Curaçao Chronicle – Constancia MP assaults McWilliam MP in Parliament (filmpje) + Plet offered 300 thousand guilders to overthrow government + Criminal investigation against Constancia

Jacintha Constancia MP assaults Giselle McWilliam MP in Parliament

Willemstad – The Member of Parliament for MFK Jacintha Constancia assaulted her colleague the Member of Parliament for MAN during the public debate on the dissolution of Parliament. McWilliam had just spoken and she mentioned a criminal case that Constancia is involved in. Constancia is a suspect in a criminal investigation involving the sale of medical face masks.

Constancia has since apologized to McWilliam. She said she was angry because of the statements made by McWilliam during her dissertation.

Many MPs said that they are ashamed because of the incident. Elsa Rozendal also MAN, calling it unacceptable. The meeting was suspended immediately after the incident. Constancia has been arrested. McWilliam has filed a complaint against her.

Constancia also indicated that she will resign as Member of Parliament.

Curaçao Chronicle, Thu, Feb 23rd, 2017



Plet offered 300 thousand guilders to overthrow the government

Willemstad – The Member of Parliament for MAN Yael Plet spoke to various media yesterday the attempt to bribe him to overthrow the government. This attempt was even before the Members of Parliament for Pueblo Soberano (PS) Melvin Cijntje and Sherwin Leonora withdrew their support for the Government of Prime Minister Hensley Koeiman.

The person who offered the money wanted Plet to defect to the opposition bloc in parliament. There are speculations about who did the attempted bribery. Plet only said that it was someone he knew from a distance.

Plet did not want to comment on how much money was offered to him. But there are several media that reported that the MP was offered 300 thousand guilders to overthrow the government.

Plet indicated that he immediately informed his party leader Hensley Koeiman about the attempted bribery. Last week he filed a complaint at the Public Prosecution (OM). The OM is now investigating whether there are sufficient grounds to proceed with a criminal investigation.

Curaçao Chronicle, Thu, Feb 23rd, 2017

Criminal investigation against Member of Parliament Jacintha Constancia

Willemstad – The Public Prosecution has taken note of the events in Parliament this afternoon. In response to these events, the Attorney General has ordered the Investigation Team Curaçao to carry out a criminal investigation.

Member of Parliament Giselle McWilliam has not filed a formal complaint against Jacintha Constancia MP.

Elsa Rozendal MP has also filed a complaint against Mrs. Constancia for threats.

Constancia was arrested by the police and is currently being interrogated by the Investigation Team Curaçao.

The criminal investigation is continuing.

Curaçao Chronicle, Thu, Feb 23rd, 2017

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