Cor Hendriks – Qanon (3): de volgers van Q

De volgers van Q laten zich ruwweg indelen in twee groepen: diegenen, die de ‘crumbs’, die bijna dagelijks, soms meerdere per dag, door Q worden ‘gedropt’ op de ‘boards’, volgen en uitleggen, en een tweede groep van diegenen, die de Q-drops volgen maar deze niet tonen. Van deze laatste groep heb ik in vorige aflevering (Qanon Extra 1) voorbeelden laten zien van Martin Brodel en Steve Motley, de X22Report, HeydonMusicpage, American Intelligence Media; van de eerste groep was er een voorbeeld van Truth and Art TV.

In deze aflevering bekijken we vooral de eerste groep nader en we gaan verder na de spannende live-uitzending ( van de verhoren van Christine Blasey Ford, de professor in de psychologie aan de Stanford Universiteit, die met een raar stemmetje sprak (diverse imitaties doen de ronde op het web:, en Brett Kavanaugh, die duidelijk heel erg boos was over de manier waarop hij werd behandeld. Het ging vooral om de getuigenis van Christine Ford en diverse analysen ervan zijn op het internet te vinden, door een vrouw (26:46) ‘Body Language: Brett Kavanaugh Hearing Christine Blasey Ford’ van Body Language Ghost, gepubliceerd op 27 sept. 2018 of door een man (23:48) ‘Body Language Analysis: Brett Kavanaugh Hearing Christine Blasey Ford’ van Life Coach Toronto Giovanni Maccarrone, gepubliceerd op 29 sep. 2018. Een prijzende bespreking van de openingspeech van Brett Kavanaugh wordt gegeven door de vorige keer door mij genoemde Dr. Steve Turley (12:04) ‘Brett Kavanaugh Spoke on Behalf of ALL Conservatives!!!’, gepubliceerd op 28 sept. 2018 (1.130 v; 166 r). Een uitgebreide bespreking van de zaak wordt gedaan door de eveneens de vorige keer door mij genoemde Tracy Beanz in de video (49:47) ‘Commentary and Analysis on the Kavanaugh Debacle’. Een volger van Q maakte de volgende video: (9:13) ‘One Day More @JennyHatch #QAnon #Kavanaugh’ van Jenny Hatch, gepubliceerd op 28 sept. 2018 (4.430 v; 93 r). Een video van een andere Q-volger is (15:35) ‘Q Anon : I Believe – Welcome Aboard JUSTICE K /Breaking news’ van HeydonMusicpage, gepubliceerd op 28 sept. 2018 (5.230 v; 103 r). Een Canadese Q-volger maakte de video (38:53) ‘The #Kavanaugh #Sham EXPOSED! He SHOULD be CONFIRMED! #Feinstein is a #Traitor’ van Billy Joyce, gepubliceerd op 28 sep. 2018 (4.993 v; 313 r). Tekst: ‘Canada’s Red Pill – September 28th 2018 : If we rely on the #FakeNews #MSM for information, anyone who didn’t watch the #Kavanaugh & #Ford hearings yesterday would think that #BlaseyFord presented concrete, corroborated evidence for the claims she’s made against the renowned #Judge . In reality, there was #ZEROEvidence presented and in fact, the 4 #Witnesses whom #Ford says were at the party ALL DENY THE ALLEGATIONS ! Not to mention the nearly 100 women and men who’ve known #JudgeKavanaugh their entire lives who sent letters of support. #Ford couldn’t name a place, a time or any kind of motive. She couldn’t find a single person to corroborate her claims including one of her own personal friends. #Kavanaugh provided detailed accounts of his activities in the summer of 1982. This was and continues to be nothing more than the #AngryDemocrats trying to block #Trump nomination to #SupremeCourt . Now that they have no leg to stand on, it’s full blown #TemperTantrums.’

Statement by Ford at the polygraph (SpaceShot76)

Statement by Ford at the polygraph (SpaceShot76)

Ik heb een screenshot gemaakt van een deel uit de handgeschreven statement van de polygraph, waarover Tracy spreekt, uit de video van een volger van Q: (19:33) ‘Q anon 9/30/18 Hunt for Red October’ van SpaceShot76, gepubliceerd op 1 okt. 2018 (8.555 v; 251 r). Tekst: ‘Was it part of the plan to have RR tell Flake to stall the nomination of Kavanaugh? In any event the FBI is now looping into it, what will they find? Hopefully they will find dirt on Feinstein and Blasey?’ Het is bijna niet te geloven dat dit het schrift is van een volwassen vrouw, die professor is en talrijke academische artikelen heeft geschreven. Mijn non-professional conclusie is, dat Mevr. Ford werkelijk onder de bus is gesmeten, dat haar brein is ‘gescrambled’ en opnieuw geprogrammeerd, iets wat door de Republikeinen werd begrepen of aangevoeld, vanwaar er geen enkele aanval wordt (werd) ondernomen op de geloofwaardigheid van Dr. Ford.

