Decisive Liberty – The Elites Super Drug Adrenochrome

The Elites Super Drug Adrenochrome (foto Bitchute)

The Elites Super Drug Adrenochrome

First published at 18:22 UTC on February 15th, 2021

This video provides some homework for those wanting to get to know more.

Currently, the links provided for the downloads will only work if you are a premium member.

If you are on Telegram, there are downloads available on GermanQPatiot’s channel here

If you do not have or do not want to join Telegram, we have downloaded the files and will provide links shortly for a free download shortly.

The link to the data dump files is here

If the download traffic becomes too much it may be shut down for a while, return a few hours later to gain your files.

There are nine PDF’s available, you are free to download any one of them or all if you wish.

Some of the PDF’s have a cover letter in German, you can highlight and copy the German content and past it to a translator like Deep Translator  and NO, you DON’T want to be using ANY Google product.

There are no images, just copies of original source documents, data, LOTS of data.

What most people don’t get, this is only ONE offshoot of trafficking.

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