Lives. Augusto Pinochet’s 1980 Constitution relied on A Completely Free Market to Regulate the Economy. But the Privatization of Markets in Chile has Benefited the Few and Left Many Chileans Struggling. For Example, in Chile, Education is Not Free. The Public Health Care System is Underfunded and Many can Not Afford Private Insurance. Elderly People Barely Survive on Meagre Pension Payouts. Even Drinking Water is Private Property. In 2019, Masses of People took to the Streets in Chile to Protest the Country’s Constitution. A Year Later, More than 75% of Voters Approved Changing It in A Referendum.

This Documentary Accompanies Chileans Who Worked on this New Constitution. They Include A Young Woman for Whom Social Justice and the Right to Abortion without Punishment are Central, A Conservative Who Thinks the Whole Process is Wrong, and Indigenous People Who Hope that A New Constitution will Make Their Concerns Heard. In 2022, the First Draft was Rejected in A New Referendum. But the Process Continues, as does the Struggle for A Better Future for Chile.

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Pinochet, How The West Backed A Ruthless Dictatorship in Chile

Published 9 mrt 2024

Free Documentary | History

Pinochet, How The West Backed A Ruthless Dictatorship in Chile | History Documentary Watch ‘Robert F Kennedy, America’s Lost President‘ here
   • Robert F. Kennedy – America’s Lost Pr…  

The Dictator took Power, and Kept It, with the Support of Democracies Including the United Kingdom and the United States, through the Use of Terror and sadistic torture. The West Chose to Look the Other Way. This Documentary will Reveal the Shocking Depth of that Support, Using Archive Footage, Expert Analysis and Personal Accounts of Torture, and Declassified Government Files to Tell the Story of Pinochet’s Uprising,the Brutal Regime he led, and the Western Allies Who Enabled It All.

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General Augusto Pinochet, Dictator of Chile

Published 6 aug 2022

The People Profiles

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Punlished 20 nov 2008


On September 11 1973, General Pinochet, Liberated his Country, Chile, from Marxism to Freedom in Only 24 Hours. Thanks to General Pinochet, Today”s Chile is the Most Modern and Advanced Democracy in Latin America. O Higgins and Pinochet are Equally Chile’s Heroes and National Liberators.of the Nation.
Fully Reconstructed and Re Edited Version of this Popular Chilean Political Tune. In Widescreen and Stereo Sound with Comprehensive Subtitles in English.

Please Rate the Video Itself as Propaganda. If you Dislike Pinochet, Just go Somewhere Else. Thanks for Watching.
Si el General No os Gusta, Iros a Otra Parte.


Richard Curson Smith – Augusto Pinochet in Suburbia (2006) 💎

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