Het verslag, opgemaakt door de prosecutor Rachel Mitchell, wordt uitgebreid besproken door de bekende commentator Stefan Molyneux: ‘RACHEL MITCHELL BOMBSHELL REPORT ON DR. FORD’ (31:18), gepubliceerd op 1 okt. 2018.

Een persiflage was snel gemaakt: (7:27) ‘Christine Blasey Ford UNDERCOVER audio DISCOVERED!!!!’ Van Stay Free And Strong, gepubliceerd op 29 sept. 2018 (164.396 v; 2.441 r).

Een kritische bespreking is (14:58) ‘DR. FRAUD: The Dark Liberal Mind of Christine Blasey Ford’ van Atlas Vlog, gepubliceerd op 29 sept. 2018 (6.026 v; 140 r).

Een al eerder uitgekomen goed geïnformeerde video van een Trump-ondersteuner is (56:12) ‘CHRISSY’S DIRTY LITTLE SECRET – Christine Blasey Ford is a Liar & Hypocrite & AGENT OF THE NEW LEFT’ van InspoNews – Federico Intelligence Report, gepubliceerd op 23 sept. 2018 (BREAKING:Dr.Christine Blasey Ford has a dirty little secret – but are people falsely accusing her of being a liar & a hypocrite? Find out in this hard hitting report. And so now, please CALL every GOP Senator and tell them to get a backbone and vote this man in – the globalists on the left are using this “woman out of the blue” strategy to ruin good candidates for office now, It is becoming destructive to our rule of law and nation. It must STOP NOW! They need to draw the line. 1-202-224-3121[.] Actually, her parents and the Holton-Arms all girl prep school have a some dark secrets as well. In this report, find out the context in which “Chrissy” found herself as a 15 year old girl at the all uppity rich white girl’s school of corruption. One of the enduring mysteries of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s decision to level last minute allegations of sexual misconduct against Judge Brett Kavanaugh is why her social media and online presence were so thoroughly scrubbed prior to her charges against Kavanaugh becoming public. Although internet sleuths have tracked down a few photos and articles from Dr. Blasey Ford’s professional output, she effectively ghosted herself prior to going public – a very unusual move for someone who requested and anticipated anonymity from the Democrats through whom she leveled the charges against Judge Kavanaugh.The ghosting of Christine Blasey Ford was so thorough that her high school alma mater, the prestigious all-girl Holton Arms School, even pulled the yearbooks for the years during which she was a student, when a teenage Brett Kavanaugh allegedly attacked her. However, one prescient, and as yet anonymous, blogger downloaded copies of the yearbooks and posted key pages that describe the social life of “Chrissy” Blasey and her social set. In this report we will delve into her “social set” at the Holton-Arms Prep School – their practices and wild parties – how can this woman throw stones at anyone? Especially when witnesses who were present at the House parties in question, have just come forward to clear Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Sen.Feinstein’s plan to Lynch Judge Kavanaugh- Senate Judiciary Committee will hopefully hear testimony from Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh this coming Thursday ( if they can appease her numerous, unreasonable requests) so the process of confirming this great judge can proceed. Let’s pray so.)

Screenshot Fox (30-9-18)

Screenshot Fox (30-9-18)

Een nieuwe video van InspoNews – Federico Intelligence Report na afloop van het proces is (1:11:06) ‘CHRISSY FORD:A DNC/Soros Funded Activist & Bernie/Hillary supporter-A LIAR & A SHAM’, gepubliceerd op 30 sept. 2018: BREAKING: Guilty until proven innocent now are we America? Really? CHRISSY FORD is a DNC activist funded by George Soros -a life long Bernie & Hillary supporter – CIA Operative with strong family connections to the darkside of the agency. She is in fact a NWO”trial run” for all the women they have lined up to falsely accuse President Trump in order to impeach him. The globalists are relentless – but so aren’t the MAGA patriots! (If the GOP loses the House & Senate in the upcoming crucil midterm elections they will have the House try to impeach a great president.) CHRISTINE BLASEY FORD IS A TOTAL SHAM. She is affiliated with an abortion company. Follow the money! She has now raised close to a million dollars for he sham “security force” and legal fund – to pay legal fees to her supposed “pro bono” attorneys. LIARS ALL! George Soros secretly backs her go to left wing lawyer-Katz and her other Democrat attorneys. Folks this was not only unethical but an illegal non-disclosure. Her quest has nothing to do with justice but she is part of a vicious well funded SMEAR campaign to malign and slander a good man and destroy is family. Not only did this event NEVER TAKE PLACE – it is the biggest FRAUD ever perpetrated on the US Senate in its storied history. As soon as the President gets rid of the current horrible Attorney General and gets a quality patriot in his place – that AG should investigate and PROSECUTE this SAHAM accuser and LIAR – the wilted” mentally unstable” halting voiced deceiver who hoodwinked the entire Senate – but NOT INSPONEWS. InspoNews and it’s sources know who and what she is – what a low life she is and who she represents. This is a direct attack upon the rule of law and our entire American system of “innocent until proven guilty.” Her an her fake over traumatized Sarah Bernhardt shaky voice should be in a prison. She’s another godless, DNC/George Soros leaker and a liar with no conscience willing to destroy a beautiful family with lies and slander. The “event” this CIA affiliated fake actor claims that she was the victim of – never happened- which is why she has no timeline, place, date or people as a witness to this non crime. Also, Senator Whitehouse from Rhode Island leaked a slanderous accusation to the media as well and has a violated the law, He is a felon along with the Chinese spy Dianne Feinstein – she and her staff all leaked the most false, unsubstantiated and uncorroborated salacious fake charges to the media as well. And Chrissy Ford was aware of the planned leaks and leaked as well. CALL YOU US SENATOR NOW – ESPECIALLY JOE MANCHIN OF WEST VIRGINIA, MURKOWSKI OF ALASKA AND SUSAN COLLINS OF MAINE. 1-202-224-3121 – TELL THEM TO VOTE TO CONFIRM JUDGE KAVANAUGH ASAP AS THE NEXT SUPREME COURT JUSTICE OF THE UNITED STATES – THAT YOU ARE TRIED OF THE CRIMES AND TREASONOUS CHARADES.

