Cor Hendriks – De Koude Oorlog met China en de Wu Flu (2)

USChina Cold War (foto paxforex)

China is niet alleen verantwoordelijk voor de uitbraak van de Corona Virus pandemie; de Chinese Communistische Partij is ook verantwoordelijk voor de algehele instorting van de economie.

De CCP leiding wist al vroeg van de uitbraak, maar onderschatte het gevaar en liet het Nieuwjaarsfeest gewoon doorgaan; toen brak de epidemie uit en China ging in overdrive, maar hield de zaak onder de pet en liet het vliegverkeer gewoon doorgaan, waardoor het Corona Virus zich over de hele Wereld kon verspreiden, terwijl ze zelf over de hele Wereld de voorraden mondkapjes en andere noodzakelijkheden opkochten.

Deed de CCP dit met opzet? We moeten aannemen van wel en dus zijn ze verantwoordelijk voor de schade, die ze in de Wereld hebben aangericht. Het was een stille Oorlogsdaad, het met opzet aanrichten van economische schade in andere landen.

Medeverantwoordelijk voor de huidige tragedie is de WHO, met name Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, die volledig op de hand van de CCP is en meedeed met het onder de pet houden en minimaliseren van de zaak totdat over de hele Wereld de ziekte uitbrak en er sprake was van een pandemie. Zie (9:00) ‘’World Health Organisation has been bought out by Communist China van Sky News Australia, 14 apr. 2020. Het laatste nieuws is, dat president Donald Trump heeft besloten de bijdrage van de US aan de WHO op te schorten.

China onder de leiding van de CCP moet worden beschouwd als een terroristenstaat, die de hele Wereld willens en wetens in gevaar heeft gebracht. Ze moeten worden uitgesloten van de UN, van de WTO en zeker van de WHO, die laatste moet zeer worden hervormd, wil het nog nut hebben.

Ondertussen is de Oorlog tussen China en de US (de rest van de Wereld) duidelijker geworden, zie Evenals en en zeer recent en de video op de pagina

Bij Sky News Australia zijn ze al tijden zich bewust van het probleem gevormd door China. (16:50) ‘Alan Jones says he was subject to ‘extraordinary outburst’ by Chinese newspaper’ van Sky News Australia, 15 apr. 2020. ‘Sky News host Alan Jones says he has been subject to an extraordinary outburst by a Chinese tabloid newspaper following his recent comments about the appalling decision for the reopening of wet markets in the communist state. There is no doubt that the Australian public are starting to wake up to China,” Mr Jones said. “I made comments last week about the appalling decision of China to reopen its wet markets”. “This led to an extraordinary outburst in the Chinese Global Times where several pages of a story were dedicated to accusing me of fabricating facts, lying and being a racist”.Good luck to them,” Mr Jones said. Mr Jones and fellow Sky News host Graham Richardson also spoke with Liberal Senator Alex Antic about the Communist Party of China’s role in the spread of the deadly Corona Virus pandemic. I think what we’re seeing now is a new chapter in Australia – China relations,” Mr Antic said. He said the current situation has shown a vulnerability in Australia and that as a nation we must become “more self sufficient” than we are. He said the nation must take a “good, hard look” at our relationship with the Communist Party.’ (9:16)China must explain Corona Virus catastrophe’ van Sky News Australia, 15 apr. 2020. ‘If China wants to remain part of the Main Stream international community it must allow a rigorous, independent and full throated global investigation into the “origins of the Corona Virus catastrophe according to former foreign minister Alexander Downer. China has been criticised for its conduct when the Corona Virus crisis was at its nascent stage. Authorities in China may have been aware of the novel pathogen as early as October 2019, although Beijing did not concede how severe its outbreak was until late January 2020 and was slow to close its borders, ensuring COVID 19 spread around the globe. The World Health Organisation has also been criticised by leaders from across the globe after it recently endorsed China’s decision to re open its notorious” wet markets. That is despite strong evidence wet markets, which is where humans and exotic and rare animals are in very close contact, are vectors for serious communicable diseases. COVID 19 is thought to originate from a seafood wet market in the central Chinese city of Wuhan, while the deadly SARS outbreak was traced back to a wildlife trade market in Guangdong province in 2003. Mr Downer said China owes to the World an independent investigation into how this happened.” “They may be resistant, they may want to do the investigation on their own, but this has had a huge consequence for the World,” he said. “China owes it to the world for there to be a strictly independent investigation. It would take a lot of explaining for them to come out and say to the rest of the World; we are going to ignore your concerns.” (53:47) ‘Michael Auslin And Lanhee Chen: COVID 19, China And The Political Fallout van HooverInstitute, 3 apr. 2020. ‘Hoover Institution Fellows Michael Auslin and Lanhee Chen provide a briefing on the COVID 19 pandemic, China, and the Political Fallout. (32:55) ‘CHINESE RESEARCHERS: Corona Virus bats linked to Chinese government LABS, not wet markets’ van Rebel News, 2 apr. 2020. ‘Ezra Levant of Rebel News reveals studies and other evidence that while the Corona Virus can be traced back to bats, but not in the way we might think. MORE: (6:58) ‘We Should Boycott China’ van Akkad Daily, 25 mrt. 2020. ‘We seriously need to rethink our relationship to China.’ (14:16) ‘The Conservatives Finally Turn on China’ van Akkad Daily, 29 mrt. 2020. ‘China is a fascist state. It’s time we rethought our relationship to it accordingly.’ (20:01) ‘Is China the most RACIST country in the World?’ Van serpentza, 27 mrt. 2020. (1:19:35) ‘China Just Banned All Foreigners From Entering The Country | Episode #22’ van ADV Podcasts, 25 mrt. 2020. (13:45) ‘Rachel Maddow’s Anti Trump Show Being Used as State Controlled Chinese Propaganda!!!’ van Dr. Steve Turley, 23 mrt. 2020. ‘Rachel Maddow is currently being featured on state controlled Chinese television as part of the communist propaganda machine; that’s right! Keep in Mind, this is the same Rachel Maddow that wants the networks to stop broadcasting President Trump’s daily press briefings because she’s accusing him of spreading misinformation. We’re going to take a look at what’s going on in China right now as we speak, how networks like MSNBC are actually being used as pro Chinese propaganda, and why it’s all part of the Main Stream Media’s continued credibility implosion; you’re going to love this! (21:23) ‘VP MIKE PENCE CLEARLY WARNED US OF TODAY’S THREAT BACK IN 2018! WERE YOU PAYING ATTENTION?? Van Black Conservative Patriot, 25 mrt. 2020.

