Daan de Wit – The death of Princess Diana: accident or murder? (2)

Debris, possible evidence of an earlier crash seems to have been ignored

Princess Diana (foto tenor.com)

Princess Diana (foto tenor.com)

The death of Princess Diana: accident or murder? (2)

A few days ago, the French wound up a report that stated that Henri Paul, the chauffeur of the car of Diana and Dodi, was drunk that fateful night, and that that fact explains the accident. The British still have not filed a report because the Royal House kept preventing it, while according to British law it is mandatory to investigate the deaths of British people abroad. It is highly probable that very soon British law will change in this respect so that this kind of investigations will not be needed any more.

Al Fayed supports Henri Paul’s family who demand an independent investigation which up to now has been refused. The thought behind the demand is that the reports about Paul are not based on his body, but on someone else’s. On June 3, the British independent television network ITV aired a one-hour investigative report, “Diana: The Secrets Behind the Crash”, that seriously discredits French police claims that driver Henri Paul was drunk at the time of the crash’, writes research bureau EIR.
Al Fayed places an article on his site by Mossad expert Gordon Thomas from the Sunday Express of June 23. Al Fayed’s lawyers follow up on it, also because Al Fayed thinks that the tapes will prove that Diana was pregnant. The NSA (big brother of the CIA) has 1056 pages about Diana that it will not release. Breaking news: In 2004 The Observer writes: ‘Last night the NSA confirmed to The Observer that it held intelligence on Diana, but stressed it had never actively monitored her movements. […] After years of lobbying, the NSA has now handed over a few documents to Fayed’s team, but sources who have seen them say they are so heavily censored they are ‘virtually impossible’ to read. […] Subsequent inquiries by private detectives and lawyers hired by Fayed proved a series of classified documents did exist within the vaults of U.S. intelligence services. Sources close to Fayed say he will be calling for the files to be released to the royal coroner. ‘It’s an area he would like to be investigated more’, the source said’.

Secret report allegedly contains A murder conspiracy

Al Fayed does have another report. It was offered to him in a hotel in Vienna for ten million Pounds by Oswald LeWinter (aka George Mearah), Keith Fleer, Pat McMillan and George Williamson. Al Fayed felt that he was being blackmailed by LeWinter and had him arrested. LeWinter is now held in a Swiss prison. DaanSpeak had called LeWinter some time before in connection with a different case. In his function of disinformation specialist of the CIA, LeWinter had been part of the clean-up crew of the October Surprise, a series of secret and illegal agreements between George Bush Sr. and the government of Iran. At that time, we did not do anything with the information because it came from the mouth of a self-proclaimed disinformation specialist.

On the Al Fayed site: To this day, LeWinter claims that, although the documents seized in his hotel in Vienna are forgeries, their content is accurate, and reflects the contents of actual CIA documents.í He [Al Fayed] called LeWinter “a gangster, a crook,” but said he now believes much of his story. Otherwise, he says, the United States would have taken action to prosecute the men. “They know they have covered up” he said’, writes the Washington Post in a long article from February 2001 titled: ‘Tinker, Tailor, Poet, Spy? He’s Played the Part of an Ex-CIA Agent for Years Now. It’s a Convincing Act.’ The article tears down LeWinter so mercilessly that you start to wonder what the intention of it could be. This particular report contains a few interesting elements. For instance, the electronics of the Mercedes of Diana were allegedly tampered with. [The report] dated June 17, 1997 […] highlights a request from the security service MI6 for a “permanent solution to the Dodi problem” and details plans to sabotage an Al Fayed Mercedes – “stolen and returned with electronics missing.”

And the report allegedly stated that Prince Phillip would have said: ëSuch an affair is racially and morally repugnant and no son of a Bedouin camel trader is fit for the mother of a future kingí. The report was also dealt with in the lawsuit that Al Fayed filed against LeWinter: ‘ The court heard the paperwork included reference to a conversation between MI6 and the CIA over a request from Buckingham Palace that action be taken to stop the relationship between the Princess, the mother of the heir to the British throne, and the “son of a Bedouin camel trader”. The papers then record a response from the CIA recommending that the British contact a hit squad in Geneva. LeWinter said he was a go-between for the people who supplied the documents and Al Fayed. He refused to name the others’, writes The Telegraph on October 3, 1998. The Mirror writes: But despite repeated requests, the CIA has refused to say whether the documents are genuine.

