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Catherine Austin Fitts (1) (foto Communità di Etica Vivente)

The Solari Report, Q?, 201?

The Solari Report, Q1, 2016

The Solari Report, Q4, 2016

The Solari Report, Q1, 2017

The Solari Report, Q3, 2017

The Solari Report, Q3, 2017

The Solari Report, Q1, 2018

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Catherine Austin Fitts (2) (foto republicbroadcasting.org)

Catherine Austin Fitts: WORLD IN CRISIS!

Catherine Austin Fitts: WORLD IN CRISIS!

Dark Journalist Interviews Former Assistant US Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Catherine Austin Fitts on the Global Crisis of Centralization and Surveillance!

Catherine has been facing heavy Censorship for connecting the dots on the consolidation of power and secrecy by the Ruling Elite. She outlines the dangers of what the leadership and corrupt media is attempting to do in making humanity a commodity to be harvested in an Artificial Intelligence Controlled Cloud Tech Trans Humanist Nightmare Reality! She also shows how people around the globe can avoid participating in creating this dystopian future by embracing sound principles of freedom, sustainable farming, local currencies and embracing ethical financial practices and spiritual balance!

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Scotty Farrar
Happy to know that Catherine is a Tennessean. Glad your with us, it’s a great State.

Roger Thomas
Glad to see you branching out. Rockfin, Rumble, and Bitchute are now part of my vocabulary. LOL.

Roger Thomas
Oh yeah I forgot to mention LBRY, Gab, and also Telegram. LOL, I will check out Brighteon too, thanks :)

Ray Cane
Don’t forget Foxhole. New App. Came from Methods and Friends. Stay away from Minds.com – it’s like Zucktard’s and Dorsey’s Amusement park after they took $ 6 Million from Medici Capital Ventures in (where else?) Silly Cons Valley.
BTW – why does Microsoft have a Genetics Research Division?

Dawnie Rotten
So should LBRY, Odysee, Gab TV and Brighteon (Natural News, Mike Adams’ site) be part of your vocabulary! LOL.

Dame Frank
Complete loyalty to both yours and Catherine’s journalism because I have not found a flaw in any of either of your reports to date!

Jerry Kays
Talk about “financials“, how about going back to when our founding papers were hijacked by the Banksters making us “social securetised” and forced to pay Income Taxes to pay for Federal Reserve theft. We are owed far more than the Trillions mentioned here. Let’s get back to square one and quit ignoring the “elephant in the room” (which is very related to “Zionists” and all that are related).

Jerry Kays
PS Do a little research on the home page of Anna Von Reitz

No State of The Union because
a) He’s not a legit president.
b) He’s too senile to give one.
c) The Union’s basically over with – just a matter of time before the breakup starts.

Ray Cane
Read an item stating that the “Stimulus” checks will have DJT’s name on them. We’ll have to wait and see.

And yes, it appears they are doing a ‘cut & run‘ strip mining 99% of the people of the USA for every last cent they can extract before they head overseas to set up shop in the next ‘world power‘ they’re planning to feed off of for the next cycle. I am not convinced they’ll be able to quite manage the 100% Global Reset now (so they can strip mine the entire world in real time), but by the time they’ve exsanguinate their next national victim they will have their control grid perfected (if there’s even a world left to plunder).

Jimmy Parker
In the movie EX MACHINA they use Search Engine Inputs and Face Recognition to program AI.

Paul Jackson
Could someone provide links or at least correctly spelled search terms for the sources Catherine recommends, such as something that sounded to me like “Reid Titus” or “Bill Hagan” near the end?
Aha, this site seems to have some of what Catherine was reading from
David O’Hagan’s https://option3.co.uk/the-battle-for-humanity/

Najat Madry
Check out https://Solari.com

Jimmy Parker
I quit taking the FLu vaccine in 2015, I’m 58 and retired. I have NEVER felt better except when I was a kid. They are KILLING us people. WAKE UP and stand against this.

edward kennedy
The Pope – as Roman Pontiff – is Mr Global. The Vatican Roman Curia owns all the corporations on the planet. Capiche?
Why the push to vax all now? Not 100% sure now BUT I expect that it will become evident soon.

Ray Cane
IF it’s any indication, Marvin Hagler was taken to the ICU and died after receiving the vaccine.

Dawnie Rotten
Daniel don’t get too ‘happy‘ here on Vimeo. They love to CENSOR too!

