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Police Violence in Nigeria

Published 18 feb 2023

DW Documentary

Nigeria, 2020. Tens of thousands of people are joining protests against brutal police violence. But the fight to abolish the country’s dangerous and corrupt Special Action Service (SARS) ends in bloodshed. In 2020, the #EndSARS movement mobilizes young people in various Nigerian cities to take to the streets in protest. Peacefully, yet unflinchingly, they make their frustrations known. Their goal: the abolition of SARS, A special police unit that, officially at least, exists to combat theft. However, SARS‘ abuse of power and brutality is well known. On 20 October, the army opens fire on peaceful demonstrators at the Lekki toll booth in Lagos State. The brutal crackdown is documented live on social media. This film gives voice to Nigerians who refuse to give up the fight against SARS. Some of those interviewed witnessed the Lekki Massacre first-hand

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