David Nino Rodriguez – Dr Jan Halper enters the Ring!

Dr Jan Halper enters the Ring!

Published August 19 2023

Jan Halper Claims to Be with the Department of Defense, DOD with That Said, she is One of 12 in her Group. They Examine through Social Media, and Other Means, the Way the Maga Movement is Moving and Reports Back to her Authorities in the DOD.

People Buy into Biden because the MSN Blankets them with Propaganda 24 | 7, 365. If We Show our Friends or Family Something to Wake Them Up the MSM is There to Shut their Awakening Down. I had A Few People Ready to Wake Up but the White Hats Allowed Biden to Take his Fake Position and They All went Firmly Back to Sleep. If White Hats are In Control Why are They Allowing MSM to Continue the Propaganda? It makes ZERO Sense. This Slow Walk Powering Zero Public Disclosure of Arrests or Crimes is Why People do Not Wake Up.

I do Not Understand Why Any of the Higher Ups don’t Get it. The One and Only Thing that will Absolutely Wake People Up is for Them to SEE Things with Their Own Ryes. Start with the EBS, Show the Physical Arrest of Biden, Harris, Obama (s), Gates, Soros, Pelosi, et Cetera, et Cetera. I get Why People are Still Asleep, So Far, It’s ALL Been Just Talk, Talk, Talk. I’m Starting to Question Things Myself. I See Some Little Things Happen Here and There, but Nothing Big. I’ve Been Hearing about the QFS, NESARA | GESARA, Arrests, Executions, Election Fraud, Blah, Blah, Blah. But I have NOT Seen Anything Big and Tangible Happen in the Past Few Years. This is Getting beyond Ridiculous, People are Truly Hurting and Suffering and No One seems to Care. Very Sad and Depressing.

Brilliant and Thoughtful Conversation!


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