Zie de onderstaande video (1:26:32) Collapse of China Explained By Chinese American Lawyer’ van Valuetainment, 11 apr. 2020.

ValuetainmentCollapse of China Explained By Chinese American Lawyer

Gepubliceerd op 11 apr. 2020

The Collapse of China Explained By Chinese American Lawyer Gordon G Chang in a sit down with Patrick Bet-David.
Order his book: The Coming Collapse of China

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About Gordon
Gordon Guthrie Chang is a Chinese American columnist, blogger, television pundit, author and lawyer. He is widely known for his book The Coming Collapse of China, in which he claimed that the hidden non performing loans of the “Big Four” Chinese state banks would likely bring down China’s financial system.

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Meer van hetzelfde kanaal (1:43:11) ‘China’s Silent Takeover While America’s Elite Slept’ van Valuetainment, 29 nov. 2019. ‘Former Brigadier General Robert Spalding full interview with Patrick Bet-David. Read Stealth War China’s Silent Takeover While Americas Elite Slept.

Er is veel debat over de naam van de ziekte, COVID 19, vooral over namen als Chinese griep, Wuhan Flu, en dergelijke, waarin naar China wordt gewezen als de plek, waar de ziekte vandaan komt. Het is de gewoonte om ziektes te benoemen naar de plek, waar de ziekte voor het eerst opduikt. Dat gold al voor de Spaanse griep en duurde voort met namen als de Aziatische griep, de Hong Kong griep, de Mexicaanse griep. Zelfs namen als Ebola, naar een rivier in Afrika, en MERS (Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome) bevatten een verwijzing naar de plaats van herkomst. Het is dus terecht om van deze ziekte te spreken van de Chinese griep of iets dergelijks. Het videokanaal China in Focus is van mening, dat de CCP verantwoordelijk is voor de verspreiding van het Corona Virus en spreekt daarom van het CCP Virus.

China in Focus | NTDChina censors research on CCP Virus origin; Wuhan volunteer threatened after speaking about outbreak

In première gegaan op 13 apr. 2020

Deleted university webpages show the Chinese regime is controlling the narrative on the origin of the CCP Virus. Now, all research needs to be approved by authorities before being published.

A Chinese web moderator shares what internet comments they are after, and how they personally feel about it.

Once home to bustling wholesale malls, China’s Yiwu city is now struggling to stay afloat.

A Wuhan volunteer who accepted foreign Media interviews and talked about the situation of the outbreak is now being threatened by police.

American Lawyer and FCC commissioner Brendan Carr challenged China’s Foreign Ministry’s claims of transparency.

NTD refers to the novel #CoronaVirus, which causes the disease COVID 19, as the CCP Virus because the Chinese Communist Party’s coverup and mismanagement allowed the Corona Virus to spread throughout China and create a global pandemic.

#CoronaVirus #censorship

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Voor het laatste nieuws van dit kanaal, zie (18:06) Second round of lockdowns start in China; US Senate Committee investigates origin of the CCP Virus van China in Focus | NTD, 15 apr. 2020. ‘China lifted the #lockdown last week. But now more places inside China are starting a second round of lockdowns. A woman in Wuhan saw her husband tied up on the hospital bed before he died, as the hospital refused to treat him. Now, the woman is left alone with two kids. One Chinese province reports new numbers of imported infection cases on the same day. This, in conflict with the official figures. A Senate Committee is about to investigate the origins of the #CCPVirus pandemic and the Worldwide initial response.’

The Dollar Vigilante – The Multi Pronged Terrorist Attack On The Entire World Designed By The Rockefeller Institute

Published on 7 apr. 2020

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Bonfire Guy – Exposed: The Level Playing Field

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