Karen Degenhart
A mask is required where I am, but I just wear it anyway to avoid conflict. However, I am retired and do not have to wear it all day at a job. That would be impossible, as I cough after I take it off from grocery shopping. It is very annoying.

Mel Major
President Trump rolled the Fed over into our Treasury, for Nesara | Gesara to start, Trump had to bankrupt the Fed. We actually have *all* the gold from under the Vatican. Remember the raid at the Vatican in December? ;)

Ryan Dorin
I have suspected they have been using Deep Fake Biden’s since he went into the basement during the campaign. Could just be great plastic surgery but sometimes he looks better than anytime in the last 10 years. And there is no better choice for an Artificial Intelligence fake than a man who has a history of poor public speaking skills.
PS Another theory to Sec Psaki’s ‘Space Force‘ episode was hypnotic block.

Heather ElliottPRO
Interesting conversation about population reduction as well as control through vaccine operating system. There is another video circulating featuring an interview with a prominent Scientist | Researcher and Doctor in the field of vaccines. His issue with this Mass Vaccination program in the midst of a ‘Pandemic‘ is that it could destroy our Immune System leaving us vulnerable to the heartier strains of the Virus that will inevitably happen BECAUSE we vaccinated. What I gathered from the video is that we could become extremely sick and even die, not because of the vaccine itself but because of its detrimental effect on our Immune System. These effects are PERMANENT. What he suggests is a destruction of our ability to fight off the Viruses we encounter on a regular basis. Perhaps that is another way they intend to de populate the world. The link to the video is below.

This Expert also wrote a letter to fellow professionals and put it out through his linked in profile – link below.

Sativarg Millenious
Dear Miss Aaustin Fitts
thank you for your perspective and hard work shining Light in the Darkness.
I have seen the garden path for years. I see the United States of America being used by hidden hands to pulverise any state that resists the parasite. Any country able to prevent the proboscis of the Parasite from plunging in has to be beaten down, softened between the US Hammer and one or more anvil like China and or Russia. The Proboscis? It is usually a central bank that injects in sweet sickly poison in the form of debt. Just like any parasite it wants to keep the host comfortable and healthy enough to feed as long as it needs. Debt acts as analgesic, blood thinner, and sedative. See?
Most nations in Earth now are already being fed upon and need no more chewing but some like Syria and Iran have yet to be infected.
The Hidden Hands will soon be done with the Hammer. One last use has the Hammer. You mention a Judas goat. That is close enough. The manipulators will use the United States of America in a Ritual Sacrifice and grand united Earth show trial against the United States that will bring all the nations together under one rule. If I am correct this event will put all blame on the United States while washing all the blood and gore off the Hidden Hands. then each nation will have to sign over sovereignty in order to take part in the trial and to later receive “reparations” as the United States is consumed. The legal frame around the United States of America has been a long time in the making. It is very well constructed and includes a frame for every American citizen. Democracy is two edge Government for The People and by The People implies responsibility for the people for what a democracy does or has done. See?
You can see where that vision takes me. The Lynchpin in the frame is, in my opinion, the lies surrounding 9/11 of 2001. In that event we have a huge lie that results in wave after wave of crimes seen by the whole of Humanity including most citizens of the United States so that just like the Twin Towers themselves America is ready to be taken down from the inside out. See?
See how skilled are the manipulators?
These ones are very old and wise and the techniques and technologies they use are very old and well tested.
There is a very old cloak of deniability protecting the manipulators. This Kevlar and Teflon like structure is woven into every aspect of our reality. It is even in our minds as we have been entrained from first breath with entertainment. Each doctor is indoctrinated with it and we ourselves weave the cloak now. The cloak is no less than the Occult. This occult both protects us and exploits us. See?
Yes, the control machine is made of Human Beings. A parasite often uses the host’s own antibodies to protect itself. This parasite makes its structure from Human Beings so that we are only ever fighting ourselves when we attack it. The only cure for this sort of infection then? Forgivenes. When Human Beings are tied to the machine with chains of guilt they may be able to see the machine but guilt and debt prevent them from letting go and joining the resistance. likewise those seen attached to the machine are seen as the enemy by the Resistance. Forgiveness allows the deceived and trapped people to have a chance to break the chains and fight back. Forgiveness allows the resistance to see that Human Beings are not the Enemy. See?
That is one reason I vote for Jesus as my chosen Lord. Not God but Lord. Jesus teaches the importance of forgiveness for the situation of Humanity in Earth now.
If I am correct then Humanity has not been in control here in Earth and we have not achieved sovereignty either. If I am correct then Earth and Humanity are property and we are GMO, manipulated from our Nature to do work and to be product. I see business on a galactic scale abusing and exploiting Humanity and Earth now. I see the possibility that one or more civilisations in our Galaxy is trying to help Humanity achieve sovereignty. I believe in God, the Creator of all Universes. I believe there is Law Universal and Galactic that protects Life from Abuse. I say Humanity has the right to sue for sovereignty and that Jesus was sent as wise counsel, proven worthy leader and trusted representative for Humanity and Earth to a wider community of civilisations under God and in Courts of Law where we may find Justice.
Thank you for forgiving me my faith even as I respect your beliefs in kind.
Thank you for your perspective and hard work shining Light in the Darkness.

