Cor Hendriks – Qanon (2): Het Q-Anon Phenomenon (vervolg)

De vorige keer hebben we het artikel van Paris Martineau in de New York magazine van 19 december 2017 bekeken met de daarop volgende 97 reacties, voor het grootste deel afkomstig van mensen, die of in Q geloofden of het artikel afkraakten (of allebei). Ditmaal laat ik de tekst volgen van een recent artikel uit de New York Times ( van 1 augustus van Justin Bank, Liam Stack en Daniel Victor met de titel ‘What Is QAnon: Explaining the Internet Conspiracy Theory That Showed Up at a Trump Rally’ en het intro: ‘Do you remember Pizzagate? It’s a little like that: a web of baseless conspiracy theories. And its supporters were highly visible at an event for the president in Florida.’

Those watching President Trump’s rally in Tampa on Tuesday couldn’t help but be exposed to a fringe movement that discusses several loosely connected and vaguely defined — and baseless — conspiracy theories. In one shot on Fox News, the president was partially obscured by a sign ( in the crowd reading “We Are Q.” In another shot during the president’s speech, a sign promoting the debunked Seth Rich conspiracy theory (, with the hashtag #Qanon, came into focus in the center of the screen. Some attendees wore T-shirts with a blocky Q. Others held up signs with the letter ( They were all self-described “followers of Q,” an anonymous person or group of people who claim to be privy to government secrets. That supposedly classified information has been revealed on the 4chan and 8chan message boards and spread around mainstream internet platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Q has attracted people — the exact number is hard to know — eager to consume his “bread crumbs,” or new details in a sprawling web of conspiracy theories. What is going on?

Just give me the basics so I can minimally understand what’s going on

Here is the short version: Q claims to be a government insider exposing an entrenched, international bureaucracy that is secretly plotting all sorts of nefarious schemes against the Trump administration and its supporters. The character uses lingo that implies that he or she has a military or intelligence background. It’s a stew of various, but connecting, conspiracy theories that generally hold Mr. Trump as a conquistador battling a cabal of anti-American saboteurs who have taken over government, industry, media and various other institutions of public life in a plan to … well, the overarching goals of the nefarious actors are not clear.

The slightly longer version

A growing group of people (more on the scale and scope of that community below) are coalescing around a collection of theories and half-thoughts that they believe reveal an untold story of current world events. To decode what they believe is actually happening, followers of Q sift through the president’s tweets, government data sets or news articles. Ben Decker, a research fellow at the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy at Harvard, described followers of the QAnon narrative as “an interactive conspiracy community.” Sometimes followers of Q just look for signs that he exists. A popular Rosetta Stone they use is to look for uses of the number 17 (the letter Q’s placement in the alphabet). So when Alabama’s football team presented Mr. Trump with a jersey with the number 17, it was taken as coded signaling of Q’s influence  ( [thans verwijderd door reddit]). (The team was visiting the White House as the champions of the 2017 college football season and had presented President Barack Obama with a jersey bearing the number 15 ( when it visited after winning a championship in 2015.) Q’s followers ascribe secret coordination and hidden motives to an endless parade of politicians, journalists, and leaders of industry and other institutions. Often, their theories are wildly at odds with reality. The community uses the language of mind-bending pop culture alternate realities like “The Matrix” or “Alice in Wonderland.” It is common to tell stories of how followers have been “redpilled (,” or have come to believe that observable reality is false and the QAnon narrative is real. The shared rush to interpret clues from a “drop” of information from Q resembles something close to what video gamers call an MMO, or massive multiplayer online game.

Why should I care about a fringe corner of the internet?

