DAHBOO777 – One of America’s Biggest Problems: Officials Being Paid Off with Bribes from the Wealthy

Gepubliceerd op 22 mrt. 2017

A federal grand jury has returned a 23-count indictment against Philadelphia District Attorney Rufus Seth Williams, charging him with taking bribes amounting to tens of thousands of dollars from two wealthy business owners.
The charges were announced Tuesday by Acting New Jersey US Attorney William Fitzpatrick, who took over after the US Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania recused his office from the case.

The indictment accuses Williams of accepting cash bribes and other gifts including 16 round-trip airline tickets, an all-inclusive vacation to the Dominican Republic and a Jaguar convertible.

“The indictment alleges that as District Attorney, Mr. Williams compromised himself and his elected office by standing ready to help those who were willing to pay him with money, trips, and cars,” Fitzpatrick said, according to the Justice Department.

“Mr. Williams’ alleged willingness to compromise his position of public trust in exchange for private financial gain is all the more unfortunate given that he was elected to protect the interests of the people of Philadelphia as their chief law enforcement officer,” he added.


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