Charles Tiberend Belleville, Illinois, US, Earth, Sol, Milky Way.
A blind USAF vet, TI and advocate for Earth and Human Sovereignty.
UPDATE at time frame 29:21 Minutes
Dear Miss Austin Fitts
I am listening at 29:21 Minutes to this presentation and I am struck with the impression that the whole perspective presented here is from inside a sand box. While you are both focused on the illusion of an economy, all the levers and buttons and devices are as the toys that keep very young children occupied. Mean while outside the box are the real controls. Nothing in here in the sand box is able to really make a difference and as long as we do not achieve a perspective adequate enough we will never see the manipulators, our True relationship to a greater community of civilisations and our God given Right to Justice and to sue for sovereignty.
Please consider letting go the toys in the sand box and looking up.
Thanks and blessings!

Alex S
Thank you for your explaining your framework. It’s fairly close to mine. All power to Christ Jesus, the Forgiver of Sins, and embodied mechanism for the redemption of humanity, each one of us at a time. Each of us needs to play our role in this very serious game, and affect what we can to align with the Will of our Father, the Creator. Love and Truth.

Sativarg Millenious
Dear Humanity and dear Miss Austin Fitts,
Update at time frame: 33:31
Could there have been a demonstration of extraordinary space based weaponry right in front of our eyes just a few years ago? Miss Fits speaks of the power of Space based Superiority. I believe that Superiority has already been demonstrated when two very large buildings were atomized on world wide television. While we are told that fires caused the Twin Towers to implode. What I saw a few years after the event in too many slow motion clips was buildings dissolving in mid air and floating away. If I am correct that was a covert, to most, demonstration of Superior force. There is too much evidence that some extra ordinary force was employed that resulted in most of the Towers never hitting the ground as more than very fine dust. I saw huge chunks of metal, concrete and such dissolving like so much Alka Seltzer in water as it fell to never even hit the ground below?
If I am correct then Space Superiority already belongs to the real owners of Earth and that event made that very clear to those who know what they were watching.
We simply do not have the perspective to see that when we wear our blinders see?
We Humans are and have not been in charge here, in my opinion.
Back to listening.

Bo Bo
Could Mr Global be an off world Alien group? Don’t want to get too weird here but sometimes I wonder.

Tessa Little
Yes, who is and was Jehova really? Who came up with religion and law – what can Antiquity teach or show us. How many lies have been uncovered by studying Antiquity that flies in the face of “History” we were taught. I find many answers there – realising we must not them our free will – its our divine sovereignty – thats the end game here. Some being wants our Divinity cut off to have our Will bent to his.

Rebecca S Wildeman
Not [one] single Vaccine has been [approved] by the FDA. The [only] think they have [is] the [Emergency Authorization]. Think on that.

Rebecca S Wildeman
I seriously think that they want [our] Power [of Attorney or] something connected to [it].

I am horrified that so called Dr Rachel Levine is being considered as Assistant Secretary of Health for Biden’s cabinet. That thing did a speech encouraging the transgender medical interference in children as young as 6 years old. SICK!

Richard Raymond
Speaking of nursing homes and healthcare read this very revealing article

Richard Raymondo

Richard Raymond

Family Financial Disclosure Form for COVID-19 Injections – English

Osprey Flyer
Thanks for posting and for your efforts both DJ and CAF.

The NSA has more data than anyone in the US. But the CCP may have more just due to the size of their population and the fact that they are ahead on their collection techniques.