Because QAnon is not limited to a fringe corner of the internet. In addition to its front-and-center presence at Mr. Trump’s rally, it has been promoted by celebrities including Roseanne Barr ( and Curt Schilling (, the former baseball star who has a podcast for Breitbart. The paranoid worldview has crossed over from the internet into the real world several times in recent months. On more than one occasion, people believed to be followers of QAnon have shown up — sometimes with weapons — in places that the character told them were somehow connected to anti-Trump conspiracies. “The biggest danger is you are one mentally unstable person away from the next massive incident that defines whatever happens next,” Mr. Decker said. “The next Pizzagate, which for better or worse did define the political conversation for a while.” In June, a man armed with a rifle and a handgun drove an armored vehicle to the Hoover Dam ( on what he said was a mission from QAnon: to demand that the government release the Justice Department’s report from its inspector general on the conduct of F.B.I. agents during the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server. The report had actually been released the day before, but Q’s followers believed there was a secret, second report that contained far more damning information about the F.B.I. There is no indication that such a report exists. The man was arrested after a standoff with the police. Most recently, a suspicious and possibly armed man showed up at the law offices of Michael Avenatti, the lawyer for Stephanie Clifford, the adult film performer known as Stormy Daniels, after Q posted a link to Mr. Avenatti’s website and a picture of the office building. The man did not enter the premises. In an interview, Mr. Avenatti said he had received a large number of threatening emails and social media posts in recent months, “but this one we have significant reason to believe posed a significant threat.” He said local law enforcement was investigating the incident. “I do think it is dangerous, absolutely,” Mr. Avenatti said. “And I think it is incumbent upon the president to quash this nonsense as opposed to feeding it.” Mr. Decker said the prominence of QAnon T-shirts and signs at Mr. Trump’s televised rally in Tampa, and the elevation of that imagery via cable news coverage of the rally, were troubling. “In a sense, the internet won,” he said. “These are communities craving attention, they’re craving media appearances, they’re craving exposure so they can further propagate,” he said. “It is very concerning to exponentially increase the audience of this content to eight-, nine- or 10-figure populations.”

What else can we say about the size and scope of this community?

The /r/GreatAwakening ( [bestaat niet meer, zie daarvoor in de plaats:]) subreddit board vibrantly shares memes with 49,000 followers, making it a medium-size board. There are Facebook groups, one of the most popular of which has nearly 40,000 members sharing hundreds of posts with one another a day. Video explainers of Q followers talking through potential connected topics have racked up millions of views on YouTube (, and the numbers of tweets out there are too numerous to count (and the difficulty in discerning genuine posts versus bot activity makes Twitter a poor measuring stick anyway). But perhaps the greatest signal of the sustained, dedicated audience for this discussion can be found in the seismic traffic to websites and apps set up to collect and curate preferred 4chan posts about Q. In April 2018, an app called “QDrops” was among the 10 most downloaded paid iOS apps in the Apple Store, according to an NBC report ( that cited an analytics site. The site was created ( in March 2018 and has quickly established an audience of over seven million visits a month, according ( to the web analytics company SimilarWeb.

De auteurs van bovenstaand artikel zijn:

Justin Bank is a senior editor for internet and audience. He was previously a senior editor at The Washington Post. @bankonjustin
Liam Stack is a political reporter. Before joining the politics team, he was a general assignment reporter based in New York and a Middle East correspondent based in Cairo. @liamstack
Daniel Victor is a New York-based reporter, covering a wide variety of stories with a focus on breaking news. He joined The Times in 2012 from ProPublica. @bydanielvictor

The Young Turks (Screenshot d.d. 29-8-18)

The Young Turks (Screenshot d.d. 29-8-18)

Op basis van dit artikel verscheen dezelfde dag een aflevering van The Young Turcs op YouTube: De Young Turcs zijn anti-Trump, zie de bovenstaande afbeelding van een aflevering uit 2017: If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck…

Volgens de begeleidende tekst is ‘rechts’ officieel de weg kwijtgeraakt. Cenk Uygur en Ana Kasparian, de presentatoren van het programma, leggen het uit (met een link naar het bovenstaande artikel in de New York Times).

