The Corbett Report | James Corbett – WHO BILL GATES IS, AND WHY YOU CAN T ESCAPE FROM HIM (Full Documentary)

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Young Bill Gates (foto Pinterest)

Young Bill Gates (foto Pinterest)


Thanks to RichieFromBoston.

Full four part series produced by James Corbett delving into Bill Gates and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


00:00:00 – Part 1 – How Bill Gates Monopolised Global Health
00:24:06 –  Part 2Bill Gates Plan to Vaccinate the World
00:52:15 –   Part 3Bill Gates and the Population Control Grid
01:29:10 –   Part 4 – Meet Bill Gates


He does A lot of good work, James Corbett. Points just enough arrows in the right direction of certain influences for bright folk to join the dots on their own, but he holds back on being as explicit as he could be in order to remain on JewTube.
Were he any more explicit, I guess he wouldn T be on YT anymore. He S A great entry point to the “truth movement” for normies. I VE sent so many normies to his channel over the years.

Kasandra StonedCrow

Monopolized the market like Standard Oil and the government again rewards scum like Billy Goats instead of hold them accountable

Hey lets all not forget about the 5G attack also!!! They are hitting us with several kill methods at once. I predict MILLIONS will die this fall and they will blame the Corona Virus.

arup01 EUropathelastbattle
And inject more vaccines!! Sick!

I don T see his hands, failing, about when someone is interrogating him. MR ill fates is A total pansy. He is not smart, he S just demon infested.


Trust me (foto Bitchute)

Trust me (foto Bitchute)

For He hath weighed
the age in the balance,
And by number hath He numbered the seasons;
Neither will He move nor stir things,
Till the measure appointed be fulfilled.”
(iv) Esdras (iv, 36, 37)
The ancient terrifying Tradition. Thousands of Years ago, there were the Nephelim“.
Halfbreeds. Human and Fallen Angels mix. 200 in Total, known as “Watchers“, and they all “Glowed“, with radiance. 20 Types, some even quadrupeds. The World was very “Lord of the Rings” like.
And the ancient megalithic sites and artifacts discovered, attest to that World. The 200 were super intelligent and hadabilities“. As was to be expected, the Earth population grew and Mankind, started worshipping them. As “Gods“. Men were put in charge, to feed the thousands of Giant children, of the Watchers, as also their populations grew. At some point, the food stores and acquisitions, ran out and men could not keep up. So all the Half breeds and monsters, started killing mankind, and eating them. The World became very evil, violent and dark. To Nightmarishly so. The Hero of Men, in that World, was called Enoch. Divine intervention ensued. The Watchers were imprisoned and they had to witness their children, kill each other off, and the remenants, finished off by men. A giant Worldwide flood, finished off everyone and everything. Only eight persons survived the old World. Moreover, their children, the Nephilim“, were cursed, to remain as foul & evil spirits, until Kingdom come, (soon BTW). What you consider, demons and devils, are in fact those Nephs, still around. They have abilities, and have grown worse over time, in the dark Arts & crafts, of evil & wickedness. They can also manifest through men, who are only utilized as “hosts” for these spirit creatures and monsters. By the dark works, which they do through men, they can “charge” their energies, for lack of A better word, and fly upwards to Heaven. Even through the firmament“. But never reach their goal, ever. They are dispelled and forced back to the Earth and discharged electrically, back through the firmament. As Muses they work with Humans, in all kinds of sorceries , but of lesser nature. EvenTechnologies“, are taught men. These are the Lights you see, flying at night, and move even intelligently.
And the Earth, is NOT Heliocentric.
And “science fiction“, taught to you through scrying mirrors, are in fact powerful deception, Enchantment, Hypnosis, Mesmerism and invocations. Of A lesser nature. The Human organic brain, is A Ghost Machine“. Prone to Highjacking and no passenger limit. To our advantage, mankind has been given the Wisdom and knowledge, to dispel, all these things of lesser nature, 2000 Years ago. Therefore, it is in our best interest to aspire for that very goal.
Its really not that hard. Men just needs convincing. Works perfectly on A individual basis. The invocation of the Holy Ghost, is by assimulating the
Gospel given, with actually reading it, and pondering it very seriously.
Matthew 7:7
Ask, audit shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”
The USA is the one place, that has perverted and corrupted the entire World, with TV, Movies, music and all kinds of useless feasts. Mystery Babylon has A Baphomet statue, Georgia Guidestones, Ishtar and the likes. Yeah, you are so in trouble for sure. USA Has also become, the habitation of devils. Near all possessed by evil spirits. Likely invoked. Occult technologies everywhere! Electronic Motherboards, are based on the floor plans, of the ancient Sun cities”. Built by the ancient fallen Watchers, before the great deluge. Combine scrying mirrors with Ouija boards, Presto! You have PCs and IPhones. Stop watching TV. Stop being Mind Kontrolled.
Gold and silver is smoothed by fire. Trials of the clay, in the hands of the Potter. For where there is A Living God, there is no such thing, as coincidences.
2 Corinthians 2:11
Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.
All screens are scrying mirrors.
Code = {A 6 | B 12 | C 18 | D 24 | E 30 | F 36 | G 42 / H 48 | I 54 | J 60 | K 66 | L 72 | M 78 | N 84 | O 90 | P 96 | Q 102 | R 108 | S 114 | T 120 | U 126 | V 132 | W 138 | X 144 | Y 150 | Z 156}
SUN CITY” = 666 & COMPUTER” =  666.
Other words that can also be decoded are Technologic, Sattelite, Augmentati & Roadcasting.
Use the above code and ad up the corresponding letters, of each word given, separately. See what number you get for each separate word. Sciences = Sorceries. It S simple really. The adversary likes to complicate and confuse.
Don T be confused.
Who do you think, teaches men, the secrets of sorceries and or the Technologic?
Wisdom Understanding & Discernment, walk Hand In Hand. Applied inseparable from each other. The correct foundation, is what angers you. You can T negate the spiritual aspect, of A Organic Biped. The superior Organism, on this Habitat. Son of Man, 2000 Years ago, gave us the Key and the example, and there is none like Him. The nature of it, is of A Profound understanding, and by its Power, you are corrected.
Even as A organic organism. That is your adopted Gospel. Your core program algorithm. Or it should be. The enemy can T delete and supress it, but he sure is trying. When he succeeds, he will be taken out, for good.
Not without many losses. Sadly. Digital Technologies, and all its dark aspects, has become Mankind S worst enemy. It is ethically & morally downright repugnant, to augment Human or animal flesh with technologies, notwithstanding implants and the injection of foreign objects, elements. And it should be considered A Human Individuals
RIGHT, to refuse or decline , any such procedures, even under pain of death. Regardless of what that might entail.
1 John 4:4
Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is He that is in you, than He that is in the World.”
You should not thank me, but Him that sent me. The messenger is not important, only the message is. My “self” is, insignificant, in such matters. To me, A worthy cause. Its what you know, that makes you free.
Daniel 8:25
And through His policy also He shall cause craft to prosper in His hand; and He shall magnify Himself in His heart, and by peace shall destroy many: He shall also stand up against the Prince of Princes; but He shall be broken without hand.”

Againt the Prince of Princes (foto Bitchute)
Against the Prince of Princes (foto Bitchute)

Josephine Dorion

That is the most satisfying sight to see scum gates with A pie shoved right in his face.

Crazy technomarxist nerd, beat it up.

I swear in this one, please share

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