Nancy Miller
Daniel, I hope you read these. Can we get a link to Catherine’s article Battle of Humanity, please. No matter how I search her site, I can’t find it. GREAT Interview

Nancy Miller

The Battle For Humanity

Found it

Jason Bishop
Regarding your question of why the speed? Answer Abbaddon The Destroyer is coming. Think Velikovsky, when worlds collide. Nothing can stop what is coming. John saw it 2.000 years ago. The dragon wants to take as many souls down with him.

Leon O Fletcher

Marc M
Leon O fletcher So you basically believe that the people running this program are going to “protect humanity” from Aliens? That might be what they try to make it look like. I personally think that the Bible predicted all of this. It’s quite a strong delusion. Don’t fall for it. There is only one way out of here. Following them is NOT the way out of here. The best thing a person could do is get to know Jesus before it is too late. You’ve got nothing to lose, except the sickness being brought into this world. You’ve got something GREAT to gain, more than any reward you could obtain in this fake cardboard world. I hope as many people as there could be will figure this out before the end, which is likely to be by 2030. Precious few people will be left by then. They will not be able to kill every one of us, but any person who loves Jesus Christ and any person with any sort of physical disability is scheduled to be eliminated. The rest of whoever is left the devil wants to enslave you into this 666 Control Grid. LOOK DEEP. Everyone could see that this is true, taken the time to do the research. For the Bible says – for my people perish – for lack of knowledge. Best wishes to all. Time is short.

Health Seeker
@ReallyGraceful did a great video outlining Lincoln and Kennedy being killed suggesting it looked to be due to the idea of an American President going towards removing the Privatization of our Currency outside of the wealthy bankers. She asks are we a Country or a Corporation? which clearly we are run as if a Corporation with at least our money system.

We sure have some insane comments here on this thread. Most have the opinion that the powers that shouldn’t be, are actually doing what’s in the people’s best interest. Interesting how far the brainwashing has penetrated.

Holly Marcroft
Agenda 2045

Holly Marcroft
Revelation 19
19 And I saw the Beast, the Kings of the Earth, and their Armies, gathered together to make war against Him who sat on the horse and against His Army.
20 Then the Beast was captured, and with him the False Prophet who worked signs in his presence, by which he deceived those who received the Mark of the Beast and those who worshiped his image.

Erik Nielsen
Brilliant brilliant to both.


Catherine Austin Fitts: Mr Global Wants You!

Mr Global wants you (foto Vimeo)

Friday, March 19, 2021 at 11:10 PM EST

Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt Interviews Former Assistant US Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary and Solari Report Publisher Catherine Austin Fitts on the deep divide between those embracing freedom and a human civilisation and those fixated on domination and subjugation. Picking up from Part (1) Fitts describes how her many years in Government and High Finance have shown her that those in control, which she calls “Mr Global” believe in Slavery and have contempt for humanity. She now sees that citizens around the world are at war with Mr Global and his Central Banking Warfare Machine! View Part 1 https://vimeo.com/523078687

Through Artificial Intelligence, excessive Surveillance, entrainment and Mind Control technology this powerful group believes they are on the threshold of ushering in a World Dictatorship with Automation and Robotics to replace humans in the Labor Force.

Catherine has been facing heavy Censorship for connecting the dots on the consolidation of power and secrecy by the Ruling Elite.

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Dark Journalist & Catherine Austin Fitts: Mr. Global Wants You! from Dark Journalist on Vimeo.


Aaron Derby
Great to see you guys here DJ & Olivia.

Dark JournalistPRO
Thank you!

Occult Priestess
I’m following! Can’t wait to dig into this! Freeman fly reposted good times.

Occult Priestess
Ahriman the Archon is just reFried Gnostic stuff. Evil is a force, I teach on at length (not a personification). I love it when you 2 get together!

Dark JournalistPRO
Great to see you!

Have you decided to quit YouTube, or is it just the CAF interviews being put here on Vimeo just to keep them from being nuked & your channel getting strikes? If the latter, you might want to put up a quick one minute video on YouTube informing people where to go to find these two recent CAF interviews. I get the newsletter, but not everyone who watches you on YouTube has signed up for it LOL – even after being reminded to in every single one of your videos. Anything CAF has to says is important enough that the word needs to get out there so people can listen to her. Thanks for doing these interviews, they are invaluable.

Alice Wilkman
Thank you DJ. This was such an important interview. You have brought out the very best in Catherine here. I hope everyone will watch and understand what it is going on.