Er zijn tot op heden 4.698 reacties, die ik natuurlijk onmogelijk allemaal kan bespreken. Het vereist zelfs de nodige moeite om bij de eerste te komen. Voor zover ik kan zien is de eerste van DJ2011 ( ‘QAnon is a false prophet for the false messiah.’ Dit is dubbelop: bedoeld is ‘een profeet voor de valse messias (Trump)’. Dan volgen 4 reacties van adam smith, telkens ‘Q’. Op de eerste reageerde TheJcanno8: ‘V’. Op de derde reageerde Jason Harris met ‘It stands for Quintessential douche’. Ik sla een paar over. Hunter Grant schreef: ‘I always thought those anonymous videos where [= were] bullshit’. Er zijn 4 reacties hierop: SpockCanYouSaveme: ‘Q Anon is not the same thing as Anonymous.’ Hunter Grant: ‘SpockCanYouSaveme[:] perhaps. But there likely bullshit video non the less’. Laurette LaLiberte: ‘Not all, but some people have tried to glom on to the format to spread BS. Anonymous is a loose network of techs and hacktavists around the world, not a club that you join. Sometimes working together, most often within their own little collectives. There are identifiers to let you know which are valid releases. OAnon has nothing to do with Anonymous.’ SpockCanYouSaveme schreef: ‘Hunter Grant[:] you might be watching the wrong Anonymous videos, if the video you see leans to the left of right and is mostly political it’s one of the fake people posing as Anonymous. They state that they stay out of politics.’

Dan volgt de opmerking van P_ Rips: ‘WWG1WGA’, waar 27 reacties op zijn. Davon Reeves vroeg: ‘P_Pips[:] could you tell me please who is Seth Rich?’ ranger1000 antwoordde: ‘Davon Reeves[:] he was the DNC leaker who got ahold of all podesta’s email who was then murdered in a robbery where nothing was taken’. Tony P voegde hieraan toe: ‘ranger1000, but he wasn’t the leaker. It was proven that Russian hackers got Podesta’s inocuous e-mails about what Italian food he and his brother were going to cook for their family get together. Rich’s family has sued people who promote the lie that he was murdered because he knew too much.’ Faustino Asprilla schreef: ‘Tony P[:] Nope the DNC never gave the FBI access to their servers. Instead they hired Crowdstrike and it was CS that claimed Russia hacked………PS Trump has the server’. ranger1000 schreef: ‘Tony P[:] no he was the leaker, even Kim dot com even said and even agreed to testify to mueller that seth rich was the DNC leaker. but of course mueller the coward that he is ran away, the other person who can say it is julian assange since they were sent to wikileaks’. Daarop schreef Tony P: ‘Faustino Asprilla drinking the Kool-aid. You actually believe what that shit? With no proof, just Internet conspiracies?’ EriolTolkien schreef: ‘Go to reddit [dit is opgeheven] or 4chan or 8chan and look for yourself. Think For Yourself. Trust Yourself.’ DJ 2011 voegde toe: ‘Think for yourself by doing what I tell you. “Trust the plan!”’

DJ 2011 uit de kritiek: ‘Nothing says independent thinkers like 10 guys all chanting the same slogans. WWG1WGA. Q. MAGA. What virtue signaling brainless garbage. What Orwellian “great awakening,” a mass hypnosis of propaganda consumption.’

keith parkhill vervolgt het debat: ‘EriolTolkien[:] Professional hits leave no bodies to find. Because until the body is found , it’s considered a missing persons. This is where having common sense pays off.’ Vervolgens schreef sympthylost: ‘Davon Reeves[:] Pretty sure Seth Rich is the child of parents who want nothing more than for people to STFU about their son so they can grieve in peace already. Paraphrasing, of course.’

EriolTolkien schreef: ‘Military Intelligence plan. Notice the distinct lack of focus on the military? Hmmm what do you think they are doing in the shadows while the legal and political process is in complete chaos? Think Big Picture. Flynn Kelly Mueller Pompeo all military. Semper Fidelis. Think for yourself. AND Trust the Plan’.

Tony P schreef: ‘EriolTolkien, yeah. Those are all fake. Nothing but conspiracy theories. No evidence. No one willing to be identified.’