Stroppy Me (29-9-18)

Stroppy Me (29-9-18)

Een volger van Q is prayingmedic, die goedverzorgde video’s maakt, waarvan ik een aantal heb bekeken. Op 28 september publiceerde hij de video (30:32) ‘Qanon September 28 – Welcome Aboard, JUSTICE K’ met de begeleidende tekst:‘Qanon gives us the inside scoop on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.’

Een andere volger van Q maakte de volgende video over de zaak: (12:56) ‘The Frightening Reality Behind the Blasey Ford Circus Revealed’ van Truth and Art TV, gepubliceerd op 28 sep. 2018 (18.223 v; 439 r).

Een uitermate stevige positie in de zaak wordt ingenomen door de outspoken Republikeinse Judge Jeanine op Fox: (42:22) ‘Justice With Judge Jeanine 9/29/18 | Breaking Fox News | September 29, 2018 van Jesse Watters Fox, gepubliceerd op 29 sept. 2018 (23.653 v; 408 r).

De lachende Demon-rats

De lachende Demon-rats

Op maandagochtend ging de Mediadiscussie verder: (47:32) ‘Outnumbered 10/1/18 | Breaking Fox News | October 1, 2018’ van Jesse Watters Fox, gepubliceerd op 1 okt. 2018 (1.140 v; 54 r).

De hele persconferentie met president Trump is hier te zien: (1:18:16) ‘🔴 President Trump EXPLOSIVE Press Conference on New USMCA Trade Deal with Canada, Mexico’ van Space Force News, gepubliceerd op 1 okt. 2018 (13.080 v; 726 r). Tekst: ‘President Trump delivers VICTORY Speech in the White House Rose Garden on new trade agreement reached between the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.’

Het laatste woord van de Senatoren (afgelopen maandag) is hier: (29:33) ‘🔴 Mitch McConnell VS Chuck Schumer at Senate DEBATE on Kavanaugh Nomination to Supreme Court’ van Space Force News, gepubliceerd op 1 okt. 2018 (1.862 v; 402 r). Tekst: ‘SENATE to VOTE This Week! GOP Majority Leader Senator Mitch McConnell debates Minority Leader Democrat Chuck Schumer at Senate on Judge Brett Kavanaugh Nomination to Supreme Court’.

Het laatste nieuws is te zien in de Tucker Carlson Show van maandagavond: (40:40) ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight 10/1/18 | Breaking Fox News | October 1, 2018’ van Jesse Watters Fox, gepubliceerd op 1 okt. 2018 (113.228 v; 2.358 r). Of in The Ingraham Angle: (41:42) ‘The Ingraham Angle 10/1/18 | Breaking Fox News | October 1, 2018’ van Jesse Watters Fox, gepubliceerd op 1 okt. 2018 (25.281 v; 502 r).

Tony’s 24/7 Eyes – Lindsey Graham #BooedForSupporting Trump mocking Dr Christine Ford

Gepubliceerd op 3 okt. 2018

Lindsey Graham #BooedForSupporting Trump mocking Dr Christine Ford


Live Q programma te zien op (LIVE) ‘Q:2018 WILL BE GLORIOUS. PREPARE FOR ‘SKY IS FALLING’ WEEK.’ Van Patriot News, wordt gestreamd sinds 30 sept. 2018.

American Intelligence Media – Democrats’ Plan for a HUGE Blue Wave

Gepubliceerd op 30 sep. 2018

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HET LAATSTE NIEUWS: (34:44) ‘🔴 White House EXPLOSIVE Press Briefing with Sarah Sanders on Judge Kavanaugh vs Dr. Ford Accusation’ van Space Force News, gepubliceerd op 3 okt. 2018. Tekst: ‘Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders White House Press Conference and answers reporters’ questions on President Trump mocking Dr. Christine Basley Ford at rally for ‘I don’t remember anything’ at Accusation Testimony of Judge Brett Kavanaugh’.

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