DELTA VARIANT IS HERE: Be frightened but listen to this Woman + AX MAN + Lee Austin – Delta Variant and Freemasonry: Hidden Occult Meaning + Magnetism INTENTIONALLY

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What we know about the Delta Corona Virus Variant? (1) (foto The Washington Post)

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DELTA VARIANT IS HERE: Be frightened but listen to this Woman + AX MAN


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Delta Variant and Freemasonry: Hidden Occult Meaning

A Delta is a Triangle. For example, the Nile Delta gets it’s Name from it’s Triangular Shape. For Freemasons the Triangle symbolizes the Greek Capital A, also referred to as the “Shining Delta.” The Base of the Triangle represents Duration, and the two Sides are depicted as Equal Qualities of Male and Female, Light and Darkness.

Within the Mystery Religion of Freemasonry the Delta or Triangle is the Symbol of the Supreme Architect, who is Lucifer, The Light Bearer. Both the Square and the Compass form a Triangle. a Symbol of Stability and the Spirit World. Thus the Delta is hidden from our Material World. Just as the supposed Delta Variant is an Offshoot of the Covid 19 Virus which cannot be seen.

The Inverted Triangle or Delta is the Symbol of the First Degree of Witchcraft. The Second Deeper Degree of Witchcraft is represented by the Upright Triangle. Witches and Wizards traditionally write their Names, followed by the Number of Delta’s conferred their Level in the Craft.

Numerology is the Occultic Symbiotic Relationship between a Number, Event, and Alchemy. For example Three Times Three is the Esoteric Significance hidden behind the Thirty Third Degree of Freemasonry. Granted by Invitation Only, the Thirty Third Degree symbolizes the Human Head setting a top the Thirty Third Vertebrae of the Back.

Contained within the Three WorldsDivine, Humane and Elemental is the Number Three, as in a Three Sided Delta. And why it is represented in so many Religions, each having its own Trinity.

Satan, Anti Christ, False Prophet
Father, Son, Holy Spirit
Brahman, Visnu, Shiva
Nimrod, Semiramis, Tammuz
Osiris, Isis, Horus.

Freemasonry unites all these Gods in their Oaths by identifying them with the Delta. The Three Sided Triangle represents the Entire Man.

Body, Soul, Spirit

The MasonsGreat Work is perfecting the Masterpiece, Represented by the Cubic Rock and Crowned by the Pyramid Shaped Stone.

The Great Pyramid of Giza contains the Burial Tomb of Osiris, Egyptian God of the Underworld of Death, Life and Resurrection. He was the Brother and Husband of Isis. First Born after the Creation of the World. Osiris was Murdered by his Younger Brother Set and Reincarnated by Isis, his Widow and Sister. After Set drowned Osiris, Isis recovered his Body, only to have it Stolen by Set, who then Chopped it into Fourteen Pieces. Isis Found and Reassembled the Thirteen Body Parts of Osiris. every one Except his Phallus. By the Invocation of Black Magic, Isis became Pregnant, eventually Giving Birth to her Son Horus, who was her Reincarnated Former Husband and Brother Osiris.

The Pure White Capstone symbolizes the Light Bearer. White is the Color of Light, Completion, Resurrection and the Alchemical Combination of the Seven Color Spectrum: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. These are iLLUMiNATed as the Seven Levels of the Chakra System. White, Black and Red represent the Colors of Freemasons. Red and Black are the Preferred Colors of Satanists. Red equates to Blood Sacrifices. Black equals Death.

The Washington Monument and Saint Peter’s Square Symbolically Commemorate OsirisMissing Phallus. The US Capital and Vatican Dome honor Isis’ Womb. Encased in a Triangular Capstone on the Dollar Bill, the Eye of Horus is the resurrected Osiris, Apollo, Nimrod and Anti Christ.

Black Cubes are an Imitation of the Holy or Holies Located in Solomon’s Former Temple. They are Strategically Placed in Manhattan, Santa Ana, Australia and Denmark. Islam’s Centerpiece of Veneration, the Kabba, is also in the Shape of a Black Cube. All have Six Surfaces and a Mysterious Seventh Point, the Most Important Symbol in Freemasonry. These Six Surfaces are the Directions and Elements.

North, South, East, West
Up, Down, Front, Back
Right, Left, Above, Below
Earth, Fire, Air, Water

Spirit and Matter

Spiritually, in the Middle of the Black Cube stands the New Adam, Trans Human and Radiating Six Pyramids. Superman or Trans Human Adam 2.0 is the Embodiment of Perfection. Upgraded from a Mortal Double Helix DNA Genome into an Immortal Triple Helix DNA Genome. Grafted into Lucifer’s Image.

Freemasonary’s Mission is Control of Jerusalem, ushering in the Anti Christ’s Fourth Kingdom of Iron and Clay, and the Establishment of Paganism as the Final Religion.

Daniel Chapter 2, Verse 43 says, “As you saw the Iron Mixed with Soft Clay, so they will Mix with One Another in Marriage, but they will Not Hold Together, just as Iron and Clay do Not Mix.”

A Fresco of Mason George Washington’s Ascension into Divinity is Stamped on the US Capital Dome, a Homage to the Sea Firmament Dome. The Taj Mahall, Saint Basil’s Cathedral, and the Dome of The Rock are other Examples of Dome Shrines. Freemasons believe their Work will continue After Apotheosis. The Detached Capstone Setting above the Pyramid on the Dollar represents this Unfinished Work. Here’s another Bit of Inside Information: when the Freemasonic Symbols of the Square and Compass are placed over the Pyramid, it spells Mason. The Thirteen Stars on the Great Seal form the Six Pointed Hexagonal Star. This is a Symbol of Saturn, Black Cube, and Satan. Saturn is the Sixth Luminary from the White Sun. Male Images (37) Represent the Sun. Females embody the Moon. In 1776, Adam Weishaupt Founded the Bavarian iLLUMiNATi, which Propagated the Abolition of All Governments and Religions, setting the Template for Anti Christ’s Seven Year Tule. An Inscription above the iLLUMiNATed Eye of Horus States Annuit Coeptis, which means ‘He favors Us.’ The Ribbon under the Pyramid States, Novus Ordo Seclorum or ‘New World Order for the Ages.’ Pluribus Unum means ‘Out Of Many, One.’

The Giza Pyramid is a Tribute to the Tower of Babel and Nimrod, who was the First Nephilim Sun King who Rebelled against God. Luciferians believe he rises from Abyss, Resurrected as the Anti Christ. After his Ascension, the Capstone Eye will set on the Pyramid of the New Transhuman Temple, Transcending from Mortal to Immortal. Reflecting the Image of Lucifer.

Lee Austin is the Author of “Morning Star’s Tale

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