Daniel R. Gould – Gould’s 3D List

Gould’s 3D List: Week #24

Fun, fun, fun…That’s what it was all about at the Gnome’s “The Garage Sale: The First & The Last Time.” As 3D enter Serieuze Zaken Studioos (Lauriergracht 96) I had to hold the door open for two people who were exiting; one carried a large canvas wrapped in bubble wrap; and the other person had a wrapped piece that looked like it was ceramic. The walls were filled 19th century salon style with paintings, photos, works on paper, etc. On the floor, and stacked against the wall, more canvases and framed work. The names read like a lexicon of 80s, 90s and contemporary artist. There were three large tables at the entrance with books, book and more books. Also records. And under the tables, posters and other whatnot. It was just like an American garage sale. And the prices? Well, like 3D said, just like a garage sale. Works with list prices of 4,500 euro for 2,500. Discounts from 25% to 50%. And that was the expensive stuff. A lady, with a warm smile, showed 3D a Buddha like statue and when I asked “How much?” She answered, “Voor nix.” (Nothing.) Echt waar! In fact, 3D selected two silkscreens on paper—one by Rob Scholte—and when I asked how much? Rob Malasch—aka The Gnome—said, “Take it along.” He lived up to 3D’s nickname for him. The Gnomes are those smiling creatures that inhabit English gardens. They are said to have magical powers and prone to do whimsical things and are supposed to guard the earth’s treasures underground. And you still have a chance to experience the event…The sale continues until the 28th March 2010. But hurry before everything has been picked over or given away.

Gould’s 3D List, 25th February 2010


Gould’s 3D List: Week #2

At Jaski Art Gallery (N. Spiegelstraat 29) is the most recent work of Rob Scholte. I have followed his work for nearly 30 years. I have enjoyed his emulation of the Pop School which he does from several different perspectives over the years. None disappointed me and several excited me. This show reflects that point. The work is pure realism but his outstanding control over light make each piece standout. You will see the Pop School but also De Chirico in the painting titled Little Red Ridinghood. And he still have a sense of humor as exhibited in the work Chateau Migraine, Vintage 1984. Well, from my experience I have never had a hangover from drinking an Appellation Saint-Julien Controle. However, from French rot-gut, sure. But, perhaps, that has to do to the fact that with a prestigious Bordeaux vintage I have a tendency to sip and not guzzle. It has as much to do with my appreciation as it does with its price. (150×150 cms.m, acrylic on canvas @ 15,000 euro.) Until 4th November.

Gould’s 3D List, 30th November 2012