Twitter Rage schreef: ‘Shut it down’.

Curtis Edward schreef: ‘Tony P[:] Proven by who? The television tells you it was Russians, so it automatically fact?’

Insurance Casino schreef: ‘This is really getting scary folks. Qanon was cooked up by the Mercers from what I have heard. They just created an uncontrollable monster folks. Qanon will reach out to all the nut cases just like ISIS did. We are in trouble with this new social Weapon.’

Twitter Rage schreef: ‘Insurance Casino[:] it’s clearly a successful psyop.’

Lotho K antwoordde op ‘Go to reddit or 4chan or 8chan and look for yourself’ met de opmerking: ‘No thanks. I’m not interested in child porn.’

sprybug schreef: ‘Erio, you’re forgetting one of the biggest military warhawks of them all. Bolton, and guess what position Trump gave him? NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR. FFS, SMH. I can always poke holes in your guys’ conspiracy theories. It’s so easy, because logic.’

kcbh24 schreef: ‘EriolTolkien[:] I thought Trump is pouring every cent he can into our military to make sure it’s the best force in the world? I thought Trump said the military floundered under Obama and he had to fix it to make it great again?’

Geoff Baumgartner schreef: ‘Liking my wacky comment enforces my tribal feeling of belonging.’

Insidious Vidz schreef: ‘Curtis Edward[:] The television has people in it who are human. The same human who tell you it’s not Russia. Derp. EVERYONE but Russia says it was Russia. The WH entire cabinet, Sessions, State dept. CIA + FBI + every national newspaper/mag. Even Trump is acknowledging it now.’

MrAndMrs Alexander schreef: ‘Insurance Casino: This post has been copied and pasted many other places.’

Curtis Edward schreef: ‘Insidious Vidz[:] You think that Trump, the State Department, news outlets ect [= etc] are going to blame a cyber security breach on internal forces instead of Russia?😂 Yeah the Optics on that would look fantastic.’

Dit is slechts het allereerste begin van deze eindeloze discussie, die weinig verduidelijkt, maar laat zien dat er grote verschillen zijn in de interpretatie van het Q-fenomeen, variërend van totale onzin tot totale zin. Een middenweg hiertussen bestaat niet: je bent ‘aan boord’ met het PLAN of je verwerpt het PLAN, ontkent het bestaan van een PLAN of beschouwt het PLAN als de instelling van een totalitaire, fascistische staat.

The Plan (Screenshot x22report 1667a)

The Plan (Screenshot x22report 1667a)

Is TRUMP een man met een PLAN?

Speciaal voor alle twijfelaars aan het bestaan van een PLAN heb ik een screenshot gemaakt van een afbeelding uit het x22report 1667a (zie bovenstaande afbeelding), waarop het PLAN te zien is, d.w.z. een klein deeltje ervan, want het PLAN is heel groot en omvat vele onderdelen van de overheid. Een van die onderdelen is Q, die het contact met de achterban verzorgt. De verbinding tussen Q en Trump is overduidelijk voor de Q-volgers, maar wordt niet luidkeels geproclameerd, want de VIJAND luistert mee. Iedereen kan de Q-posts lezen en ook kan iedereen de tientallen video’s, die dagelijks uitkomen van de volgers van Q, volgen en dat wordt gedaan door twee groepen: de grote groep van Q-volgers, die in Q geloven, en de zeer kleine groep van fanatieke tegenstanders van Q, die proberen erachter te komen wat het PLAN is om het op alle mogelijke manieren dwars te zitten.

Screenshot The Charisma Matrix (3-7-18)

Screenshot The Charisma Matrix (3-7-18)

Onze minister-president Mark Rutte was ook op bezoek bij Trump. Hij is uiteraard niet op de hoogte van het PLAN, want hij behoort tot het kamp van de tegenstanders. Zie op de bovenstaande screenshot hoe hij zich probeert los te rukken uit de ijzeren greep van Trump. Hoor hoe hij ‘Nee’ zegt tegen Trump.