Daniel Browning
Its funny that Catherine mentioned the digital realm as a possible entry point for dark forces as the Emerald tablets from Thot mentions how they move in straight lines and to avoid them he had to move in circles or waves. Digital is a series of square waves and analogue is sinusoidal. I know this is somewhat off the wall but I have been thinking about it recently. A lot of synchronisation has been happening lately. I’ve been thinking about it as I like to mix electronic music but as Flac flies because I can’t really afford records these days and that freaked me out when I thought about digital and the dark forces that are mentioned in the tablets. These medical things that are going on (you know what I mean) are digital representations. I have been thinking exactly what Catherine mentioned, could they be access point. Twighlight zone spooky, do do do do, do do do do, thats meant to be the theme tune just in case you thought my keys had stuck. :) Cheers, Daniel, thank you for your integrity, I happen to think we are at war. We are the Enemy but I also think they are fighting amongst themselves for who has control of the system. Glad I’m not alone when it comes to what would be considered unorthodox thoughts, it sure feels like it though at times so nice to have some confirmation that youre not quite as Batshit as you may feel at times. Take care, see you soon no doubt, give my regards to Olivia and hope her Digital Detox is going well :).

Frank Monday
Allright! I found you. I was wondering why there weren’t any. Ain’t YouTube uploads recently. Sad.

Frank Monday
I agree with that other guy that said you should put up a one minute notice that you are moving to Vimeo. Additionally does this mean an end to livestream Friday nights?

Michael Magnin
Thank you DJ and Catherine, so much for sharing your insights. I’m surprised Catherine didn’t add geo engineering into the threats we face ahead. It was good seeing her in the new doc “The Dimming,” but so much incredible info today. Love her saying, there’s worse things than death! I feel that. Blessings to all!

Thank God, there’s other places to run off to, and to follow you! These are the most important conversations of our times!
Unfortunately, I can’t have them with the people around me. Well, not that I don’t try!
When you mention Mr Global, I always think of the TV show “American Gods“. Which has Mr Global as the villain.
Actually, I highly recommend the show, because it really explains where we are at! But it’s very “poppy hollywoodian”
Somehow I believe the show has been produced by “good guys” trying to “red pill” the world.
If I may request something.
We know the problems we are facing. But could you maybe make a show about how we can protect ourselves do something about this? At least that would give us some hope, perhaps.
Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge!!
And I hope Catherine is enjoying The Netherlands these days, cuz they had the same fraudulent story as the States had a stolen election!!  Dominion machines.
Love to all!

DARK MAGUS4 days ago
Stay strong, dark journo. YouTube continues to drive the most talented and interesting creators off their platform. To hell with them! Glad to find you here!

Sherry Swiney
This woman may be able to answer Catherine’s question, “how do we take the Scottish brilliance and reinvent the Constitution?” 05:00 [paraphrased] Anna von Reitz https://annavonreitz.com/

Daniel. Please make a monthly subscriber option for folks like me living hand to mouth but wanting to support your efforts. Thank you for what you do. 🙏🏼

Vincent Uher
I did not realise Catherine had left the USA for The Netherlands. It makes me think of the need to decamp.


Catherine Austin Fitts

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Catherine Austin Fitts
Catherine Austin Fitts crop.jpg
Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for Housing
                                        In office                                          1989 – 1990
President George HW.Bush
Preceded by Thomas Demery
Succeeded by Arthur J Hill
Personal details
Born December 24, 1950 (age 70)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Political party Republican
Alma mater University of Pennsylvania

Catherine Austin Fitts (born December 24, 1950) is an American investment banker and former public official who served as managing director of Dillon, Read & Co. and as United States Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for Housing during the Presidency of George HW Bush. She has widely written and commented on the subject of public spending and has alleged several large scale instances of government fraud.

Early life and education

Catherine Austin Fitts was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.[1] She earned a bachelor’s degree in history from the University of Pennsylvania.[1] After graduating, she briefly worked as a bartender until one of her customers, who was director of admissions at The Wharton School, encouraged her to pursue graduate studies.[2] She received her MBA from Wharton in 1978.[2]


Dillon, Read & Co

After graduate school, Fitts went to work at Dillon, Read & Co.[2] While there, in 1982, she organized a novel municipal bond sale to raise several billion dollars to revitalize the New York Subway System, marking the first time that a public agency had sold bonds backed by rider fares.[3] In 1986, Fitts became the first woman promoted to managing director of Dillon, Read & Co. in the investment bank’s then 156 year history.[2] At the helm of the bank she became what Businessweek described as “Wall Street’s foremost champion” of Public Utilities Bonds.[2]