Breaking story, June 2005: In the English TV program The Richard and Judy Show, Annie Machon, former MI5 agent and partner of MI5 whistleblower David Shayler, states that the documents of LeWinter are part of a classical MI6 sting operation. The reason of the action would be that MI6 could easily prove later-on that the documents were fakes, whereby the subject of Diana being the victim of an attack would have died a quiet death. In her book which has not yet been published, ‘Lies & Whistleblowers: MI5, MI6 and the Shayler Affair’, she would write that it was not the intention of MI6 to kill Diana, but that this plan failed.

White Fiat Uno

EIR writes:  Tests of the paint and bumper scratches on [… a white Fiat Uno] matched those on the side of the Mercedes carrying Diana and Dodi, according to forensic reports contained in the files of chief investigating magistrate, Hervé Stephan. All of France has been turned upside down to find that Fiat. But without success. What is known in the meantime is that two hours after the night-time accident a paparazzo who had been a witness, was on the plane to Corsica. The man’s name is James Andanson, he owned a white Fiat Uno and possibly was the man who rendered the chauffeur of Diana helpless with a flash of an anti-personnel laser weapon. Three weeks after the accident, Andansons French photography press bureau is broken into by masked men who take three long hours to look through the photographs. Within 36 hours, other photography press bureaus are also invaded during which at least one person is hit by a bullet. Three years later, the charred remains of millionaire Andanson is found in his burned-out car (not his white Fiat, by the way). It seems like a movie, the author of the script Paparazzi also thought.

In the magazine HUMO of August 1, 2000, the artist Rob Scholte states: ‘I bought the Fiat Uno that caused the accident of Diana in the tunnel. I want to honor her. […] This Fiat Uno was built especially for the attack on Diana. On one side it was armored and equipped with a mechanism that blocked the engine of the Mercedes all at once. That proves that it concerned a murder. Why do you think that the car is said to be untraceable for the past four years? And the entire time people are incarcerated who have to name the name of the person who leaked to the CIA, who comes to the same conclusion.
I put 60.000 guilders […] of my own money into the solution of the worst crime of this century. Just because I have been harassed so terribly, and because I cannot accept that the untruth becomes the truth. I want to exhibit this car just like my own car. As a piece of art. HUMO: ‘How is it possible that a Dutch artist is able to buy such a hot piece of evidence?’ Scholte: ‘Well, it is not here yet, is it? It is not even within the realm of influence of the European Union’.

Investigative reporter Jan Portein writes in a very different connection also about Scholte and the Fiat Uno: ‘The painter [Rob Scholte] wanted very much that the [art]expert [Michel van Rijn] would set up a meeting for him with Scotland Yard. This because thanks to hired private detective Jeroen van Oostveen, he was able to lay his hands on a white Fiat Uno for about 100.000, that allegedly played a role in the accident c.q. attack on Princess Diana in Paris. Well, talking about laying his hands on, Scholte had never seen the car. After a meeting in the Winston Hotel in the Warmoesstraat in Amsterdam of a group that, among others, even had the infamous disinformation king Oscar [sic: Oswald] LeWinter as a member, the car was allegedly taken to a safe place in Hungary. The Fiat in question was allegedly prepared for the attack in Israel, and the Iran-Contra star Oliver North would then have taken care of it getting to Paris, after which the “accident” followed in the tunnel. Because of this story by the duo Scholte/Van Oostveen, which reeked strongly like the rancid concoctions of Ludlum, Van Rijn could not believe his ears. But he nevertheless organized a meeting between the sympathetic artist and Chief Inspector Ellis of Scotland Yard. The initiative of Scholte, fed by his unbridled idealism, naturally ended in a vacuum. Scholte is on Tenerife and appears ‘not to have a telephone connection there’ so DeepJournal was told.

More questions

There are more questions; questions that will be examined a little closer in a future article about Diana. Why didn’t the cameras along the route function? Why did the ambulance go slower than someone on foot? Why do the French police say that the Mercedes drove at least 120 miles per hour because the speedometer was frozen at 120? Daimler Benz says that the speedometer cannot freeze.
There are answers also. According top former MI6 spy Richard Tomlinson, chauffeur Henri Paul was an informant for the British secret service MI6 and for the French secret service. Tomlinson says that the accident is very similar to a plan by MI6 to murder Milosevic. Supposedly a blinding anti-personnel laser was used, one of the weapons Diana fought against. The ITV documentary also cited several eyewitness accounts that a powerful burst of light inside the tunnel, seconds before the crash, may have blinded Paul. Owen showed a commercially produced anti-personnel laser, that he purchased in a Paris shop for $300, to buttress the possibility that such a device was used in the vehicular attack’, writes EIR. Breaking story of June 2005: Nicholas Davies, author of the book ‘Diana – Secrets & Lies’, is convinced of a flash in the tunnel as part of the murder plot. In his opinion, the flash came from a paparazzo in service of MI5, James Andanson.

