Daan de Wit – The death of Princess Diana: accident or murder? (1)

Flowers left outside Kensington Palace for Princess Diana’s funeral

Princess Diana (foto tenor.com)

Princess Diana (foto tenor.com)

The death of Princess Diana: accident or murder? (1)

The death of Princess Diana is still to this day surrounded by mystery. The question remains as to whether the princess was a victim of an ordinary automobile accident or a murder plot. Yesterday it was made known that Prince Charles was formally interviewed for several hours last week. The pieces of the puzzle point to a conspiracy to murder, but the picture remains unclear. DaanSpeak sets out the facts.
Of all the people digging for the truth in this case, the most important is Metropolitan Commissioner Sir John Stevens, who by way of ‘Operation Paget, would examine every theory thoroughly and insisted that all parties, including Mr Fayed, should accept his conclusions’, reports The Telegraph. Last year Stevens declared that Diana’s death was not the result of ”a sad but relatively straightforward traffic accident’ [and as a consequence] has fuelled speculation that Britain’s most senior police officer will ask the NSA and other US intelligence agencies to co-operate with the inquest and hand over their files’, reports The Observer. There is more to read about the NSA files on Diana in a previous part of this DaanSpeak series.

Diana warned of plan by Charles to attempt murder

‘In a letter that she herself wrote, Diana stated that Charles and his friends were plotting to kill her. “My husband is planning ‘an accident’ in my car, brake failure and serious head injury in order to make the path clear for Charles to marry”‘, reported Nu.nl on Sunday, in reference to an article in The Sunday Times. When the British newspaper The Mirror publicized the letter in 2003, it was not allowed at that time to disclose the identity of the person that Diana was accusing of a plot to kill her, which is why the photo (left) of the accompanying letter had the person’s name blanked out. Nu.nl went on to say: ‘The British Crown Prince Charles has been formally questioned in the death of his wife Princess Diana. The former head of Scotland Yard, Lord Stevens, spoke with the prince for several hours in his palace Clarence House in London concerning the circumstances that led to the death of Diana in 1997 in a car accident in Paris. According to the British paper The Sunday Times, the interview was a part of the investigation into allegations that the accident was not accidental.’ ‘The prince’s interview marks the final stage of the investigation, believed to have cost more than £2.5m. Stevens’s report is expected to be finished by the spring and the inquest could be resumed’, according to The Sunday Times.

Diana was pregnant

Besides the possible cover-ups at the crash site and with the chauffeur’s autopsy (described in a previous part of this series), there is also a potential cover-up regarding the procedural breach that occurred during the post mortem of Diana’s physical remains: ‘Professor Dominique Lecomte examined Diana’s body on the night she died. She then embalmed the Princess in an apparent breach of French law but has always refused to explain her actions’. Furthermore, lawyers for Dodi’s next of kin claim that ’the patologist and Dr Gilbert Pepin, a toxicologist, falsified evidence to the original nquiry into the death of the Princess’, reported the Daily Express on August 1st of this year. ‘Experts have argued that the decision to embalm Diana’s body using formaldehyde would have tainted any samples taken at a subsequent post mortem examination in London. As a result, any positive pregnancy test was likely to be incorrect. […] A senior French police officer who insisted the crash was a straight forward accident, claimed last year that he had seen medical papers showing that Diana was pregnant.’
‘Dodi’s father, Mohamed al Fayed, owner of the exclusive London store Harrods, said he believes his son and Diana were murdered by British secret services as their relationship was embarrassing the royal household’, reports Reuters. On his website Al Fayed writes: ‘I was very close to Diana and I know many things from her that show that this was no accident. One thing that will be shown to be true when the inquest [by Lord Stevens] is held is that Diana was pregnant with my son’s child. The lives of these two innocent people and the life of their unborn child were taken from them by evil forces who, as I have said before, are controlled by the Royal Family under the rule of the most wicked of men, Prince Philip.’

Diana S fatal ride in A substitute car

On March 16, 2005 Nu.nl reported: ‘The British Princess Diana perished in a substitute vehicle. The car in which they actually wanted to depart the Ritz Hotel in Paris failed to start. But it could also be the case that Diana and her friend Dodi al-Fayed chose another car at the last minute in order to divert paparazzi. This is evident from correspondence that took place between British functionaries and the government in London shortly after the accident on August 31st, 1997 in Paris. The official documents were made public after an appeal was made to the British Freedom of Information Act, reported the BBC broadcast of Tuesday Evening.’

Two of Diana S lovers died in spectacular accidents

Besides Diana, two of her lovers also died as a result of spectacular accidents. In a videotaped recording Diana states that she had a relationship with her bodyguard Barry Mannakee and that he was murdered by the Secret Service as a result. The Daily Mail reports: ‘A sensational claim by Princess Diana that her former bodyguard was murdered for having an affair with her is being investigated by Scotland Yard. Her beyond-the-grave testimony that royal protection officer Barry Mannakee was deliberately killed in a motorcycle crash 17 years ago is said to be on a video filmed in the early Nineties. Officers unearthed the 90-minute film – shot by her former voice coach Peter Settelen – while gathering evidence for the inquest into her death. On it, Diana is said to confess to an affair with the married detective and claims he was targeted by security service agents as a result.’
Another of Diana’s lovers was John Kennedy Jr. ‘Princess Diana had a passionate affair with John F. Kennedy Jr. This is maintained by the newspaper The Sun in a new book about the princess, once the wife of Prince Charles’, reported Nu.nl on June 27th. And just like Diana, Kennedy Jr. also lost his life in a spectacular accident. That seems to happen an awful lot to likely candidates for office (Kennedy Jr. was reportedly about to announce his candidacy for office). There is even a website devoted to this topic; read more about it in this DaanSpeak (see: Politicians Killed in Aircraft Accidents and Disasters).

The Dutch in this article has been translated into English by Ben Kearney.