US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

During the United States presidential election, 1988, she worked on the campaign of George HW Bush and was appointed as Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for Housing in the Bush administration where she was billed as the “cleaning lady of HUD“, charged with repairing its reputation in the aftermath of the Savings and Loan Crisis.[4][3][1] Among her initial observations upon taking office was that the department had a $ 300 billion portfolio of mortgage insurance but only employed one certified actuary.[5] The reforms she announced included a plan to sell government foreclosed homes at a 50 percent discount to non profit organizations to operate as rentals. Previously the government sought to sell residential properties for the highest possible value leading to a large amount of real estate it had to manage at great expense and a shortage of housing stock in some highn density markets.[6]

She resigned her post in 1990, following a report that her relationship with Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Jack Kemp had soured, a report Kemp denied.[7] Fitts’ departure prompted criticism of Kemp; she had been = according to Neal Peirce – “widely regarded as the best manager he brought in“.[8]

According to Fitts, she was offered an appointment to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors after her departure from HUD but declined, preferring to return to the private sector instead.[9]

Hamilton Securities and Solari

After leaving government, Fitts founded Hamilton Securities, an employee owned brokerage house, which she ran until 1998.[10] In 1993, Hamilton Securities won a contract with HUD to manage its $500 billion investment portfolio.[4] While managing HUD’s portfolio, Fitts devised a streamlined mortgage selling software program – Community Wizard – that some have claimed saved the Department several hundreds of millions of dollars.[4][11]

In 1997, HUD canceled the Hamilton contract over what it claimed were accounting errors involving the program; an investigation into Hamilton Securities was launched by the HUD Inspector General, the FBI, and the Securities and Exchange Commission.[4][12] According to Fitts, the investigation was undertaken as retribution against her; she claims that Community Wizard data revealed that some federally-guaranteed mortgage securities may have been fraudulently issued.[4] One outside complainant, a Government contractor, charged Insider Dealing and bid rigging in its contention that Hamilton Securities had obtained its HUD business due to favoritism, charges Hamilton Securities denied.[12] In 2002 the investigation was closed with prejudice with investigators stating they had found no evidence of wrongdoing by Fitts or Hamilton Securities.[4][11] However, according to Fitts, all of the company’s assets, along with her personal assets, were destroyed defending themselves during the multi year investigation.[13]

Fitts subsequently founded Solari, an investment advisory firm, which she runs as of 2020.[13][4]

Writing and Commentary

Fitts has researched and commented on government spending. In a 2004 study published in World Affairs: The Journal of International Issues, she purported to find “evidence that a very large proportion of the nation’s wealth is being illegally diverted since several decades into secret, unaccountable channels and programmes with unspecified purposes, including covert operations and subversions abroad and clandestine military R&D at home. Public institutions have been infiltrated and taken over by shadowy groups in the service of powerful private and vested interests, often at the expense of the common good.”[14]

In 2017 Fitts co authored a report, with Michigan State University economist Mark Skidmore, that claimed to find $ 21 trillion in unauthorized spending by the US Department of Defense and US Department of Housing and Urban Development over a 17 year period.[15] Four days following the report’s release, the Department of Defense announced it would undertake the first independent financial audit in its history.[15] The Report was subsequently cited by United States Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as evidence of government funding that could be redirected to Healthcare Programs.[16]

Fitts has claimed that HUD’s mission of spurring economic growth is secondary to what she contends is its use as a fundraising mechanism for Military and Intelligence agencies involving a complex Securities scheme using HUD backed Ginnie Mae Investments.[4][14] According to Fitts, HUD overpays to rehabilitate public housing and funnels the difference into unaudited black budget programs at the behest of national security agencies.[4][14]

During the United States Presidential Election, 2016, Fitts supported the campaign of Donald Trump.[17] On December 8, 2020, Trump retweeted one of Fitts’ tweets which linked to an article on Breitbart.[18] She has donated to political campaigns of Democrats Cynthia McKinney and Marcy Kaptur, and Republicans Rand Paul and Thomas Massie.[19]

Fitts has been a recurrent guest on the overnight radio program Coast to Coast AM.[20]

In 2021 Fitts released an interview in which she criticized technocracy, transhumanism, and centralized political and economic control made possible by Digital Currencies.[21]

Personal life

As of 2017, Fitts resided in Hickory Valley, Tennessee.[citation needed]


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