Dark Rye & Whole Foods – Hugo Kaagman: The Stencil King of Amsterdam

Gepubliceerd op 17 jul. 2014
Meet Hugo Kaagman, the Stencil King of Amsterdam, and one of the early street art pioneers.

Hugo Kaagman doesn’t just sit around and wait for things to change. If you’re Hugo Kaagman, you do something. You take to the streets with spray paint in hand.

“You need some street creditability. You can’t fake it. You need to be real.”

Since his first stencil in 1978, Kaagman has knocked down the walls of the traditional art museum and made the city his canvas. Not art as something pretty to look at and sigh – but art as a way to live, to play your own game, and inspire others to make something out of all this rampant nothing

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