The mystery in pictures

There are video fragments about the Diana mystery that can be seen on the site of Al Fayed. It is not very clear what the names are of the people being interviewed. Following is a table of contents of the scenes that can be seen.

Scene (1)

Animation of the crash; Diana is afraid of MI5 and MI6; Al Fayed says that it is a conspiracy and that he will not rest before.

Scene (2)

Someone says that even before the blood was tested, it was stated in the press that the driver had blood alcohol levels three times the legal limit. He calls that disinformation by secret services. A doctor was refused to perform an independent physical exam on the corpse of Henri Paul, the chauffeur. His liver was normal, but he was called an alcoholic. The drugs in the body of the chauffeur that were talked about were almost immeasurable, and according to the interviewee they were traces of a commonly used anti depressant. The day after the crash he spoke to the bodyguard who had been with Paul all day, who said Paul had not been drunk.
Three days before the crash, Paul had had a medical check-up. He passed the test well; not as an alcoholic or drug user. A certain professor reviewed the autopsy report about Paul. There was 20,7% carbon monoxide in his lungs. A very high percentage. A doctor says that at the start of the trip, Paul must have had a throbbing headache. But in the pictures of Henri Paul just before he left he showed no tell-tale signs, says the doctor. Dodi had no carbon monoxide in his blood. The question is if it was really the blood of Paul that was examined. The French refuse an independent examination. That night there were 15 people in the morgue, and the blood looks like that of someone who committed suicide by asphyxiation.

Scene (3)

Henri Paul had $ 300.000 in his bank account. Just before, he allegedly spoke to an agent of the French secret service. They left in a way that (stated later by bodyguard Trevor Reese-Jones) was against all protocol. You see an animation of the surroundings of the hotel.
Animation: A motor bike ‘blocks’ the exit to the Champs Elysées and the Mercedes enters the tunnel. A white Fiat Uno overtakes the Mercedes on the right, which then moves into the left lane, closely along the pillars. The motor bike overtakes the car and flashes backwards. Mercedes crashes into the thirteenth pillar.

Scene (4)

After two weeks, the French admit that there are scuff marks on the Mercedes of a white Fiat Uno. The interviewee says that our investigation showed that the car belonged to James Andanson. Two hours after the crash, Andanson takes a flight to Corsica. Three weeks later his office is broken into, for three hours masked men search for something. Within 36 hours, two more photography press agencies are broken into. In May 2000, Andanson is found charred in his car.

Scene (5)

It took 1.43 hours for the ambulance to take Diana to a hospital 3,8 miles down the road. Her medical information has not been released and the doctors are not allowed to talk to the press. Was she pregnant? In any case they were (according to what father Al Fayed says on screen) in Paris to get engaged. Dodi had abought a ring for Diana. Al Fayed paraphrases the statement of Prince Philip and says that the Royal House would not have permitted Dodi etc.

Scene (6)

Diana feared for her life. [As Diana told her therapist: “One day Iím going to go up in a helicopter, and itíll just blow up. MI5 will do away with me.” From the book ‘Diana On The Edge’ by Chris Hutchins and Dominic Midgely].

Want to know more?

There is a book titled ‘Princess Diana: The Hidden Evidence‘. Years of work that began with disturbing accounts from a veteran CIA contract agent have culminated in the forthcoming publication of Princess Diana: ‘The Hidden Evidence’. “I’d worked with this source on other cases,” said co-author Jon King. “So when he came to me, a week before the crash, and said there was going to be an attempt on Diana’s life, I knew enough to take him seriously. But we didn’t know where it would happen, we didn’t know when…” “We can at least see that the truth comes out”, added co-author John Beveridge. Presented in the form of a trial, this book lays out the unsettling evidence that the Royal establishment and British Intelligence (with support from the CIA) colluded in the death of Princess Diana.
On the site of Al Fayed: Three years after Princess Diana was killed, half the people of Britain believe that her death was suspicious, so it reads in The Sunday People. ‘And that rises to a massive six out of ten of the under 35 S. They agree Harrods’ boss Mohamed Al Fayed has reason to doubt the official version of events surrounding her death. In a sensational survey by respected pollsters NOP published exclusively in the Sunday People today, many think the tragic deaths of Diana and her lover, Mr. Al Fayed’s son Dodi, were no accident, according to the site of Al Fayed.

The Dutch in this article has been translated into English by Marienella Meulensteen.


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