Chris Newby – Anchoress (1993) (English, SUBTITULADA)

Anchoress (1993) (English, SUBTITULADA)

Published 22 Dec 2022

Video Abismo Cinema

Author Abismo Cinema

The Screenplay is Partly Based on Accounts of an Historical Female Anchorite, Christine Carpenter, Who was Walled into her Anchorhold in A Village Church in Shere, Surrey, in Southern England, in 1329. The Story Revolves Around the Girl’s Mystical Visions of the Virgin Mary, the Local Reeve Who Wants to Marry her, and the Priest Who Walls her into his Village Church and his Dislike of her Mother, A Midwife whom he Regards as A Witch.

The Film is Shot in Black and White and Visually Resembles the Works of Danish Filmmaker Carl Theodor Dreyer, Especially The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928).

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