David Zublick Channel – Soros Arrested: Bush Pleads Guilty To 9/11 | Obama Begs For His Life

Gepubliceerd op 11 feb. 2019

Billionaire financier George Soros has been arrested and is being detained in Switzerland for interrogation before being extradited to the United States where he will face a military tribunal as an enemy combatant. George W. Bush pleads guilty to high crimes and misdemeanors including 9/11. Barack Obama being detained at Gitmo, charged with High Treason, begs for his life. David Zublick unseals the truth in this special report!


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  1. Ik was al een tijdje op de hoogte van dit nieuws, dat volgens mij FAKE is. De eerste video die ik zag was https://youtu.be/kDV9kjzjuRE (8:20) ‘GS (Soros) Arrested & Being Interrogated In Switzerland?! Deep State Stolen Technology Recovered?’ Van The Real Deal News Report, gepubliceerd op 6 feb. 2019 (67.500 v; 1.398 r).

    Andere video’s, die het bericht brachten, zijn: https://youtu.be/ywxAMmsmK7M (7:28) ‘GEORGE SOROS ARRESTED’ van EXPOSING THE DEEP STATE Hosted By Brad Bishop, gepubliceerd op 5 feb. 2019 (55.274 v; 945 r).
    https://youtu.be/ZA3HpqboKLI (4:08) ‘George Soros Arrested; Obama Believed Charged with Treason’ van Voice News, gepubliceerd op 4 feb. 2019 (56.533 v; 466 r).
    https://youtu.be/2LEyMaKYkQw (12:52) ‘George Soros Arrested?’ Van Defango TV, gepubliceerd op 4 feb. 2019 (23.598 v; 398 r). Tekst: ‘World & Truth aka David Zublick is the one that is putting out the info it seems with the help of some authors that have cozied up the qanon movement. The reports on GITMO will not be found on the MSM is what they are saying. Looking at the people that released the information we got some with multiple personalities. Another guy that is a known huckster on the internet. Are these guys seriously thinking that people are going to believe this nonesense? is the Qanon community going to take it and run, or allow themselves to be blamed for this one too.’

    Evenals: https://youtu.be/CYaMbBfkhGk (13:54) ‘George Soros Arrested Obama Believed Charged with Treason’ van James Beckwith, gepubliceerd op 4 feb. 2019 (12.067 v; 128 r).
    https://youtu.be/qhGrnBIPOQo (15:00) ‘George Soros arrested 2/3/19 Switzerland,Dems want Gov Northam gone,SOTU guests’ van cirstenw, gepubliceerd op 5 feb. 2019 (13.973 v; 375 r). Met links.
    https://youtu.be/trSGQrf6HVQ (14:09) ‘BUSTED!! ALL AMERICA NEED TO KNOW THIS! SOROS & OBAMA JUST GOT SERVED’ van Free Usa News, gepubliceerd op 3 feb. 2019 (6.403 v; 21 r). = https://youtu.be/8b6zbYJQzgg (12:32) ‘BUSTED!! ALL AMERICA NEED TO KNOW THIS ,OBAMA AND SOROS ,PRIS0N TIME’ van Free Usa News, gepubliceerd op 2 feb. 2019 (943 v; 10 r).

    Niet door mij bekeken zijn de video’s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdlXl-JHhNk (7:47) ‘George Soros Arrested-Obama in Gitmo Singing’ van KAG News Network-KNN
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oaB_tP5wnDg (6:42) ‘REPORTS! George Soros ARRESTED!’ Van Last Days Trumpet

    Dat dit allemaal FAKE NEWS video’s zijn wordt gesteld in de video https://youtu.be/cqq9zWyET3I (10:51) ‘FAKE NEWS George Soros Arrested FAKE NEWS STORY Alert’ van ElvisConvair880, gepubliceerd op 5 feb. 2019 (3.030 v; 76 r). Tekst: ‘FAKE NEW Propaganda put out by some nit wit about George Soro’s Arrested in Switzerland which is Totally Bogus & Phony See Video !!’

    Als je wilt weten, wat er aan de hand is met de secret tribunals en GITMO, hetgeen enigszins saai is, zie https://youtu.be/jPOArXwrxLQ (39:14) ‘Military Tribunal Rumor Squashing-Who is REALLY at GITMO-Part 2 of 4’ van C-VINE News Network, gepubliceerd op 16 feb. 2019 (81.621 v; 940 r). Tekst: ‘We The People are DONE being mislead and lied to. This is why the citizen journalists at C-VINE have banded together to do fact checking and investigations. After listening to this video, go to C-VINE.com to download the Tribunal Transcriptions. Read additional information about GITMO and observe all the provided source and links for you to fact check everything we claim.’

    Voor deel 1, zie https://youtu.be/zrVW41KXsWw (37:04) ‘C-VINE GITMO Military Tribunal Rumor Squashing P-1’ van C-VINE News Network, gepubliceerd op 10 feb. 2019 (47.653 v; 757 r). Tekst: ‘Proven Sources Will be Shared to the Public to Dispel GITMO Military Tribunal Rumors Circulating. C-VINE Facts (in a 4 part series).’

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