Compton Bennett & Andrew Marton – King Solomon’s Mines (1950) (English Subtitles)

King Solomon’s Mines (1950)  (English Subtitles)

Gepubliceerd 12 Feb 2023

Video Christos Papachristopoulos

Author Christos Papachristopoulos

Stewart Granger, Deborah  Kerr

Based on the Novel KING SOLOMON’S MINES, Written in 1885 by the English Author Henry Rider Haggard It was the 1st in A Series of More than 20 Books Dealing with Africa. Haggard wrote 30 Other Books, 14 Essays, 75 Stories and 100 Letters. This was Certainly One of the First English Adventure Novels set in Africa and it is Considered as the Original Source of the Lost World Literary Genre, See here

The Novel was Adapted for the Wide Screen by the American Journalist and Screenwriter Helen Deutsch. Produced by Sam Zimbalist, A Prolific American Film Producer and Editor of Jewish Descent, Born in Kiev, Who lived in the USA after the Burst of World War I. He was the Producer behind Epic Films like THE WIZARD OF OZ, MOGAMBO, QVO VADIS and BEN HUR. Filmed in Important Natural Monuments at East Africa, Uganda, Kenya, Tanganyica, Tanzania and Former Belgian Congo, Now Democratic Republic of the Congo, and the USA, California-New Mexico. Directed at first by the English Writer, Director, Produced and Film Editor Compton Bennet and Later by the Hungarian Director -of Jewish Descent Endre or Andrew Marton who Continued his Work. Marton left Hungary and Germany to live in the USA and he became American after the Burst of the World War II. Color Photography with A 35 mm Technicolor Footage by the American Cinematographer Robert L Surtees. ΤHE SEQUEL OFKING SOLOMON’S MINES” is “Watusi” or “Return to King Solomon’s Mines or “King Solomon’s Mines 2” Directed by Kurt Neumann in 1959 and Starring George Montgomery, According to A Script Elaborated by James Clavell. AN ONE HOUR RADIO ADAPTATION of the Play with Stewart Granger and Deborah Kerr in 1952 is Found Here’s Mines (1950) (Film)


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