Centipede Nation Staff – Massive Dump Of Video Clips Documenting Looters And Violent Riots During George Floyd Protests

No police, no ICE, more government. This is the country that leftists want each and every day – and this is only a preview.
This is leftism. This is textbook submission, humiliation, race play fetish for the twisted minds.

Through all this chaos and destruction, left wing ideologues have yet to find much to condemn from the rioters. There’s even been a concerted effort by left wing influencers and media puppets trying explain away the crimes of violent protesters by justifying their actions as righteous and inevitable. Documenting reality from the streets is one way to break the spell they put on their followers.

Many of the videos were collected throughout the web showing the past several days events where looters and violent riots have erupted nationwide. We will be adding more to this list as they come in. Don’t hesitate to send in more recommendations. For anyone wondering, we have created a backup and will replace the bottom videos if they are taken down. Remember to share this link. Enjoy:


Due to high traffic on this page, we have converted all the embedded videos below into links. We will put them back once the high volume of traffic subsides.


If you reached the bottom of this page, it is because you want more. Here is another dump we found courtesy of an anon. There’s over 600 more videos on this dump alone.