The Charisma Matrix – “NO!!!” Dutch Prime Minister TELLS OFF TRUMP Right To His Face (Body Language Breakdown)

Gepubliceerd op 3 jul. 2018

The Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte literally shouted “NO!” at Donald Trump during what was supposed to be a standard photo op.

In this video, we’ll break down exactly what happened between them and then analyse how both sides handled it from a social dynamics perspective.

Here’s what I use to make my videos:

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Zo heeft Q onlangs gewezen op het belang van de benoeming van Brett Kavanaugh tot rechter van het Supreme Council (= SCOTUS) en dat dit zeker gaat gebeuren op 3 oktober a.s. Dit is onderdeel van het PLAN. De ‘Deep State’, die een groot deel van de MSM controleert, heeft een tegenoffensief gelanceerd in de persoon van Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, die verbonden lijkt te zijn met een abortion pill fabrikant en een linkse activist is, gesteund door George Soros, en mogelijk een CIA operative, een ‘plant’ van de ‘Deep State’.

De zaak wordt intensief gevolgd door een Q-aanhanger, genaamd Martin Brodel, een ‘gewone’ Amerikaan, een man van mijn leeftijd, die net als andere Q-aanhangers (waarover meer in de volgende aflevering) met eenvoudige middelen het ene videootje na het andere laat verschijnen. Ik weet niets van hem, heb hem pas nu ontdekt met deze Kavanaugh-zaak, die ik met grote interesse volg, omdat het een soort lakmoestest lijkt te zijn om te bepalen wie waar staat. Uiteraard is Martin niet onbevooroordeeld, hij is immers een Q-aanhanger en weet van het belang van Kavanaugh voor het plan, wat veel verder gaat dan het anti-abortus-standpunt (pro-life) dat hij inneemt. De eerste video met betrekking tot de Kavanaugh-zaak die ik heb opgenomen is van 18 september en gaat over de brief, die Blasey Ford in juli stuurde aan de Democratische senator Dianne Feinstein: (10:13) ‘Here Is a Copy of the Letter Far Left Activist Blasey Ford Sent Feinstein in July on Kavanaugh’ van Martin Brodel, gepubliceerd op 18 sept. 2018 (4.755 v; 118 r).

De volgende video’s zijn van vrijdag 21 september; de volgorde is niet duidelijk. De eerste gaat over de tegemoetkomingen van de Republikeinen: (6:30) ‘Senate Republicans Make Counteroffer to Christine Blasey Ford With Friday Deadline’ van Martin Brodel, gepubliceerd op 21 sept. 2018 (2.035 v; 45 r). De tweede gaat over de eisen, die door de Democraten worden gesteld: (4:40) ‘Democrats’ Changing Demands for Christine Blasey Ford’s Testimony’ van Martin Brodel, gepubliceerd op 21 sept. 2018 (1.799 v; 34 r). De derde gaat over de achtergrond van de zaak: (8:49) ‘Was Kavanaugh Accusation An Orchestrated Hit Involving Fmr Anita Hill Adviser/martial law?’ Van Martin Brodel, gepubliceerd op 21 sept. 2018 (2.056 v; 40 r).

De zaak ging naar een hoogtepunt op zaterdag met diverse deadlines, die werden overschreden. Martin maakte zelfs 4 video’s met betrekking tot de zaak en ook ditmaal is de volgorde niet geheel duidelijk. De eerste gaat over de door de Democraten gehoopte ‘Blue Wave’ in de komende verkiezingen (wat een reden is voor de vertragingstactiek): (6:00) ‘What Blue Wave? Dems Losing Ground In Miami Congressional Race’ van Martin Brodel, gepubliceerd op 22 sept. 2018 (1.594 v; 34 r). De tweede gaat over het overschrijden van een van de deadlines: (6:00) ‘Kavanaugh Accuser’s Lawyers Refuse to Meet Grassley’s Final Deadline’ van Martin Brodel, gepubliceerd op 22 sept. 2018 (2.397 v; 69 r). De derde is een diepgaande analyse van Christine Ford: (10:22) ‘Christine Ford’s Secret Tells Point To Powerful, Deeper Motive’ van Martin Brodel, gepubliceerd op 22 sept. 2018 (666 v; 15 r). De vierde tenslotte is een onthulling van de achtergrond van de brief; het lijkt erop, dat dezelfde brief al eerder werd verzonden maar niet gebruikt in de zaak rond de aanstelling van rechter Gorsuch: (2:28) ‘ford sent exact letter when Justice Gorsuch was nominated’ van Martin Brodel, gepubliceerd op 22 sept. 2018 (1.716 v; 39 r). Dit laatste ben ik nog niet tegengekomen in de MSM (Mainstream Media).

