David DeGerolamo – What Is Going On?

3rd US Infantery Presidential Salute Battery (foto Before It’s News)

What Is Going On?

USA Patriotism! – 21 Gun Battery Salute To President Trump

Published 5 apr. 2017

January 2017 The US Army 3rd US Infantry Regiment The Old Guard Presidential Salute Battery fires during the Presidential Inauguration of Donald Trump, Commander In Chief.

US Navy video by Robert Gensic, All Hands Magazine

Video edited by USA Patriotism!

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10 Tampa Bay – 21 gun salute held at Arlington National Cemetery ahead of President Biden and VP Harris’ visit

Published 20 jan. 2021

CBS NEWS After receiving gifts from congressional leaders, Mr Joseph Biden and Harris participated in the traditional Pass in Review Wednesday during which they reviewed military troops at the East Front of the Capitol.

Mr Biden and first lady Dr Jill Biden, as well as Harris and second gentleman Doug Emhoff, then got into separate cars, which will take them to Arlington National Cemetery for a wreath laying at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

The black limousine carrying Mr Biden is adorned with the presidential seal and a license plate that says “46.”


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The top video of Donald Trump’s inauguration at the Capitol (you can hear him in the background) has the traditional 21 round salute. Joe Biden’s salute had three howitzers instead of four with a difference firing interval.

From 4chan.

“(…) The Old Guard (3rd Infantry) performs the Presidential Battery Salute at the Capitol during the Inauguration. Except they didn’t.
What you will see is the Battery Salute in Arlington when the Bidens bring the wreath to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
The Presidential Salute is four guns and 21 shots in rapid succession. Biden got three guns and a 10 second pause between firings. This is the Salute reserved for funerals and VISITING FOREIGN DIGNITARIES.

That’s right, the Military considers Joe Biden a Foreign Entity.
There can be NO mistake about this. The Military does everything BY THE BOOK this was completely intentional. (…)”

Add this fact too. Garth Brooks performed Amazing Grace at the “Inauguration”.
Traditionally, Amazing Grace is sung at funerals.

It is possible the Biden salute had more shots fired than what was on the CBS video. Is this more misdirection or a sign from the Military?


Before It’s News, Sunday, January 24, 2021 12:33


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