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Corona Sylvirus (foto Twitter)

WUHAN II 1896 Tilburg (foto Twitter)

WUHAN II 1896 Tilburg (foto Twitter)

Jacco Schreuder, MD @cardio_jacco

Former Dutch colleague informed me of first Dutch #COVID 19 case in “Noord Brabant” tested positive around 21:30. Visited northern Italy one week ago apparently.

Twitter, 25 feb. 2020 – 10:37 p.m. https://twitter.com/cardio_jacco/status/1232419484633378816

Jacco Schreuder, MD @cardio_jacco

Apparently patient was admitted to hospital with pneumonia and breathing difficulties. Patient visited northern Italy one week ago. Was tested. First test NEGATIVE, will be tested again today. Seems to be a falls alarm at last. #COVID 19 #CoronaVirus

26 feb. 2020 · 8:00 a.m.


BEST NEWS CΟRΟNΑ Virus you’ve heard all month! Kinda

Published on 22 feb. 2020

My work now backed up on Brighteon.com (more below). Is this truly Viral or is to do with the fact that FIVE G? CHINA has unleashed 60 GHZ all throughout the country with WUHAN as the PILOT CITY. Unbelievable comparisons to symptoms ‘showing‘ as a Virus compared versus what happens when one is hit with 60 GHZ waves, and it’s impact on the uptake of oxygen via the hemoglobin. This specific frequency is absorbed by oxygen. 60 GHZ causes the rotation of the electrons around the oxygen molecule to spin, thus inhibiting the ability of hemoglobin to properly uptake these oxygen molecules. What would be the ultimate ‘solution‘ to such a problem as this “Virus?

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Steve Bannon: Pandemic! Corona Virus Is Out of Control In China

25 februari 2020, 21:09 in première gegaan


#China says the #CoronaVirus #epidemic is calming down, but is it really so?
Stephen K Bannon, host of #WarRoomPandemic sat down with me to discuss the most critical aspects of this pandemic.
What’s the truth in China?
Why did the Chinese government still refuse to let the American experts in?
Could the Virus be made in a lab? Why does the Chinese Communist Leadership rush #biosafety legislation?
Could America see generic drug shortages if the epidemic prolongs?

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Zooming In is a weekly in depth investigative report program hosted by the award winning journalist Simone Gao. Described as a “Chinese 60 minutes,” Zooming In focuses on US – China relations, American tradition and values, and critical questions that America faces today. It is known for never shunning tough, controversial issues or complex stories. Exclusive interviews and reports from China, insight from top experts on US and China, good storytelling, and engaging visual presentations make Zooming In one of a kind.

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