Clinton in defense mode (screenshot 19-9-18)

Clinton in defense mode (screenshot 19-9-18)

In de MSM zien we Hillary Clinton bij Rachel Maddow twee handen op één buik:–Xs (5:03) ‘Clinton: W.H. Should Ask FBI To Reopen Brett Kavanaugh Background Check | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC’ van MSNBC, gepubliceerd op 18 sept. 2018 (61.422 v; 757 r). Tekst: ‘Hillary Clinton talks with Rachel Maddow about what the appropriate course of action is to ensure that Catherine Blasey Ford’s accusation of sexual assault against Brett Kavanaugh is properly vetted.’ Vragen om onderzoek door de FBI is een vertragingstactiek want de zaak valt niet onder de FBI, etc.

Op FOX News, het Trump-kamp, zien we (6:47) ‘’An Unthinking Cult’: Malkin Calls Out Liberal Hollywood Women for Anti-Kavanaugh Video’ van Fox News Insider, gepubliceerd op 20 sept. 2018 (66.167 v; 1301 r). Michelle Malkin appeared on “Fox & Friends” Thursday to weigh in on the latest in the controversy surrounding Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Ook de alternatieve media volgen de zaak met grote belangstelling. De bekende (outspoken) rechtse commentator Dr. Steve Turley maakte tenminste twee video’s over de zaak, de laatste op 19 september: (9:54) ‘Christine Ford’s Allegations Against Brett Kavanaugh are Falling Apart!!!’ Van Dr. Steve Turley, gepubliceerd op 19 sept. 2018 (34.592 v; 815 r). (59:46) ‘Feinstein’s plan to Lynch Judge Kavanaugh-5 GOP Senators say they reserve the right to change’ van InspoNews – Federico Intelligence Report, gepubliceerd op 18 sep. 2018 (5.089 v; 172 r). Tekst: ‘Most likely JUDGE KAVANAUGH WILL BE CONFIRMED BY THE SENATE. The president has just said that the FBI is not interested in investigating this so it won’t even get as far as it did with Anita Hill. Still, BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY and we will stir the pot a little in this report. Sorry but really we are taking all worse case scenarios- we hope she doesn’t even show up on Monday – but what if there is an X person who contradicts the judge and can prove they were at that party ? We try yo cover all the bases here – we are not so insipid as to “play into the hands of the enemy” BUT we believe the maxim of Sun tsu 500 BC -“To know thine enemy is to win a 1000 battles'[.] OK -so what if over 35 years of time the Judges memory failed him- what if he did kiss a girl after having a couple of beers at a party – what if she embellished that? He needs to be prepared and have his memory jogged by anyone who may have been at that house party period. If he doesn’t recollect properly and another “friend” of hers or him shows up at that senate haring on Monday and he says he wasn’t even at the party then that constitutes lying and Grassley said that could be a disqualifier. This is not a good thing no matter – but if he said he may have kissed a girl at a party – it would save him from lying or appearing to lie when he simply forgot or could not recollect- i know he’s honest- but what if someone contradicts him at the hearing? I don’t care how the president came across – that’s a possibility the Prez is not mentioning – that’s not un-statesmanlike – thats wisdom- THINK[.] We like to show here the BIG PICTURE as to what the globalists and Chinese spies are up to by throwing this Christine Ford in front of a freight train. Oh i know, she’ll probably get a left wing BOOK DEAL from some Trump hating publisher. Sen.Feinstein’s plan to Lynch Judge Kavanaugh-5 GOP Senators are now undecided – Senate Judiciary will hear testimony from Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh on Monday.’

