Cor Hendriks – The Arrival of the Pyramids

One of the biggest riddles of the past is without a doubt the pyramids of Egypt. Of course they didn’t one day drop out of the sky but they still boggle the mind in their size.

‘Most men contrive to find what they are looking for, so it is hardly surprising that visionaries discover in this mound of stone support for their delusions, yet some of the measurements found appear to possess significance transcending chance coincidence. The height of the Pyramid [of Cheops] is one thousand millionth of the distance from the Earth to the Sun.’ (Drake, W. Raymond, ‘Gods and Spacemen in the Ancient East’, New York 1973 [= 1968], 142)

As the distance from the Earth to the Sun is not a constant, does this mean that the height of the Pyramid is variable?

Some riddles of the pyramids and other prehistoric monuments are documented in the following video:

Everything you’ve been taught about ancient history is a lie PT.1

Gepubliceerd op 21 apr. 2015

As in the days of Noah… high tech society….and presence of the “Fallen ones”. These structures were built in the antideluvian period. The whole Idea that these were built by the Egyptians is a lie….more like a joke! These structures were there and the Pharaoh decided to use it as a tomb! There are many attempts to recreate these structures by the ancient Egyptians and you can see their mini , crumbling , mud pile attempt.


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Everything you’ve been taught about ancient history is a lie pt 2

Gepubliceerd op 21 apr. 2015

Egyptians did not build the pyramids…they were built in the days before Noah by the fallen angels / nephilim
If you missed part 1 of this video here’s the link.