De mij verder niet bekende jonge commentator Zach Hing is meer een verontruste burger: (10:02) ‘Democrats are at a New Low, Kavanaugh Update’ van Zach Hing, gepubliceerd op 22 sept. 2018 (2.142 v; 119 r). Tekst: ‘False accusations and allegations do nothing but delegitimize real victims of abuse. I’m with Kavanaugh, and I believe in his innocence. The Democrats will do whatever it takes, from spreading lies and defamation to prevent people from getting voted in and taking office.’

De voormalige feministe en thans pro-gun activiste Dana Loesch spreekt zich uit op een FRC-bijeenkomst: (19:26) ‘Dana Loesch: Kavanaugh Allegations & Why Doesn’t Christine Ford File A Police Report 9/22/18’ van LIVE ON-AIR NEWS, gepubliceerd op 22 sept. 2018 (4.032 v; 177 r).

De zaak kwam tot een hoogtepunt op zaterdagavond (onze tijd: middag in de VS). Ik kon de kwestie live volgen op Agenda-Free TV, een mij onbekende zender: (LIVE) ‘Kavanaugh Accuser Deadline – LIVE COVERAGE’ van Agenda-Free TV, 1 uur geleden gestart met streamen (588 v). Tekst: ‘The Senate Judiciary Committee has given Christine Blasey Ford until 2:30PM ET to respond to their invitation to testify next week. Join us for LIVE COVERAGE as the deadline approaches! Dr. Ford has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her at a party when they were in high school. The Senate Judiciary Committee has been negotiating with Dr. Ford’s attorneys about whether she will testify and under what conditions. Her attorneys have until 2:30pm ET to agree to terms, or Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley says the Committee will vote on Kavanaugh on Monday. In this live stream, host Steve Lookner brings you the latest updates as the deadline for Judge Kavanaugh’s accuser approaches, and he’ll also read your comments and questions on the air!’ Het antwoord van de advocaten van Blasey Ford komt op 55:00, een halve minuut vóór het verstrijken van de deadline.

Agenda-Free TV - Kavanaugh1

Agenda-Free TV – Kavanaugh1

Ik heb 4 screenshots gemaakt van het programma, de eerste om 2.40 PM, d.w.z. een minuut of 10 na het ontvangen van het antwoord van de advocaten van Christine Ford. De brief is in beeld met eronder de headline, die Steve (@Lookner) in eerste instantie intypte na het lezen van de eerste zin van de brief. Deze eerste zin was echter een afleidingstactiek van de advocaten, want uit het vervolg van de brief blijkt dat Dr. Ford de gestelde voorwaarden niet accepteert, dus dat er niets is veranderd en Steve veranderde de headline om 2.41 PM (screenshot 2).

Agenda-Free TV - Kavanaugh2

Agenda-Free TV – Kavanaugh2

Steve voorspelt dat de MSM in de val van de advocaten zullen trappen en de eerste foutieve headline zullen voeren en de eerste, die rapporteert, is AFP, die inderdaad zegt dat Dr. Ford akkoord is om te getuigen, terwijl ze in feite niet akkoord is.

Agenda-Free TV - Kavanaugh3

Agenda-Free TV – Kavanaugh3

De vierde screenshot toont de pagina van het steunfonds voor Dr. Ford, waarop inmiddels meer dan een ton is gestort.

Agenda-Free TV - Kavanaugh4

Agenda-Free TV – Kavanaugh4

Dit geld is bedoeld voor het inhuren van dure advocaten, dus de soap zet zich ongetwijfeld de komende week voort.

Lees het vervolg: Qanon (3): de volgers van Q.

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